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i never realized difficulty labeling emotions can be a part of adhd...i have anxiety as well and it feels like i'm in a constant whirlwind of emotions and it's hard to keep under control sometimes. i've always had a ridiculously difficult time expressing my anger in words...i either lash out at things or clam up completely (the latter especially when i'm being pressed to explain why i'm upset). it never occurred to me that it might be adhd related.

This post that we reblogged a bit ago might be helpful for you in figuring out how you’re feeling. It’s a problem that lots of people have, but ADHDers are one of the groups that seem to have more trouble than most.


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Hi love ur blog! was thinking about getting stuff for my hair, like a shampoo bar and some kind of conditioner. My hair is really long and pretty fine, its not dyed but I use sun in. What do you recommend for more volume, shine & brightness? Thanks!♡

Ooooooh lawd Sun In.  The product that turned my beautiful black mane into a puke orange mess when I was 11.  Ooooooh that takes me back.  Anyways, back to you, hi, how are you?  I’m good.  I’d check out Montalbano or Seanik as far as shampoo bars go, and Veganese or Happy Happy Joy Joy for conditioner.  Also Roots deep conditioning treatment to help add some bulk to your hair (get dat hair swole bruh!)