peach momotaro tea


stuff i got today (mostly stuff senah gave me…i love)
lychee candy
rose flavored cotton candy(!!!)
milk candy
gren tea pocky
pb&j milk chocolate bar
mochi(x2, we already ate 2 of them)
caramel delite girl scout cookies (x2)
american cream sample
roots sample
vanilla puff dusting powder
prince charming shower gel
carrot soap
immaculate eggception bath bomb
lord of misrule bath bomb(!!!!!!!!)
celebrate lotion
lovely jubblies breast cream (in a charity pot container)
$2 bill
$15 itunes gift card
peach momotaro flowering tea
peach green tea flowering tea
Beautiful Pic of a tree/bush
friendship bracelet
keith haring shirt from uniqlo (!!!!!!!!!!!)

this is like…as much stuff as i got for christmas… soooo happy lmao