peach stew

Two Guardians Walk into a Bar...

Ok so I told myself drabble. Two hours later this is 1.3k.

Dialogue practice with Auburn, and testing out my hand at Cayde’s voice and tone as well as nudging his character towards something more complex and interesting than provided.

Cayde’s a smart ass, but if you listen carefully you can learn a thing or two from the snark.

Auburn wasn’t a drinker, really, not alone, not outside of social nights. But she’d discovered once that as well as being a half decent bar, this particular hole in the wall had an unrivaled green tea, lemonade, and peach brew. She was stewing over it, allowing herself for once to let down the smile, to be moody and just sip something sweet.

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I made stewed peaches and plums with lots of spices, and added a red chili from my garden, and put it on Greek yogurt, and it’s alllllllllll I ever want to eat again in my life. Spicy hot sweet creamy cool.

Associations feat. The Archer Kids

I got tagged by the lovely @ferelder (yaaay thank you <3). I didn’t know who to pick so here are both the Archer children

Rules: Repost and fill in the answers you most associate your character with to each question.

Neirda Tabris

Animal: bear, wolf
Color: brown, dark grey, blue, black
Month: Harvestmere
Song: Ha az életben by Kispál és a Borz
Number: 9
Day or night: night
Plant: paprika, elfroot
Smell: dust, spices, leather, wild flowers
Gemstone: topaz
Season: spring
Place: Denerim, Vigil’s Keep
Food: spicy stew, peach
Drink: sweet wine, tea
Astrological sign: Satinalis
Element: earth

Seymour Hawke

Animal: dog
Color: dark red, blue, gold, white
Month: Wintermarch
Song: Józanodó by Bohemian Betyars
Number: 13
Day or night: night
Plant: blood lotus, deathroot
Smell: metal, salt, feathers, dry leaves
Gemstone: garnet
Season: summer
Place: Kirkwall’s  Hightown & Docks, Gwaren
Food: cakes in every shape and form, citruses
Drink: brandy, ale, tea
Astrological sign: Silentir
Element: water

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Kotobukiya Akihabara’s Tales of Matsuri summer event, August 2016. Apparently they do this every year but this is the first year I’ve been able to go. Entry varies by day so you have to be careful: Some days require advance tickets, some days you need to pick up a ticket on the day, some days are free entry. I was able to get right in on a weekday morning.

There are three parts to this event: Cafe, games, and badge gatcha. The cafe has Sorey and Mikleo drinks as well as beef stew and peach pie crepes (one of each I mean, not mixed together of course). Plus the healing gummi and soda rice shaved ice and fruits yakisoba from Tales of Festival.

Of the two games, shooting and yo-yo fishing, the yo-yo game was much easier. Still, even if you lose you always get a prize. (But you have to win to ensure you get the character you want.) I managed to win the Mikleo prize at both :3 Button gatcha was random of course but I was able to get Mikleo… eventually…

The whole area was decorated in Tales of Festival artifacts, including props from this year’s skits and those coasters people waited in line for literally five hours to get.

Strict Paleo starts tomorrow.

Bright and chipper! I have been reallllyyyyy relaxed on my eating and it reflects in how tight my jeans are and i don’t like it.

I have cooked the tomato mince sauce for the paleo spaghetti with zucchini and paleo sweet potato shepards pie as well as paleo curry with cauliflower rice and peach lamb stew.

I am spending tomorrow meal prepping as I know it’s my downfall.

Back on board with paleo!