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BTS as Aesthetics

[ tag yourself! I wanna know who you identify the most with :) ]

Seokjin: a golden crown adorned with rubies and emeralds; vanilla icing; peaches; white sheets; parted lips; fluffy sweaters; coffee brown loafers; that one friend with an endless supply of pencils; a field of sunflowers; the smell of the inside of a bakery; morning rain; chasing butterflies; a book with wrinkled and ripped pages; the ache in your stomach after laughing too long; two bodies pressed together; chandeliers; cotton candy; a fading polaroid picture; soft hands; chaste kisses; herbal tea; relaxing under a tree in the summer sun. 

Yoongi: motorcycles; jack-o-lanterns; spiraling staircases, red lighting, sneaking out of the house at midnight; lazy kisses; secret smiles from opposite sides of the room; mismatched socks; gasoline; cuddling under layers of sheets; ditching umbrellas in the rain; leather boots; black skinny jeans; a bouquet of roses; scribbled love notes; good scotch; the smell of the forest; snowball fights; peppermint sticks in hot chocolate; marble pillars; turtlenecks; off-key singing; standing on the hood of a car; snuggling at a beach bonfire. 

Namjoon: wire glasses; stargazing at 2 am; walls covered with maps; taking ugly selfies; long rants about society and politics; earl grey tea; lip bites; passionate kisses; beige blankets; lollipops; jumping on the bed; coffee shop background music; thunderstorms; baseball caps; the feeling of a comfortably full stomach; a single lily lying on your doorstep; copies of poems from dead poets; the roaring 20s; denim overalls; outdoor swimming pools; playing chess; finishing a box of doughnuts with your favourite person.

Hoseok: attending football games; hesitant first kisses; apple pie; borrowed hoodies; beanies as a fashion statement; dewy grass; bubble baths; the feeling of blood rushing to your brain; front flips on trampolines; being thrown into the pool; fizzy drinks; playing with puppies; stolen glances at your lips; playing card games; punching a vending machine to get a snack for free; being drenched in sweat; colourful sneakers; having your headphones on and not being able to hear the outside world; staying at amusement parks until closing time.

Jimin: uncontrollable laughter; crow’s feet; orange juice; watching reruns of shows from the 90s; face paint; watching fireworks from a skyscraper; drinking straight from a coconut; cuddling while it rains outside; swimming in the ocean; fuzzy slippers and bathrobes; smiling in-between kisses; crying when your friend starts crying; watering plants that aren’t even yours; petting every dog you see on the way to work/school; the smell of cherry blossoms; seeing rainbows after a thunderstorm; dropping onto the floor after a gruelling workout.

Taehyung: letting go of balloons; running around barefoot; denim jackets; neon socks; doing the puzzles on the back of cereal boxes; serene smiles; singing along to musicals; either incredibly rough or soft kisses; syrup on pancakes; mineral water; watching terrible movies on purpose and acting like movie critics; surprise dates at fancy restaurants; playing pranks on all of your friends; finishing an 18″ new york pizza with just your best friend to spite the waitress who said you couldn’t do it; spooning on the couch.

Jungkook: paint-splattered white shirts; art galleries; being quiet even though you have a lot to say; ripped jeans; taking pictures of everything beautiful; watching flocks of birds fly by; staying at the beach until it gets too cold; raising your eyebrows as a form of communication; the smell of rain and fancy hotel lobbies; flipping through old books; running until you can’t feel your lungs or legs; back hugs; a fresh bouquet of flowers on your desk every monday; handwritten reminders; black coffee; finally beating the claw machine.

does anyone know any really good smoothie recipes?? i fuckin love making smoothies *w*

the one i made today had peach/vanilla yogurt, carrots, spinach, banana, a couple almonds, cashews and pecans, cinnamon and honey and was sprinkled with brown sugar on top, it is so fuckin tasty. 

i am so down for more recipes though! or suggestions on new ingredients!

20 Questions

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Name: Claudia

Nicknames: Christine, Gloria, Church (are you happy now @fiendfall)

Zodiac sign: leo

Height: between 5′7″ and 5′8″

Orientation: heterosexual

Ethnicity: white

Favorite fruit: passion fruit, strawberries, pineapple, raspberries, black grapes, peaches, blackberries……. I really like fruit. 

Favorite season: summer

Favorite book series: Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter, I think? I don’t really read a lot of series tbh

Favorite flower: peonies and pink roses

Favorite scent: coffee, peaches, vanilla, musk, amber, caramel

Favorite color: blue & grey

Favorite animal: otters

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: coffee

Average sleep hours: 5 or 6

Cat or dog person?: BOTH. But if you’re a monster and force me to choose, then dogs. But they is both good animaux.

Favorite fictional characters: Jim Kirk, Poe Dameron, Mako Mori, Elizabeth Bennet, Cassian Andor, Leia Organa, Wonder Woman, …

Number of blankets you sleep with: one duvet

Dream trip: Havana, St Petersburg, New Orleans, Fiji

Blog created: I’ve been here in some form since 2011, but my blog in its current form - January 2016. 

Number of followers: 12,385

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