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I have been absent from here while busy completing works to show! Be prepared for the insane amount of teasers I will have for the ten pieces that have been created so far!

Detail of one of my newly completed pieces, “Fall Apart Like Me”, for my solo show at Corey Helford Gallery in November! Enjoy!

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Mingyu’s love letter - drip coffee!

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On May 1, Peaches continued her comeback countdown with another post on her official Instagram. Shown are two images starting off with the count of the days until the drop of her MV along with her new album after a whole year of hiatus. It is followed by another picture in the same color, displaying the title of her album which apparently will be called “REPLAY” with the design of a mascara brush in the main focus. There was not much else said in the captions but a short “Life on on Replay” as caption and her fans are interested to see what else the singer has planned for the coming days.

Peaches will be back May 5, don’t miss it.

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Disclaimer: This post is purely fictional and for roleplaying purposes.

Comic is read from left to right.

One year ago, we introduced you all to our Alicorn & Unicorn Monsters, the Necronomicorns. We’ve decided to release a special 1-page teaser comic so you can see what the comic may look like! We plan to begin working on it full time very soon. There is a fun follow-up comic to this one that will be released in the next 2 weeks. We hope everyone had a Happy Halloween this past weekend!