peach crumble pie

behind-a-wall-of-illusion replied to your post: unpopular opinion the only good pies are the ones…

fresh strawberry pie with whipped cream tho!! french apple crumble!! peach and cherry pie!!! you really dont like any of those? im surprised

i like my strawberries on cakes. i dont consider crumbles or cobblers to be true pies, but i like those. i think it has to do with the topping. peach or cherry pies are always disgusting, they’re too sweet and sticky and syrupy inside


Progress pics. I’ll take a picture of the end result tonight. The crust turned out pretty enough and I threw a little scrap into the oven for a quick taste test and it definitely seemed alright. I don’t think the missing butter is going to be the end of the world for this little pie.

Now hopefully tonight after work (and before picking up parents+brother from the airport) I can get started on a big batch of homemade vanilla ice cream to go with it. If that turns out well I’m going to make a bunch to pair with the next two or three pies I plan to make.

I can never just bake a little because I love too many people! 😬😁