peach is the worst


TAEKOOK SERIES: if tae and kook had peach accounts

in which kim taehyung talks about his not-so lowkey crush on jeon jungkook in peach.

“he totally didn’t post that; i mean, his peach is on public, why the fuck would he talk about me!?”

“it says tae totally checked me out… nice;  i don’t know about you, but the only tae i know that would do that is you.”

Fic: Tom Holland Hair Watch 2017

SJust a goofy little something I put together. It’s probably not great.

Title: Tom Holland Hair Watch 2017 (after a hashtag I tried to start that didn’t take off - you people and your Hoodiegate, really)

Pairing: Tom Holland/Reader

Word Count: 690

Warnings: It’s so fluffy I’m gonna DIE

Summary: Tom makes a very concerning tweet regarding his hair.

You pull into the lot at the studio, tires screeching as you parked the car. You practically sprint to set, waving your visitor’s badge at Herb the Security Guard as you made your way to Tom’s trailer.

You didn’t know if he’d be in there or not. But you have a bottled water, some trail mix to snack on, and your phone is fully charged. So you are content to wait.

What spurred this sudden set visit? One tweet, three words:

Bye bye hair

You spent the drive to the studio wondering what he meant by that. Fully-shaved head? Mohawk? What he referred to in a tweet in June as a “buz cut”? Maybe a full-body wax?

At any rate, you want to see what he’s done to those wavy auburn locks and you want to see it right now.

You quietly unlock the trailer with the spare key Tom gave you. An extra spots you - “Oh, hey, (y/n). Tom’s just finishing up his scenes for the day. Should be done any minute.” You nod in thanks and head into the trailer, settling down on his couch.

You sip your water and munch on some of the trail mix as you scroll Instagram. About twenty minutes after your arrival, you hear the trailer door open.

Tom walks in, and smiles when he sees you. He’s wearing jeans, a black hoodie, and his favorite black baseball cap.

“Oh, hello, darling!” He says excitedly. “Wasn’t expecting you, what brings-”

“Take the hat off.”

Tom laughs shortly. “Can I have a kiss first, please?”

You get up, press a soft kiss to his lips, then repeat: “Take the hat off.”

“I take it you saw the tweet, then, eh?”

Thomas Stanley Holland. If you don’t take that hat off, I swear to-”

Tom raises his hands defensively. “Alright, alright. Hat’s coming off.” He reaches for the hat, then stops. “Did’ja notice I shaved the mustache, though?”

You roll your eyes. “I did. You are a very handsome young man. Now can you please take off the hat?”

He reaches for the hat again. “And the beard?”

“That thing barely qualified as a beard, babe. So sorry to tell you that.” You fold your arms and furrow your brow. “I recall asking very nicely and saying please.”

Tom smirks. “Oh, alright.” He grabs the bill of the cap, and slowly pulls it off his head.

You brace yourself, fully expecting the worst. You’re thinking you’ll see peach fuzz, or a bare head, or a mohawk or (shudder) a mullet.

Instead, you see the same wavy auburn locks you fell in love with. They’re just a little less wavy.

“Well, whatcha think, love?”

Your heart stops mid-beat. Good LORD, you think to yourself. He looks so damn sexy. But, you can’t resist having a little fun with him as you scrunch up your face playfully. “I drove all the way here to see what you did to your head and it’s just a trim?! REALLY?!”

“Darling, it’s hardly a trim. I cut off two inches and all my curls, and-”

You smile, gently cupping his face in your hands and kissing his cheek. “I’m teasing, babe. It looks really good.” You rake your fingers through his hair, actually liking the way the shorter strands slip through. “Like, if it were possible for you to get any hotter, you just did it.”

Tom smirks at you. “You know, I am done for the day.”

“Are you making a poor attempt to seduce me, Mr. Holland?”

“Maybe.” He sticks his tongue out slightly and waggles his eyebrows at you.

You burst into laughter.

“I love you, you giant goof.”

Tom wraps his arms around you. “I love you too, darling.” He kisses you deeply as you make your way back toward the couch.

“Your fans are probably freaking out,” you point out between kisses. “You gonna update Instagram?”
“Nah.” Tom slips his hands under your shirt. “Make ‘em wait a couple days.”

You roll your eyes. “Dear God, I’m dating a real-life Internet troll.”

“You love me.” He peppers your jawline with kisses.

“Yeah, I do.”

Playlists for the Signs

** Links to playlists on spotify can be found here ** 

ARIES: “Go!” by Plumtree / “Berlin” by New Politics / “C’mon C’mon” by The Von Bondies / “Shot You Down” by Florrie / “Castro Dies” by Jamie T / “Never Gonna Happen” by Lily Allen / “Sucker” by Charli XCX / “Rock ‘n’ Roll Lifestyle” by Cake / “Did You Miss Me?” by The Veronicas / “Strange Love” by Halsey

TAURUS: “Apollo Throwdown” by The Go! Team / “Suicide Saturday” by Hippo Campus / “Do You Want To Die Together?” by Stars / “Earth, Wind, & Fire” by Jamie T / “I Love You Money” by Lowell / “Bruises” by Chairlift / “One Foot” by fun. / “Drive” by Halsey / “Hurricane” by Panic! At The Disco / “Raspberry” by Grouplove

GEMINI: “Be Calm” by fun. / “Cloud 69″ by Lowell / “Johnny Boy” by Twenty One Pilots / “HELP” by The Front Bottoms / “Take Me To A Higher Place” by Kate Nash / “The Weekend” by Modern Baseball / “Oh Marcello” by Regina Spektor / “Two-Headed Boy” by Neutral Milk Hotel / “Cold Stone Lips” by We Are Twin / “Electric Bird” by Sia

CANCER: “Grow Up And Blow Away” by Metric / “Peach” by The Front Bottoms / “Small Town Moon” by Regina Spektor / “The Worst Thing (Whitey Jam) by Stars / “Impossible Year” by Panic! At The Disco / “You Fooled Me” by Divided By Friday / “Immortal” by Marina and the Diamonds / “Tears Over Beers” by Modern Baseball / “Foundations” by Kate Nash / “Hometown” by Twenty One Pilots

LEO: “Ride (feat. Icona Pop)” by Lowell / “Gold Guns Girls” by Metric / “Huddle Formation” by The Go! Team / “Popular” by The Veronicas / “Greek Tragedy” by The Wombats / “Primadonna” by Marina and the Diamonds / “The Best Thing (That Never Happened)” by We Are The In Crowd / “Everywhere I Go” by New Politics / “Unstoppable” by Sia / “London Queen” by Charli XCX

VIRGO: “Sight Of The Sun” by fun. / “Your Ex-Lover Is Dead” by Stars / “Solitaire” by Marina and the Diamonds / “In The Aeroplane Over The Sea” by Neutral Milk Hotel / “Help I’m Alive” by Metric / “Early Christmas Present” by Kate Nash / “Training Wheels” by Melanie Martinez / “Don’t Leave Me (Ne Me Quitte Pas)” by Regina Spektor / “Hurting Me Now” by Sia / “Obsessions” by Marina and the Diamonds

LIBRA: “Miss Missing You” by Fall Out Boy / “Shampain” by Marina and the Diamonds / “Somebody Loves You” by Betty Who / “LA Devotee” by Panic! At The Disco / “Run Little Horsey” by Apparatjik & Lowell / “Ain’t No Good” by Cake / “Paris” by Kate Nash / “In Our Bedroom After The War” by Stars / “Tonight You’re Perfect” by New Politics / “The Judge” by Twenty One Pilots

SCORPIO: “Kiss Kiss Kill Kill” by Horrorpops / “Bury Our Friends” by Sleater-Kinney / “Goodbye Copenhagen” by New Politics / “All The Rowboats” by Regina Spektor / “Revenge Is Sweeter” by The Veronicas / “War Pigs” by Cake / “Tag, You’re It” by Melanie Martinez / “You - Ha Ha Ha” by Charli XCX / “Pedestrian At Best” by Courtney Barnett / “Peter” by Jamie T

SAGITTARIUS: “Free Tonight” by Divided By Friday / “Teenage Rhythm” by GRMLN / “Skeleton” by the Front Bottoms / “Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time” by Panic! At The Disco / “Rat A Tat (feat. Courtney Love)” by Fall Out Boy / “How To Be A Heartbreaker” by Marina and the Diamonds / “Break The Rules” by Charli XCX / “Maps” by The Front Bottoms / “Lifted Up (1985)” by Passion Pit / “My Friends Over You” by New Found Glory

CAPRICORN: “Casino (Bad Things)” by Houndmouth / “Comfort Eagle” by Cake / “Shake Him Off” by Apparatjik & Lowell / “Message Man” by Twenty One Pilots / “Youth Without Youth” by Metric / “Ballad Of A Politician” by Regina Spektor / “Emperor’s New Clothes” by Panic! At The Disco / “Gold Coins” by Charli XCX / “Gasoline” by Halsey / “Oh No!” by Marina and the Diamonds

AQUARIUS: “Exit Only” by Deerhoof / “Crazy = Genius” by Panic! At The Disco / “Quit This City (feat. Lowell)” by Grandtheft / “Mad Hatter” by Melanie Martinez / “Song Against Sex” by Neutral Milk Hotel / “Fuck You” by Lily Allen / “Take Me To The Riot” by Stars / “Long Live The Kids” by We Are The In Crowd / “We Don’t Believe What’s On TV” by Twenty One Pilots / “Overcome” by New Politics

PISCES: “Gimme Sympathy” by Metric / “Birds” by Kate Nash / “Dead Hearts” by Stars / “Cry Baby” by Melanie Martinez / “My Rollercoaster” by Kimya Dawson / “Walking The Dog” by fun. / “I Killed Sara V.” by Lowell / “Holland, 1945″ by Neutral Milk Hotel / “Sad Songs And Waltzes” by Cake / “Everybody Knows You Cried Last Night” by The Fratellis

Literally every fucking time

Antis: Shaladins are horrible & have sent lots of death threats to many people including I. They are the reason why [anti blog that deleted] deleted. They are the worst & must be destroyed.

Shaladins: You’re no peaches either. Here’s dozens of links & screenshots of showing antis sending death threats to me, other shaladins AND the staff. Publicly answered asks, reblogs from real anti accounts telling us to go die & tweets, Instagram & youtube comments, too.

Also, we archived the last dozen or so pages of that blog. There weren’t any death threats being sent to that blog or at least none that were answered. The blogger seemed pretty emotionally stable & even practically reveling in the upset asks they were receiving.

Still, do you have proof of shaladins sending death threats? If there are a lot of shaladins doing that, we need to create a joint effort to shut them down & the antis sending threats.


Antis: Shaladins are horrible & have sent lots of death threats to many people including I. They are the reason why [anti blog that deleted] deleted. They are the worst & must be destroyed.

Someone once asked me why I choose people who have hurt me and keep choosing them.

I remember him now, he had the best of intentions and eyes too hard to walk through, eyes I thought I was strong enough to walk through. He hadn’t been hurt yet, not too bad, like a hero on page 63. He told me I was better than what I gave myself. I told him something to distract him.

The people I choose are callous and cold. They’ve hurt me more than the people who tried their hardest to. Sometimes those friends are enemies. That’s the point – that’s why it cuts through your bone – because you don’t expect it to. You let people in and they let you down and you keep them buried deep down in the hollowness of your stomach that looks like a peach pit to them and a black hole to you. They’ve seen the worst of you now and you don’t trust them to see anything else.

I want them to open me up. No, rewind, I want the hero to open me up. I think we’d be blood brothers in another world, in this world, and I think his palms on my bloodied lungs will make them hurt less, so I tell him to grab them and squeeze. I want him to understand how fragile we all are on the inside. I want him to find out with me. I want him to sew me up, do a shit job with the needle and regret ever trying. I want him to keep choosing me even though he knows how badly he hurt me.

Friendship survives everything. Friendship can’t survive anything, hero, you know that. You know that the sutures will come undone and you’ll have to keep putting my lungs back twice, three times, until the fourth time when you’re too busy to pick up my call and I have to find someone else to do it for you. They take your place. Blood only flows for so long. Blood doesn’t stay purple and blue forever. The person who took your place stops returning my calls. I pick up the needle and thread myself.

Are you still the hero if you make a mistake? Are you still the hero if you hurt someone and they won’t call you back? Are you still the hero if you don’t want to be anymore? My voice is gonna keep shaking. My heart is gonna keep beating. No matter how many times the phone doesn’t ring, my blood will still flow through my tired lungs, even if it does so without you.

So, hero, ask me again. Why do you choose people who have hurt you and keep choosing them? Because the ones who love me the most are the ones who scar forever and I can’t fathom the idea of ever being alone.

—  the hero survives in this one, ver. 2, by windy sharpe

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Red talks about how much he "loves" the Landlady well I'd say that's more fake that what you keep calling her (dollface)

“i don’t recall ever usin’ the word ‘love’, pal, so maybe ya should watch yer accusations.  and what’s wrong with dollface?  or sweetheart?  better than ‘kiddo’ or ‘hun’ or–the worst of all– ‘peaches.’  ugh.” A shudder racks his frame, and his smirk fades into a grimace.  

( xD *shots fired* @jolie-in-the-underground  )


hi everyone! i’m quite new to the studyblr community so i thought i should write an introduction about myself ^.^

my name is quinn and i’m a high school junior! i live in germany almost my whole life, but i was born in vietnam and immigrated later on to europe. i found out about the studyblr community a while ago and it had motivated me so much to study more and focus more on my education, that i thought it’d be fun to have an own studyblr so here we are! 

i’m excited to get to know more people who truly enjoy studying and don’t just take school for granted! please always feel free to come talk to me, even if it’s about the most random thing :) 

❥ favorite …

color : blue
song : i need u - bts
food : everything my mom makes, chocolate
subject : english 
book : percy jackson 
app : i’m in between insta and tumblr but i think more insta 
sports : none. don’t ask. worst at sports. 
fruit : strawberries, mangoes, peaches

❥ academics/classes

so, different from the us, in germany you have basic classes like math and german that you have to take until you’re done with school. there’s no way out. but beside of these basics you can take whatever other class you want.

obligated : german, english, math, p.e., history, political science

self-elected : bio, chem, mandarin, latin, ethics, art

❥ interests

music : kpop (bangtan trash af), piano music (contemporary or as instrumental covers), hip-hop, rap, i’m literally open to anything 

movies : comedy, romance, action, action/comedy, scary movies (i won’t be able to sleep afterwards but it’s fine who needs sleep) 

hobbies : playing piano, drawing, writing (i used to have a bts fanfiction blog here lol), studying about stuff that i’m interested in (f.e. greek mythology, blame rick riordan okay), and procrastinating on social media ._. 

❥ wishes/dreams for the future 

getting that gpa for med school and become a cardiologist. ultimate dream of mine. otherwise, just have a good life with a good career (preferably in scientific areas, like marine biology that would be awesome) and have a sweet family.

❥ inspirations 

@emmastudies @elkstudies @revisiign  @studie-s @studeity @focusign  @quilavastudy @studyquill @studyblr @hobifulstudies @chrissiestudies @bts-studies 

❥ thanks for reading!

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Hi Queen Ikona. So, we all know that Sumeragi's hair is.. one of a kind, so out of your children, who has the best and worst bed heads?

“Heehee, Sumeragi does have a lot of hair, doesn’t he? Ryoma really likes to take care of his own hair… and Hinoka loves to have her hair brushed… Takumi gets tangles easily… but there’s not much to brush since he’s so young… Sakura still only has peach fuzz, haha. I suppose Takumi has the worst bed hair… and Sakura has the best?”

Peaches (A Produce 101 Season 2 Fanfic)

Writer’s Note:

OMG, I should really be studying right now, but I saw this prompt and I couldn’t handle it anymore- I had to write it out. Shoutout to @pd101s2prompts for some of the most hilarious prompts I have ever seen.


It was just another day at the broduce dorms. Everyone is still a little shaken from last week’s eliminations, but they can’t dwell on it for long: they had one more challenge before them. But today, something else was causing the boys to be restless. That morning, Daniel disappeared. What replaced him was a…. a peach? Little did they know, this peace was no ordinary peach…

“Daniel~~ Daniel~~, YAH! You rascal come out this instance!” Jisung called out. He has been roaming around the dorms, and training center for hours now looking for Daniel- but he was no where to be seen. This was very very weird, Daniel wasn’t the kind to run away, and he didn’t have any reason to. Besides, all his clothes, shoes, hats and valuables were all still in the dorm. Everything was in its right place, except for Daniel.

“Aish, when I catch that kid I’m gonna strangle him,” Jisung declared as he stormed back into Daniel’s room, for the fifth time, hoping to find some clue of his whereabouts. Nothing. Everything was as it was supposed to be, except for this random peach that sat in the middle of Daniel’s bunk. Irritated, Jisung plucked the peach from the bed and demanded, “Where did you take my Daniel?!!”

“Heh, I must been an idiot. Aish, I better ask Minhyun, maybe he will know,” Jisung sighed as he proceeded to put the peach down on the adjacent table. As Jisung was about to leave, something caught his attention at the corner of his eye. Did the peach just move? A little shocked, Jisung rubbed his eyes vigorously and stared at the pink fluffy peach at sat on the table. The peach gave a little wiggle, ever so slightly, but definitely a wiggle.

“Oh mai gawd!” Jisung flew back in shock. “Did you just move?” 

The peach rocked back and forth (as if imitating a nod) in response. 

“OH MAI GAWD! OH MAI GAWD! Who are you? WHAT are you? OH MAI GAWD!” Jisung was hysterical by now.

By some weird sorcery the peach gave a little hop.

“OH MAI GAWD! No way, no way, NO WAY! You… you can’t be Daniel right??” Jisung stared on in shock.

Once again the peach rocked back and forth.

“OH MAI GAWD! GUYS!!!! NIEL BECAME A PEACH!!!! OH MAI GAWD!! NIEL BECAME A PEACH!!!!” Jisung screamed as he scooped up the peach and dashed out towards the training center. 

At the training center, the 18 boys crowded around Jisung and ‘Daniel’. Initially, nobody believed Jisung, some even joked that his age was causing him to hallucinate. That was until Jisung showed how Daniel the peach responded to his words. For a rare 3 minutes the training center was silent: it took a while for it all to sink in.

“What…. what… what do we do????!!” Jisung cried out in panic. “Is my Niel going to be a peach forever? He had so much more to live for, oh mai gawd.”

Minhyun put a comforting arm around Jisung as he tried to get the panicking ajumma to calm down.

Ever the calm and collected leader Jonghyun said, “Okay, we don’t know how long Daniel will be like this, so the best thing we can do it protect him as best as we can. No peach eating for today, and make sure we have the Daniel peach in sight at all times.”

“What, but peaches are my favorite fruit,” Seonho whined.

“Seonho, I doubt you would want to eat Daniel hyung,” Guanlin replied. 

“But, how will we know that the peach is Daniel?” Jihoon asked, concerned.

“Good point, we need to find a way to identify him,” Jonghyun agreed.

“Here, I fashioned this out of an old name tag,” Daehwi remarked as he handed over a hand written sticker that said “DO NOT EAT, I’M YOUR FRIEND”.

“Perfect! Daniel, I’m sorry but this is the only way,” Jonghyun apologized as he proceeded to stick the sticker onto the peach.

Daniel gave a slight wiggle in reply, indicating that he didn’t mind. The trainees were getting better at understanding his movements.

“Okay, now, we will work in shifts, who will take care of Daniel first?” Jonghyun asked.

“I’ll take care of him first, oh my poor Niel,” Jisung replied after wiping away his tears.

“Thank you Jisung hyung, okay, everyone get back to practice, the finals are coming!” Jonghyun commanded. With that the trainees broke out to their teams and continued with their practice.

Everything seemed to return to normal, but truth be told everyone’s mind was on Daniel. No one could figure out why he would suddenly turn into a peach. And everyone was worried that someone would eat him by accident. Practice for the day was lacklustre, but no one complained– everyone’s mind was on Daniel.

Throughout the day, the boys consistently checked onto each other, reminding each other not to eat peaches. They also made sure that no peaches were ever put near Daniel for fear that there would be a confusion. They also frequently changed shifts, bringing Daniel around the training center, and dorms. It was almost as if the boys had adopted a pet together- just that instead of a puppy, it was a peach, and it wasn’t just a fruit, it was Daniel.

As the evening moon rose, Jisung was in the corner crying again. This time, Sungwoon was trying fruitlessly to comfort him. “What… what if… what if he stays a peach forever? Oh mai gawd, what do I tell his mum?”

Sungwoon could only nod silently. He didn’t really know what to say. Just then Seongwoo walked in, munching on a fluffy fruit. Sungwoon’s eyes widened.

“Seongwoo ah, what are you eating?” Sungwoon asked, fearful of the worst.

“A peach, why? Hyung there are tonnes outside, you want one?” Seongwoo replied with a carefree tone.

Sungwoon’s mind began racing. Who was the last one to take care of Daniel. Was it Dongho? Was it Guanlin? Was it Minki? Oh god… it was Seongwoo. When it dawned upon Sungwoon he bit his tongue, and tried to stay calm, he couldn’t afford to agitate Jisung. 

Too late. Jisung launched at Seongwoo, pinning him against the wall. “DID YOU JUST EAT MY DANIEL?!!! YOU MONSTER!!!”

“What? What? Hyung! Wait, hyung, calm down, I can explain,” a shocked Seongwoo choked.

Sungwoon flew up and began trying to pry the boys apart. “Hyung hyung calm down, let’s listen to Seongwoo, hyung.”

It was no use. 

“What do you have to explain? YOU JUST ATE MY DANIEL!!” Jisung’s yells echoed throughout the dorms, and soon the other boys had gathered at the scene.

“Hyung, hyung please, oh my god I can’t breathe,” Seongwoo’s face was turning purple.

“Hyung let him go!” “Hyung you’re gonna kill him.” “Hyung!” The boys collectively tried to convince Jisung to loosen his grip, but nothing was getting through to our Yoon-Jumma today. He was enraged, and he was out to kill.

“What’s going on?” a familiar voice cut through the chatter, in a rumbling Busan accent. 

Jisung recognized it instantly. He immediately let go of Seongwoo and stared blankly at the crowd that had formed. His vision focused on a tall, smiling boy standing in the middle of the crowd. Without a word, Jisung collapsed to the ground in tears. “Daniel, oh my god Daniel, you’re home.”

“Did… did you think I would eat my husband, oh my god,” Seongwoo remarked as he rubbed his neck.

“Who’s your husband,” Daniel (in human form) protested with a smile.

“Ommo, ommo, ommo-na, Daniel. Seongwoo I’m sorry. Ommo Daniel, you’re back,” Jisung whimpered as he stood up to hug Daniel.

Daniel reciprocated the hug, and some of the boys wiped away the tears that had escaped their eyes.

“What happened Daniel? Why did you turn into a peace?” Woojin asked inquisitively.

“I don’t really know, but it sure was a sweet experience hehe” Daniel winked, sending laughter all across the room. 

That night, as the night got deeper, Daniel shared his experience of being a peach with the boys who sat quietly by his bed listening. It went on and on, until eventually all 20 boys were crammed in Daniel’s room sleeping soundly. It wasn’t the most comfortable set-up, but nights like these were numbered, so they relished in this discomfort. One day closer to the finals. One day closer to the end. One day closer to the next good bye.

So I have a habit of livetexting everything I read/watch to the person who got me into it, and it's generally regarded as quite amusing. My dear friend Mycroft recently got me into Young Wizards, and he suggested that I put one of my livetexts up on Tumblr as my introduction into the fandom. So here goes "Iago reads High Wizardry" (lightly edited to make reading easier).
  • Iago: *picks up High Wizardry* Here we go.
  • Iago: Oh god. Setting up a computer in the nineties. This should be fun.
  • Iago: Dari wearing a Star Wars shirt makes me incredibly happy.
  • Iago: Nita's parents affronted by the fact that Dari can set up the computer without instructions is just perfect.
  • Mycroft: Dairine is the best Star Wars nerd.
  • Iago: She also likes X-Men, which is perfect.
  • Iago: "The sure way to make the world work for you was to know everything. Dairine sat home and busied herself with conquering the world." New favorite character? I think so.
  • Mycroft: I think she became like half the fandom's favorite character at that exact moment. Myself included--I can definitely relate.
  • Iago: *laughs* At least I'm in good company, then.
  • Iago: I hope Dari eventually conquers the world. We couldn't have a better ruler.
  • Mycroft: Amen to THAT.
  • Iago: Oh sweet lord Dari took the Oath we're all toast.
  • Iago: Dari with a lightsaber is a terrifying thought.
  • Iago: Dari's going to have an affinity for computer systems, isn't she?
  • Iago: Awwwww, Nita's upset that Kit didn't notice her new boobs!
  • Mycroft: Also consider this- since Dari took the Oath, she could probably make a lighsaber out of wizardry if she really wanted.
  • Iago: Oh sweet minty Jesus we're fucked.
  • Iago: Oh look, Dari's created a second computer.
  • Mycroft: It's always good to have backups...
  • Iago: It's her Wizard's manual, isn't it?
  • Mycroft: I'm saying nothingggggg.
  • Iago: It's totally her manual. It's fucking taking her to Mars as we speak,
  • Mycroft: Okay yes. That is a thing.
  • Iago: Obviously that means she has an affinity for computers. I'm a writer. i know these things.
  • Iago: It also means that she might have and easier time with wizardry that Kit and Nita, because she just has to command the computer.
  • Mycroft: Brace yourself for the "computer wizard" puns. They're gonna happen.
  • Iago: YUS
  • Iago: How convenient is it that two of the *four* North American Senior Wizards live within relative spitting distance of our main characters?
  • Iago: Wait, puberty gives you more power? Fuck, why wasn't *I* a wizard? That could have made things a hell of a lot easier.
  • Iago: Souls are one to a customer *on this planet*? The hell does that mean?
  • Mycroft: It's a big, weird Universe out there...
  • Iago: Fair play to you.
  • Iago: Ah, the trouble with going to a place about which you know nothing: you find yourself talking to the luggage. I wouldn't be surprised if, at some point, Dari used the wrong verbs and ended up kissing a complete stranger.
  • Iago: Ah, planet-hopping youth. Always expecting something they're familiar with, when someone more experienced would know not to expect anything.
  • Iago: "Tentacled" being used as a way to describe how people get around brings me much joy.
  • Mycroft: SAME. Also, welcome to the Crossings. You'll be seeing a lot of it.
  • Iago: Oh boy. That sounds ominous.
  • Mycroft: Well, I mean it's a popular travel hub.
  • Iago: Fair enough.
  • Iago: Oh my god are those actually dinosaurs.
  • Iago: Holy shit it's like a bloodhound but it's a dinosaur yes good I approve of this.
  • Iago: Oh shit, now she's covering her trail. How the hell are Kit and Nita going to fin her
  • Iago: God, this galaxy sounds beautiful.
  • Iago: Kit and Nita in a "permanent partnership". *waggles eyebrows*
  • Mycroft: INDEED.
  • Mycroft: They're so adorably awkward.
  • Iago: Especially at thirteen and fourteen. This is perfect.
  • Iago: And we're back to Nita considering asking Kit what he thinks about "things".
  • Mycroft: Bless her beautiful relatable awkwardness.
  • Iago: Yes, Tom, tell the magical children to go to major law enforcement authorities. That can't possibly backfire in your face.
  • Iago: planet-sized computer chip = yes good.
  • Mycroft: Wasn't it terrifying when Dairine thought she'd fried her Manual. Stranded in the middle of a distant unexplored planet is not the greatest time for that.
  • Iago: It was too far from the end of the book for her to be dead just yet.
  • Iago: Ah! She's teaching it and everything is beautiful and nothing hurts.
  • Iago: Oo! Dairine's manual is learning, too!
  • Iago: Oh god is she going to make the planet a wizard
  • Mycroft: ...MAYBE
  • Iago: Goody.
  • Mycroft: By the way, you didn't say anything about the Doctor's cameo...
  • Iago: Oh, of *course* that was him. I was wondering why he felt familiar. Which incarnation was that supposed to be?
  • Mycroft: Five. He's Diane Duane's favorite.
  • Iago: Ahhhh. Makes sense why I didn't quite catch it, then. I've never seen a Five story, and I really know very little about him.
  • Iago: oh god it was a *birthing* room?
  • Iago: "Kit, I didn't do it for you 'some'. I did it for you 'pretty much'."
  • Mycroft: YES GOOD JOIN US
  • Iago: Also, That Fucker just blew up a star to kill Kit and Nita. How rude.
  • Mycroftt: Are we calling the Lone Power That Fucker now because I totally approve
  • Iago: We totally can. I figured that capitalizing the first letters of any creative epithet I come up with would get the point across.
  • Mycroft: And it totally did.
  • Iago: Aw, Dairine's making friends with the circuit turtles!
  • Mycroft: With!
  • Iago: Is that its name?
  • Iago: Apparently not. Too bad, that would have been cute.
  • Iago: Gigo's nice, too, though
  • Iago: Mycroft I want a circuit turtle
  • Iago: Oh my god Dairine has just created a new race.
  • Mycroft: YUP
  • Iago: Good lord she *could* take over the world.
  • Mycroft: I would probably support this.
  • Iago: We wouldn't be able to stop her. We probably wouldn't *want* to stop her.
  • Iago: Oh dear god the circuit turtles are going to take over the Universe
  • Mycroft: I think it's more like... reprogramming
  • Iago: They're going to remake the whole damn thing!
  • Iago: I legitimately do not know what the Lone Asshat wants from this encounter.
  • Iago: Oh my god Dari has just used one of my favorite lines.
  • Iago: "You're so full of it that if you had eyes, they'd be brown."
  • Iago: Ah, mental contact. Solves everyone's problems
  • Iago: *flailing* Dari!
  • Iago: Nita and Kit showed up in the nick of time, and honest to god I was waiting for a, "Surprise, bitch."
  • Iago: "One might be intending to cripple or destroy that Power, but there was no need to be rude about it."
  • Iago: AND WHY NOT
  • Iago: RUDE IS FUN
  • Iago: PEACH
  • Iago: *incoherent shrieking*
Things to be avoided during Ramadaan

Asalamu alaykum wrwb :)
With only weeks to Ramadan. Here is a quick reminder for myself first and you.
1. Don’t sleep during the day and pray all night. By doing this you are converting the day into night and the night into day, which is not the purpose of fasting.

2. Avoid being lazy and inactive during the day.

3. Don’t waste time playing games during the day. Rather, please Allah by increasing in your worship of him.

4. Avoid having Iftar parties. Ramadan wasn’t meant to be a food extravaganza.

5. Dont ask your wife to spend Ramadan in the Kitchen. Eat something light and quick. Let her also make Du'a n utilize the month of forgiveness.

6. Spend the last 10 days worshipping Allah rather than trying to prepare for Eid! A day that is better than a thousand months is in these last 10 days. You can’t afford to miss this.

7. Dont stay awake the full night. Your body has a right over you, and when it wants rest, then rest.

8. Avoid excessive socialising after Taraweeh

9. Avoid shopping a lot in Ramadhaan.

10. Dont eat the full night.

11. Dont loiter around at night rather than worshipping Allah.

12. Eid doesnt require loads of preparation. Dont fall into this trap! Keep it simple, and it will be blessed.

May we witness this forthcoming Ramadan with sound health -

Common mistakes in Ramadhan:

1. Drinking
Milkshakes made with syrups etc on a daily basis

- Why: It contains high amounts of sugar, additives and colourants
- Solution: If you have to, drink it twice a week maximum

2. Drinking large amounts of water at iftaar time

- Why: Filling the stomach with water is more strenuous to it than with food.
- Solution: have a few sips at iftaar then a glass after every two hours.

3. Exercising directly after iftaar.

- Why: the body’s blood flow is concentrated around the stomach at that time.
- Solution: Exercise after two hours of eating to ease digestion.

4. Chewing and swallowing food fast.

- Why: chewing food slowly can speed up digestion and help maintain your weight

5. Having dessert directly after iftaar

- Why: they make you drowsy and sleepy
- Solution: leave at least a two hour gap between iftaar and dessert to stay fresh and awake for ishaa and taraweeh prayers

6. Consuming foods with high amounts of sodium

- Why: Sodium triggers thirst through out the fasting hours of the day
- Solution: instead, eat foods that are high in potassium, they retain water and supress your thirst.

# Bananas are high in potassium. A banana at Suhoor time can control your thirst level through out the day.

# Best sources of potassium for Suhoor time:
- bananas
- milk
- dates
- avocados
- dried peaches
- pistachios
- pumpkin
- peas
- dark chocolate

# Worst choices for Suhoor:
- biryani
- kebab
- pizza
- fast food in general
- cheese
- haleem

# Best choices for Suhoor:
- potato
- rice
- dates
- whole grain bread
- banana

# Drinking lots of water at suhoor is important, but not as much as drinking it through out your non-fasting hours.

The Grave is calling……! Listen very very carefully!
Oh son of Adam! I’m full of darkness so bring with you the light of Salaat.
- - - - - - - -
Please do not keep this reminder to yourself, share with your beloved brothers and sisters


Summary: You and Xavier Woods have a storyline in which you’ve been “dating” since NXT, but in real life you’re simply best friends. Until you realize both of you want more and everything changes.

“Look this is how it’s gonna go, I’m gonna win this,” You gestured to the screen where the home screen of Mario Kart was set up. “and then I’m gonna win the match for us.” you finished with a cocky smirk, your words making Xavier cackle with laughter. “I hate to disappoint you sweetie, but you are not winning this. Also, you might actually win the match for us so I have no argument there.” You scoffed and smacked your best friends arm as he set up the game before rolling your eyes at the camera. You were filming a video for Xavier’s youtube channel before you had your match with The New Day against Jericho, Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins, and Sasha Banks. The two of you were surrounded by other members of the roster, all of them excited to watch you and Xavier because of how competitive you get with each other. “Hurry up Woods.” You groaned started poking him in the ribs lightly. “Would you stop that?! Pick your character woman.” He demanded trying to hold back his smile as he pushed your hand away from him. “You’re right I am a woman, how’d you know?” You muttered as you squinted at the screen, searching through all the characters. You heard Xavier cough and clear his throat while everyone in the room laughed at the way Xavier wiggled his brows at the camera. “You take a long ass time to pick a character Y/L/N, is it just a girl thing?” You heard Jimmy tease from behind you making you freeze and send the camera a dumbfounded look before slowly turning around to face the wrestler. “Okay first off, if there was another girl in here she would be smacking you. Secondly, I don’t have time for you Uce, so Woods will explain.” You mocked the nickname they used and handed the table over to your best friend while you went to back to the virtual characters. As Xavier cleared his throat Kofi and Big E started to laugh already knowing the story that was going to be told. “So, uh, for my dear friend Y/N picking the right character is the most important part of a game. She believes that if you pick the wrong character you are destined to fail.” You heard Rollins familiar cackle echo through the room along with other peoples laughter. “Tell them why I know that’s true.” You grinned a bit and dug your elbow into Xavier’s side. “Yeah man, you forgot the best part.” Kofi chuckled as Big E pretended to wipe tears away. “Ahh right. So once upon a time Y/N and I were playing a quick round of Call of Duty, a game she had beaten me at multiple times. But that time Xavier Woods prevailed and came out victorious! It was my first time beating her and this girl couldn’t believe that I had beaten her so she blamed the character she was playing as.” Xavier managed to get the short story out with only a few chuckles. “She still believes she’s destined to loose if she doesn’t pick the right character!” Big E shrieked out with a loud laugh, making the twins, Roman, Kofi, and Seth laugh loudly as well. “Okay enough. I’ve got to go with my girl Peach.” You silenced them and selected the pink princess. “She’s the worst character Y/N.” Roman groaned making you scoff and roll your eyes. “Don’t insult her, she’s royalty.” You shushed him as the countdown began. Princess Peach quickly shot forward while Mario, who Xavier had picked, got stuck at the start in a cloud of black smoke. “Sucks to be you Woodsie.” You laughed as you took the lead, Xavier trying to catch up and groaning at the silly nickname you had given him years ago. Throughout the rest of the race you were in first with Xavier close behind you, the boys yelling at him to make sure you didn’t beat him with Peach of all people. “No, no, no.” Your protests started off as mumbles when you noticed him catching up but you were soon yelling them at the screen. You didn’t notice Xavier look at you with a slightly confused face before he smiled and looked back to the screen. “You are not going to win!” You cried out as Mario got closer to your kart. You could see the finish line appearing and you knew you were in danger of losing. As a last ditch effort you stood up and moved in front of Xavier so that he couldn’t see the screen, you thankful for wireless controllers. Xavier yelled out in protest and tried to look around your frame as the guys laughed loudly behind you. “Yes I’m gonna win!” You shouted but Xavier quickly tried to stand up and his height towered over you, giving him the perfect view. “I don’t think so sweetie.” You huffed and tired to push him backwards with your body, your bum inadvertently being pressed against his crotch. “Oh, so it’s gonna be like that?” Xavier teased as the guys all oohed at what was happening. You felt him take a couple forced steps back and you followed, desperate to win but also enjoying the feeling of his jeans against your leggings. You heard Xavier growl as you kept the lead and managed to cross the finish line less than a second before him. “That’s how we do it!” You cheered and threw your hands into the air in victory. “Yeah, that’s how you cheat.” Xavier argued and quickly threw you over his shoulder making you squeal in shock. “Way to be a poor loser Woods.” Jey laughed making you move your head so that you could see all of them. “He’s always been like this, I’ve gotten used to it. Besides all that matters is that I won.” You brought your hand down roughly hit Xavier’s bottom that was aligned with your head. The wrestler jumped but quickly recovered, used to your cheeky teasing acts. “Feisty are we?” He laughed and started dancing around after he kicked the chairs away making you almost slide off his shoulder multiple times. “This is not how you treat a winner!” You cried out and wrapped your arms around his middle as an attempt to make sure you wouldn’t fall. “Yeah, where are your manners Xavier?” Kofi pretended to scold his friend. “I’ll save you Y/N!” Big E declared before he rushed towards you and Xavier. “Oh dear God.” You breathed out, hoping that you’d make it out alive. “No! She’s mine.” Xavier puffed out his chest jokingly and held onto you tighter. “Nah uh.” E disagreed and surged forward to grab your ankles, you shrieking when he started to pull you out of Xavier’s grip. “Mine!” Xavier growled and wrapped his arms underneath your armpits, holding onto you. E tugged at your feet while Xavier kept a tight hold on your upper body, the situation making all the other wrestlers laugh and shake their heads in disbelief. You winced slightly at the feeling of being pulled in two directions but laughed at the situation. You barely noticed Roman and the twins take out their phones to record the ordeal, Reigns eager to show his daughter the mischief “aunt” Y/N got up too and the twins just planned on showing everyone. “Boys, there’s plenty of me to go around!” You laughed and held onto Xavier’s broad shoulders tightly. “Shut up.” They both said at the same time making you scoff and giggle. “If you hurt me before the match and we loose I’m gonna kill both of you.” That seemed to stop the friends in their tracks until they started pulling again a second later. “Let go Woods!” E grunted as he kept a tight hold on your ankles. “Y/N’s mine, you let go!” Xavier gave one last hard tug and Big E let go, sending your legs flying towards Xavier’s torso. You managed to wrap your legs around his waist instead of having them fly into him. “Ya know, this is pretty comfy.” You sighed and continued to cling onto your best friend like a monkey. “I have to do the outro dummy.” Xavier groaned when you continued to hold onto him tightly. “Then do it, I’m not moving. I’m not hindering your speaking ability.” You said sarcastically making Woods shoot the camera a mock annoyed look. Once Xavier had rushed out the words you hit his shoulder and insist that he turn around so that your face was looking at the camera, your friend only sighing in complaint before he turned. “Just a friendly reminder that I won and that I will be winning the match tonight. Bye guys.” You smiled and waved, groaning at Xavier when he told you that what you said wasn’t the outro. “I know Woodsie, it was my own outro.” You rolled your eyes and scoffed before slowly unwinding your legs from his waist and let your feet touch the ground. “That’s why people think you two are actually dating.” Seth shook his head with his signature smirk on his face once the camera was turned off. You and Xavier shared a look before bursting out in annoying laughter, pointing at Seth before pointing at each other. “Yeah right.” Xavier deadpanned once you had cut your laughter off. “Nobody thinks we’re dating in real life.” You continued making your friends all scoff and start laughing. “Yeah okay.” Jimmy scoffed with a raised brow. “Tell that to all those fangirls that live for your relationship.” Jey chuckled, Roman nodding and pointing at his cousin in agreement. “They’re just invested in the storyline.” Xavier argued after a beat of silence. You nodded in agreement from next to Xavier, the two of yours’ actions making the others roll their eyes. “Tell that to all the edits and fanfiction they write.” Kofi grinned and wiggled his brows suggestively making Xavier raise a brow in confusion while you scrunched up your face in disgust. “Fan what now?” Xavier asked before you shushed him. “Ew Kofi, why are you reading that?! Don’t worry about it Xavier, it’s just fans writing stuff.” You interrogated Kofi and tried to keep how raunchy some of the writing could get a secret. “I’m not! People tweet me links, I get intrigued and then I get sucked down a wormhole.” Kingston tried to defend himself but you simply rolled your eyes and smiled softly. “Well stop, it’s weird.” “I’m still very confused.” “Of coarse you are.”

You stood with the boys in your new ring gear that had the same theme as your partners. “I think you should keep it.” E suggested with a shrug as you waited behind the curtain for their music to hit. “Or not.” You teased with a giggle making all three of them gasp in fake offence. “Woah, that’s not how you’re supposed to treat your boyfriend and his friends.” Xavier joked making you scoff and smack his bare arm gently. “Getting touchy already Y/N, the fans can’t even see us yet.” Xavier wiggled his brows with a stupid smirk, making you hit him again. “Stop woman.” He scolded and held Francesca away from you, as if you threatened the instrument. “Stop calling me woman.” You pouted making the boys laugh at you. “Look what you did Woods, you’ve upset your girlfriend.” Kofi cackled with E, Xavier chuckling as well. “Awe I’m sorry baby. Come on, a hug will make everything better.” Woods teased and pulled your body into his before patting your head that was resting against his chest. “I hate you.” You words were muffled when you spoke into his chest. “I love you too.” Xavier continued to bug you until the start of their theme began to play and you had to get into position. You had an arm wrapped around Xavier’s waist and he had his free arm wound around your shoulders, holding you into his side as the four of you ran onto the small stage area. You smiled as you and Xavier strutted around, rolling your hips a few times as you paused to wave at fans. The boys all ran and slid into the ring while you carefully climbed the stairs, Xavier sitting on the middle rope as a way to lower it for you. You stepped through and smiled as Woods grabbed your hand and spun you around in the middle of the ring a few times before he stood on one of the turnbuckles. Kofi stood on another while you and Big E stood between them, all of you dancing while you were introduced. Your opponents had been introduced first and Seth was bouncing around in his corner while his partners all stood on the apron. The music faded off as you and the boys headed towards your corner, you, Kofi, and E standing on the apron while Xavier started the match. You pulled Xavier’s head back and pressed a sweet kiss to his lips, the fans cheering loudly at the sight as he kissed back. You pulled away with a gentle smile and lightly tapped his cheek, mumbling a quiet good luck before letting him go just before the bell rung. “I still don’t know how you go from best friends to a couple like that.” Kofi snapped his fingers as he watched the two in the ring. You shrugged your shoulders, not having an answer for him. You and Xavier had gotten over the slight awkwardness of your situation a couple weeks after it had started, by now it just felt natural to press kisses to his lips and anywhere on his face that you could reach. “I agree, it’s weird. Are you two secretly dating in real life?” Big E joked and nudged you gently, wiggling his brows at you before looking back at Xavier. You scoffed and scrunched up your face in disgust but the idea of Xavier being yours made your stomach tighten in knots. You’d never admit it but whenever you got to hold, kiss, or hug Xavier you got beyond happy. You’d argued with yourself for months, trying to convince yourself that he was only your best friend but in reality he was so much more. You wanted him to be yours and you wanted to be his, not just on screen. “Me and Woods? No thanks.” You laughed after a beat of silence that was too long but the boys let it go.

You stood on the apron with Xavier wrapped around your frame as you reached your hand out desperately. E was struggling against Owens and all the boys had taken a beating and you had only been in the ring for a short moment before Sasha tagged Jericho in. “Come on E!” You called out loudly, flailing your hand around. He made a last ditch effort and jumped towards your hand, fingers managing to brush against yours. As your friend rolled out of the ring you pulled yourself out of your “boyfriends” grip, your presence forcing Jericho to tag Sasha in. The pink haired girl rushed towards but you managed to step out of the way at the last minute and send her flying out of the ring without even touching her. You smirked and threw your hands out with your palms facing forward, nodding and working the crowd making them chant your name. You sent a flirty wink and blew a kiss to Xavier when you heard him yelling your name with the crowd, Xavier catching the kiss and pretending to stuff it into his pants making the fans laugh and you shake your head. By then Sasha had made her way back into the ring and was getting ready to run at you again, once she did you took another step but she bounced off the ropes rather than falling off. She came flying back at you and managed to throw your right arm out, sending her into the canvas once she ran into it. You leant over her face faked a pout and running a finger down your cheek as if it were a tear. “Oops.” You said sarcastically before strutting towards your friends, all of them laughing at your taunts, Xavier’s laughter the loudest making you smile. You stood in the corner and tapped your cheek twice, Xavier getting the hint leaned forward and pressed a kiss to your cheek, making a silly smacking sound with his lips once he pulled away. You didn’t notice that Sasha had gotten up and before any of the guys could warn you she ran at you and threw her body into yours, forcing your face and ribs into the turnbuckle. You fell onto your knees and Sasha gripped your hair tightly, dragging you to the middle of the ring despite the official and New Day’s protests. She tossed you face first into the canvas and dropped a few elbows on you before going to the pin, but you managed to kick out. You stayed on your back and tried to catch your breath as she whined in protest before standing and stomping down onto your ribs. You managed to catch her leg after a few kicks and push her to the ground, as you breathed heavily on the ground next to her. You groaned when Sasha tried to scramble up and make it back to her corner to tag someone else in. You gathered wits and quickly threw yourself forward, grabbing onto the boss’s foot causing her to crash onto the canvas. You pulled her towards one of the corners before climbing onto the top rope and preparing to drop an elbow onto her ribs. Your eyes widened after you had jumped and she managed to roll out of the way, sending your body into the canvas roughly. Sasha dragged you as close to the middle of the ring that she could get you before trying to lock in the Banks Statement, you yelling out as she managed to get you into the submission. “That’s it she’s done!” “Come on Banks!” “We’ve got the win boys!” You heard her team mates celebrating early as you tried to make your way to the ropes. “Come on Y/L/N! You got it!” “You’re almost there Y/N!” “Go baby go!” You heard your friends cheering for you, their words pushing you to continue. You yelled out desperately as you threw your hand out and managed to grip the bottom rope in your hand. “She’s got it! Get off Banks!” Kofi yelled as Big E and Xavier urged the official to drag the other girl off of you. You panted and rolled out of the ring as an attempt to create some distance between you and Sasha. You sighed and jogged to the other side of the ring when Sasha rolled out after you. A grunt left your mouth as you rolled back into the ring with an annoyed Sasha a bit behind you. You managed to gather your strength and bounce off the ropes, clotheslining her as she got to her feet. Banks flew over the top rope and hit her head on the edge of the apron before crashing to the ground. You shook your head to clear your thoughts before you shakily climbed to the top rope, the crowd cheering loudly and Xavier yelling for you to be careful. Taking a deep breath you cringed remembering what happened last time you tried to jump off the rope, but you quickly jumped and managed to drop your elbow to her heart. Sasha rolled over and you stayed where you were for a minute before you tried to drag her limp body into the ring, easily fighting off her weak attempts at defence. You desperately hooked her leg and held your breath as the official started the count, cheering loudly when his hand hit the canvas for the third time. The crowd popped as The New Day started jumping around and cheering before they ran into the ring, Xavier gently pulling you up and into his arms. You smiled widely as the trio danced around you and praised your win. 

“You know it’s true.” Paige smirked and downed the rest of her drink. “Xavier does not like me like that.” Paige had apparently thought that when you had insisted that she go out with you and the boys to celebrate you wanted her to try and convince you that your best friend had a thing for you. “He does. It’s so obvious Y/N.” Paige insisted as you both looked over to where the guys were playing pool. Xavier looked over his shoulder towards the two of you and smiled at you, you sending a wide grin back before he turned back to the game. “That’s what I’m talking about.” Paige groaned and flailed her arms wildly. “I don’t understand what you and the others see. He doesn’t like me.” You sighed and pulled Paige up and towards the bar to grab another drink. “Okay first off, I’m gonna ignore that you keep saying he doesn’t like you and not the other way around. Secondly, do I have to list off examples for you.” The british girl rolled her eyes before asking the bartender for your drinks. “No you don’t, he doesn’t like me. Enough.” You tried to end the conversation as you picked up your drink after tossing some money on the bar. “Okay here we go.” Paige sighed as you both sat back down at the table you had claimed earlier. “Okay example one;” She cleared her throat before continuing. “you two are always touching in some way. You’re either standing so close to each other your arms brush against each other, holding hands for crying out loud, or hugging in some way. Friends don’t do that Y/N/N.” You let her words spin around your mind and you took a long sip of your drink when you realized that she had a point. “Two; you two go from zero to a hundred real quick.” You almost spit your drink out at the phrase that left her mouth. “Okay never saying that again,” She giggled as you chuckled along with her. “but you two go from being casual friends to the hottest couple on the roster. There’s never an awkward moment between the two of you. I saw that kiss during the match, that was not in the script.” Your throat burned slightly as you sipped more of your drink. “Do I need to go on?” Paige sighed out before you chugged down the rest of your drink before slamming the glass back onto the table. You almost laughed at the shocked look on your friends face as you shook your head slightly. “No, I’m going in.” You declared, finally having enough of not knowing how Xavier felt about you. “Oh boy.” Paige muttered under her breath, worried that your tipsy state would ruin things for you. “Okay, I’m coming with you.” Paige announced as you stood and strutted towards the boys with Paige a few steps behind you. “What you boys up too?” Paige spoke first as you were too busy leaning against Xavier to pay attention to anything. Your three friends held a conversation as Xavier looked down at you and started to laugh at your tipsy form. “Oh my god Y/N.” He managed to get the words out between his giggles, making sure to keep you steady whenever you swayed. “Shh, it’s not that bad. I swear.” You laughed and stood upright on your own. “You winning?” You asked as you noticed that the other three members of your group had made their way back to the table. “I was. I don’t mean to brag, but I’m pretty damn good.” Xavier grinned cockily and brushed the dirt off his shoulders jokingly. You oohed and leaned onto your tip toes to look into his eyes, the smell of alcohol on your breath making Xavier let out a simple chuckles. “Teach me.” You whispered before going back to your normal height and grabbing the stick out of his hand. “Okay woman.” He shook his head and set his drink on the edge of the table. “What did I tell you about calling me that Woodsie.” You spun around and jabbed your pointer finger into his chest multiple times. “What did I tell you about calling me Woodsie?” He closed the gap between the two of you and your face was a few centimetres from his hard chest. “You love it.” You whispered back with a playful smile. “I do.” He admitted lowly before turning you to face the balls on the table. “Like this?” You chuckled as you aimed towards the solid white ball. “This way.” Xavier adjusted your grip slightly as you wrapped his arms around you from behind before helping you draw the stick back and hit the white ball. You cheered when in turn you got a green ball into one of the pockets, turning around to hug Xavier, rolling your eyes when you saw Paige, E, and Kofi all shooting you thumbs up from over Xavier’s shoulders. The two of you continued to slowly finish the game until Paige dragged you over to the bar with her, Kofi, and E to take shots. The rest of the night was a blur, shots here and there, flirting everywhere, more drunken pool before Paige and you stumbled back to the hotel room you were sharing.

“What happened last night?” You groaned as you nursed the coffee Paige had handed you before she sat beside you in your bed. “I don’t really remember-” Paige was cut off by her phone going off for the 10th that minute. She muttered out curses before picking up the iphone and opening Instagram, her eyes widening when she saw what everyone was freaking out about. “What?” You let out a breath of a laugh that quickly stopped when Paige turned her phone towards you. “Oh no, no, no.” You rushed out as you watched the short video of Paige dancing before she turned her camera so that you could see you and Xavier making out in the background, drunk Paige cheering at the sight. “I’ll delete it.” Paige scrambled to delete the video but the damage was done, thousands of people had seen that video. You mumbled curse words under your breath as you tugged on your hair in panic, Paige apologizing multiple times until you assured it wasn’t her fault. “I have to find him.” You grunted and quickly jogged out of your room and towards Xavier’s, not hearing Paige remind you were in your pyjamas and fuzzy socks. You knocked urgently on the wooden door before it creeped open slowly, a tired Xavier Woods staring at you. You quickly pushed past him and into the room, hearing his light chuckle as he shut the door made your panic ease up a little bit. “Did you see it?” You asked in a worried voice as you sat on his bed, glad that Kofi and E weren’t in the room. Xavier hummed and nodded as he sat down beside you on the edge of the bed. “The video? Yeah.” He seemed so at ease, as if it didn’t bother him that the video had ever existed. “And you’re fine with it…?” You faded off unsure of what would happen between the two of you. He shrugged his shoulders and rubbed at his eyes “I don’t really mind.” You nodded, glad that he wasn’t upset about it. “I don’t remember what happened.” You admitted with a light blush on your face. “Well luckily you have me too tell you what happened.” Xavier grinned at you making you giggle and motion for him to continue, mentioning that the last thing you remembered was taking shots. “Well basically there was just a lot of dancing, drinking, and flirting until… Until drunk me decided it’d be a good idea to kiss you. You kissed back and I think that’s when Paige took that video. But after that you basically revealed your love for me and I said I loved you back and that’s all I remember.” Your breath hitched when he said that you had confessed your secret attraction to him. You wondered how he was being so cool about it and not panicking like you were internally. “I’m so sorry Xavier. Just forget that I ever said anything.” You froze when you realized he had said that he loved you too, Xavier laughing at the look on your face. “I don’t wanna forget it Y/N, did you miss the part where I said I love-” You cut him off by surging onto your knees before pressing your lips to his passionately. It took him a second to kiss back but when he did you felt the familiar tingling in your stomach you got whenever his mouth was on yours. He pulled you closer to him, lifting you just enough to get you onto his lap so that you were straddling him. Xavier deepened the kiss and when your tongue melded with his you could taste the orange juice he must have had earlier, the taste mixing with the coffee you had been drinking. You had dreamed of feeling his large hands run up and down your body and now that they were the feeling was beyond anything you had dreamed up. You nipped gently at his lower lip making a small smile appear on his face but it quickly disappeared when he leaned forward to draw you into another kiss. “I love you Y/N.” Xavier spoke into your mouth, his words sending shivers down your spine and a whine leave your lips. “You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to hear you say that off of T.V.” You heard him grunt as he explored your mouth. “Say it back.” He growled into you as his hand grabbed at your bum roughly. “I love you Woodsie.” You giggled into his mouth, the nickname making him chuckle as well. “I’m coming in, you better be clothed!” You heard a british voice yell through the door before it was quickly pushed opened and three familiar faces walked in. “Oh no.” Paige grunted and quickly moved her hands up to cover Kofi and Big E’s eyes. “They’re fully clothed, oh but they’re trying to recreate some of that fanfiction.” Kofi argued with a laugh and pushed Paige’s hand away, E following his lead. You slipped off of Xavier’s lap embarrassed, trying to hide your blush from everyone. Xavier stood up and drew you into his side, kissing your forehead when he noticed the pink tinge to your cheeks. “Did you admit your love for each other?” Paige drew out the word love with a smirk on her face. “For the second time in 24 hours.” E added making you groan and hide your face in Xavier’s chest. “I’ll have you know, yes we did. Now let’s go get breakfast, I want food.” Xavier took control of the situation which you were thankful for. “Well I’m going to take Y/N back to our room so she can dressed and we’ll meet you boys there.” Paige said as she pulled you out of Woods’ grasp and dragged you towards the door. “You know Paige is gonna know every detail before breakfast even starts right?” You heard Kofi say just before the door closed behind you two. “Tell me everything.” You sighed and smiled, happy that Xavier was actually yours.

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I heard you don't associate yourself with Queens or people who are more attractive than yourself, I guess that goes double for me, darling! Your loss!! ❤️ *hair flip*




No but really that is exactly my shade of purple where did you get that dress and is it still in season?

Family Night

“I beat you at Mario Kart and now you’re banishing me to the couch for the night?”

Family Night

“Becca, I’m the king of Mario Kart-” Bucky answered pride seeping with every word he let slip from between his chapped lips.

“Daddy is a king!” Rebecca announced excitedly watching as her dad let the remote down over the coffee table and let his hands cross behind his head.

“Yeah he is!” Bucky mumbled happily, only to receive a remote thrown at him. He wasn’t expecting it, seeing as he had his eyes closed and was basking in the feeling of winning yet another Mario kart game. “What was that for?” Bucky mumbled, rubbing his stomach. His wife sitting beside him, but their daughter in between the two adults.

“Well, I just so happen to be the queen of Mario Kart, so, let’s see who’s the best.”

And like that, the man found himself smiling from ear to ear. His daughter jumped over the couch happy her mother had joined their father and daughter game night. Her mom would have always left the two to bond, but apparently her skills were being questions at Mario Kart since James thought he was the “king” of the game.

Non the less, Rebecca found her self latching herself to her dads neck, as she grabbed him down to her side. She was a giggling mess, while her dad kissed her cheek waiting for his wife to choose a character.

“Princess peach?” Bucky asked, questioning his wife, “She’s like the worst character.” Bucky mumbled to himself. As he picked Mario just to irk his wife. He shot her a smug look. While she blushed and slapped his metal shoulder, Picking Mario just to prove that he always saved Princess peach was very “smooth’ in his book.

"Rebecca, who’s side are you on?” Bucky asked, while the screen flashed with a countdown.

“Mommy!” Becca jumped over to her moms neck, smooching her cheek. Both girls laughed at Bucky’s expression. His daughter was almost always on his side. Considering he was always the fun parent, who always said yes to anything.

“We need to make a boy,” Bucky mumbled under his breath as he got ready to jumpstart his Kart.

It was all fun and games until Bucky dropped a bomb over his wife’s pink Kart, causing her to be last from the lack of regeneration span. Buchanan grinned, Mario making it to the finish line first in record time.

“Told you I was king.” Bucky bragged. Cracking his fingers, watching as his wife shoved the remote controller his way.

“Well, King Bucky, let’s see how the couch treats you tonight.”  His wife angrily pushed, grabbing her daughter over her waist. Pushing the coco hair behind her daughters ear. The girl was well past her bed time, Becca’s head rested over her moment shoulder as the two adults bickered back and forth. 

“What!” Bucky asked disbelief written over his features. He stood up too, wanting to understand his wife’s logic in this. The screen left unnoticed as the list of winners was plastered over the flat screen.

“Your sleeping on the couch tonight.” She answered simply. Turning around to walk back to her room.

“I beat you at Mario Kart and now you’re banishing me to the couch for the night?”  Bucky asked disbelief laced with every word that was chocked out from his throat.



“Keep your voice down, your daughter is asleep.”

“Doll,” Bucky whined, seeing as she wasn’t answering him and walking to his daughters room. Trailing behind his wife.


“Sweetheart,” Bucky cried, “Doll face,”

“I said Shush!”