peach patch

Five Years

Requested: Yes (Jason Todd/ Reader Angsty Smut) 

Summary: Getting the call from Bruce that Jason died was the worst night of your life, and five years later, after you nearly killed joker, given your batgirl suit back to Bruce, and taken up a new life for yourself as a gotham crime lord -guess who comes back? That’s right, Jason Todd.  

(Warning this is a smut with lots of lemony angst) 

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The signs as pretty things
  • Aries: clothes that fit perfectly, eating your favourite foods randomly, cityscapes, red skies and bright sunsets.
  • Taurus: listening to nostalgic songs at night, misty mornings, spontaneous haircuts, shopping sprees, random acts of kindness.
  • Gemini: spending time with friends, the smell of fresh air, soft hair that smells nice, nighttime driving and seeing the city lights, freckles.
  • Cancer: red jeans, Voss water bottles, bookshops, new earphones, the sound a violin makes when played.
  • Leo: gold ink pens, yellow jumpers, Kanken bags, sunflowers, buying new Washi tape.
  • Virgo: neon signs, mint green aesthetics, pastel clothing, the smell of smoke and red wine, discovering new songs you love from your favourite band.
  • Libra: the colour white, marble floors, black and white kitchen tiles, music stores, buying new vinyl.
  • Scorpio: big fluffy cats, walks in the sun, flannel shirts, staying up till 4:00am talking, fresh fruit.
  • Sagittarius: round framed sunglasses, coffee shops, new fandoms, astronomy, completed sketchbooks.
  • Capricorn: peach aesthetic, patches and pins, Polaroid cameras, rose gold, iced tea.
  • Aquarius: sunrises, solar eclipses, moon jewellery, gemstones, swimming pools.
  • Pisces: post apocalyptic worlds, abandoned buildings, overgrown Ivy, coloured smoke, white eyelashes.

“Sensitive Bore” jacket patch, a la Joanna Newsom

Total time: approx. 5 hrs

My first embroidery project is finished! My own patch was inspired by the merit badges made by Tumblr user milklake (whose blog seems to have been taken over by a spambot, otherwise I would link). I had a great time and made the thing all in one go!

anonymous asked:

can you suggest clothing items that give off a quirky yet cute vibe?