peach bunny

We’re releasing images of our Fuwakui Fruit Gummy Sea Bunnies today! They’re in final prototype phase and will be released later in 2016. They will all be based off of traditional Salt-Water Taffy flavors! These Sea Salt Water Taffy Bunnies, based off of the Sea Bunny Slug, will be released in many flavors! This current flavor is Strawberry Lemonade! We also have plans for Sour Grape and Blue Raspberry as well! These three will be together in the first batch in 2016!

namo-or-death  asked:

Did someone say NaMo? Aside from Cough Syrup, Gold Dust and this could be paradise. For fluff one-shots: Jokbal vs Nayeon, Wisdom Teeth (very cute), Seasons Change, Peach and Bunny Christmas. For longer complete (kinda angsty ones): Lonely, When we Collide (this is..uhh..well you'll know when you read it), (and maybe) Missed Bullet. Ongoing: Eighth World Wonder (this one is promising) Note that these are all in aff. I'll update when I get a list of the ones I like from ao3.

Oh my god you were ready, I’m gonna break down the list into bullet points cause this is a list of epic proportions. 

For fluff one-shots: 

  • Jokbal vs Nayeon, 
  • Wisdom Teeth (very cute),
  • Seasons Change, 
  • Peach and Bunny Christmas. 

For longer complete (kinda angsty ones): 

  • Lonely, 
  • When we Collide (this is..uhh..well you’ll know when you read it), 
  • (and maybe) Missed Bullet.


  • Eighth World Wonder (this one is promising)