peach shiba

Today we’re introducing a sketch of some of our newest characters! Based on the Japanese term for the sound a dog makes, “Wan wan!” we are releasing these little guys, based off of small treats (bon-bons).

This new line will be called Wan-Bons, and will feature different breeds of very fat little puppies! Featured here are Shiba Inu, Akita Inu, Pug, Corgi, Saint Bernard, and Pitbull!

What other breeds of Wan-Bon would you like to see in the future? Please like and reblog with your favorite puppy breed(s)! You might just see it as a future design!

We are excited about our brand new Metal/Enamel charms and necklaces coming out this fall! These are just a very small preview of what will be available both online and at conventions! Along with our staple characters, our two newest characters, Kekitsu the Cake Fennic Fox and Adzuki the Red(bean) Panda, will have a few pieces as well! Which preview piece are you most excited about?