Top Ten Stages: Honorable Mentions

To make our Top Ten Stages countdown, the four of us each made our own lists and averaged them; unfortunately, this means that quite a few stages didn’t make the cut. So here, we’d like to honor some other great stages that Smash has given us over the years:

Come back soon to see our Top 5!

A Party at Peach's Castle
  • A Party at Peach's Castle
  • Paper Mario
  • Paper Mario 64 Soundtrack

Paper Mario 64

“A Party At Peach’s Castle”

Oh party at Peach’s, so grand. Don’t they play this song at the beginning AND end of the game for Peach’s party? I still wish that they gave you the ability to walk around Peach’s castle at the end when they’re having the celebration. Ah well…

The brotherly photo taken while the brothers are goofing off around the castle. What they don’t know is there’s an unfriendly visitor looming about..

I’m getting the hang of doing these nifty special effects when editing the posters~

The Mario and Luigi models are from Super Smash Bros for Wii U.
The Bowser model comes from a Mario and Sonic Olympic Game that I forgot the name of. :v
The area was built from a flat map, taking the castle area from Super Mario Galaxy. I love the trees and bushes too much, sorry for using them too much :v


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