peach and quiet



Papyrus is the skeleton who is tall and active. Within a red tunic and a pair of white pantaloons, he also tied the sleeves and trouser legs in linen, which looked like a martial artist. It is quite true. He always wears in a red headband with writing “The Hero” (义者) which is made by himself.

Papyrus is not quiet but obtrusive in the group, so this lets people feel him in the ways of confidence and innocence. He didn’t have any close friends ever, because he likes to talk about his dreams with others in unfiltered ways, which let others felt unrealistic. However, in the Peach Blossom Village, he is the welcome one by his enthusiasms. He is really helpful and honest to strangers as well as a hero he wants to be. Papyrus likes to do some run errands works that most of guys are annoying to do, and this is one part of his exercise for him to be a hero. If you truly become a friend with him, he will help you to escape from the chasing battle.

Papyrus likes to advocate justice, and a part of adamancy in his mind will help him to recognise humans are evil. In contrast, his methods in treating the evil enemies are adorable. He wants to be friends with humans who fell in Arcadia. On the other hands, he doesn’t want to break the law of his justice. In this way, he chose to design some puzzles on your ways to the Peach Blossom Village but always failed. Facing your flirts, he would be surprised and then angrily say that was the trick of humans.

Papyrus is strict to his brother. Right now, he is trying to organize a series of manual exercises for him, but Sans always likes to escape by his “Space Transportation”. The reason of his restriction to Sans is that Papyrus always thought Sans cannot protect himself well. Sans is always an idiot that needs to be guarded well.

Papyrus is sometimes careless and absent-minded. For example, he prepared some pickles for you on the way, but he forgot to leave a pair of chopsticks for you. Sometimes, he is really clever, which just like what leaves you some wrong messages to Undyne in the ways of your chasing battle.

(It is a plate of well-done pickles, but there are no chopsticks for you to use. You gave up for that.)

Miscellaneous Setting

He likes to call himself as a hero, and he always helps people in the village. However, the Peach Blossom Village is quiet and peaceful, and there are not some naughty guys to make trouble here. In this way, Papyrus is looking forward a magnificent world for him to fight, and he wants to hear someone call his name in some corners of this world for help.

Facing the kindness of you, Papyrus kept telling himself that this was the cheat of humans. You would find he was murmuring to himself.

He has a soft heart, and it is hard for him to kill someone even his enemies are sinful. He cares you a lot, even he never knows you are kind or not. He prepares pickles for you as your hunger meal and some puzzles as after-meal snack.

He really wants to leave Arcadia and travels around the world.

He likes to call himself as “the Great Papyrus” or “the Just Papyrus”, although he knows that he is not great at all.

He learnt to make pickles from Undyne.

He hates poems, and he hates Sans recite poems to him.

He once gave a scarf to a scarecrow.

He is a vegetarian.

 He is a part of power to maintain “the Barrier”.

If you killed him advance, you would not meet Sans in the Waterfall.


The Dialogue of Papyrus before the battle with you







(These words must be in the font of PAPYRUS.)


Taurus x Cancer

Home is the best habitat for these two signs. Taurus is earthy and fixed, like a wooden floor or furniture, while Cancer is watery and cardinal, like the set of doilies bought to go well with the same light pink of the ceramic cups they use for hot chocolate milk. Cancer has a moody disposition, a strong need to give and receive affection, and Taurus loves just that: in every relationship between these two signs, Taurus reliability and loyalty emerge like the main stabilizing force, and set the best environment ever for both signs to live in.

As friends, the one that has the more adventurous Rising or Venus sign gets to start socializing with the other; if they’re both shy types, Cancer will probably take the lead. They’re both tender and slow-paced, two lovers of the cozy feeling of an afternoon spent eating chocolate, covered in several layers of blankets, possibly near a fireplace, watching TV while outside it’s raining. They’re the calm kind of people that only hangs out with responsible, good-humored and amiable friends, someone able of appreciating not only Taurus’ tasty sarcasm but also Cancer’s clingy affection and enthusiasm. They are not that fancy: every place where there’s a quiet atmosphere, relaxing music and good food is their place.

As lovers, Taurus will take a certain amount of time before being convinced that the relationship might work, but once that happens, it could last for years or forever. Both Cancer and Taurus express their love in materialistic ways: cooking, cuddling, buying presents, all the by-the-book classic style romance, and a lot of sex. Given their sedentary and physical nature, they wouldn’t be doing anything but that for a great percentage of their time; their lifetime would end up being equally distributed among workplace, kitchen and bedroom. Some Cancers, especially the ones that have an air dominance in their natal chart, would need to cut out a bit of time just for themselves every once in a while, but that wouldn’t be a problem: a sitting on a comfortable sofa, watching TV Taurus is a soon-asleep Taurus, and Cancer would have all the space he requires. Their lives are usually so full of one another’s presence that even friends would hardly fit in their schedule, although surely they would always be welcome to come dining in their living room.

As enemies, spoilt, evil Cancers could get perfidious and nagging, and that would be a real problem for any Taurus: sure, they are incredible furies when they get angry, but that takes an incommensurable amount of offense to be received, possibly with a quality of directness, before they start flipping tables. The usual Taurus would just opt for an ignoring policy and try not to hear or give a damn about what an enemy Cancer would say or do, but it would still make their level of stress and nervousness rise and make them malcontented. They would end up being bullied and do nothing about it; worst scenario, if their endurance is reinforced by an earthy chart, and if Cancer is part of the family or their partner, they could just go on putting up with them forever. They would need some fiery/airy placement and maybe some external help to get free from the situation.

Sun in TaurusSun in Cancer


Pairing: Thomas x reader

Prompt: Hi! I love your writing so much, I was wondering if I could request something with Thomas Jefferson? Like Y/N is out somewhere and trying to get away from an exboyfriend and they just rush up to Thomas and ask him to pretend to be their boyfriend and it just goes from there? Thank you so much!

TW: mentions of drinking and gambling, swearing, implied but explicitly stated abusive relationship

Word Count: 1,242


The morning air was crisp, and smelled sweet with the market opening for the morning. You had your basket in arm, and enjoyed listening to the rhythmic movement of passersby as they talked, moved to stalls, and enjoyed the morning just as you were. Things were perfect, you thought. This was your favorite time of day, when you could be alone, and comfortable. You moved your ways through the stalls, and through the people, hearing those standing on the sides giving their soap box announcements. You rarely stopped to listen, finding them never in your interest. You were admiring a few fresh peaches, scanning your small pocketbook for how much you had. When out of the corner of your eye, you saw him.



You thought you were going to be sick. You felt your stomach churn uncomfortably, and worst of all, he was making his way towards the stall you were currently at. You began discreetly pushing away, disengaging yourself and leaving the peaches behind with a quiet apology to the shop keeper. You slipped into the crowd, quietly disappearing as he took the place you had been standing in only moments prior. However, you managed to avoid his gaze, this time.


You should have just gone home. Left the idea of the market for another time, and head for the cozy little home downtown, and spend the rest of your day reading a book or two. But no, you insisted, there’s no way he could accurately follow you everywhere in this damn market. So you thought, anyway.

You continued dodging him for the better chunk of the time you were there, gathering your produce without an issue, besides the anxiety bubbling in your throat. Andrew was your former courter, which you broke off perhaps three months earlier when he had begun displaying some more…unsavory habits, in the way of drinking, and severe gambling. You needed to get out of that, and you thought you had succeeded. But there was no telling how he would react upon seeing you again…

You thought you’d finally lost him while perusing the vegetables at an older woman’s stand, one that was near the end of the market, and closer to the buildings at the end, the nearest of which being a cafe, where patrons were seated comfortably outside in the late morning air. It was about eleven now…nearly time for lunch, so it was fairly crowded. With your mind preoccupied, you didn’t see him approach.


Your blood went cold.

A hand perched itself on your shoulder, and you felt yourself nearly buckle under the weight. The burning feeling crept up your throat at the smell of the whiskey on his breath, but you shoved it back down. “Andrew! It’s been too long.” You smiled weakly, backing up a bit as you turned to face him. Anything to get away from the smell. He looked as though he’d woken up in an alley that morning, which, by the smell, you didn’t doubt.

“Indeed it has.” He moved closer, and you shuffled away weakly. “After I lost you, darling, I did some seaching and I-”

“Oh, terribly sorry, Andrew, but I must be going, my courter, he, ah-” Your eyes scanned the crowd desperately, before falling on two men sitting at a table nearest to you at the cafe, pouring over papers. They seemed to be amiable with each other, at the least, and there was an empty chair, perfect for you to slip in, and ask that one of the two pretend with you for just a few moments, anything to get him off your back. “There he is!” You announced, pushing away from him as his eyes hardened at the words. You pushed your way through again, before waving to the two men with a bright smile. “There you two are! I’ve been looking everywhere! The market is crowded today, isn’t it?”

The man closest to you wore a magenta suit, his quill momentarily stopping the scratching it did at the parchment in bewilderment as you took the open seat. He was quite attractive, you gave him that…his hair, boundless curls, framed his face wonderfully, even the confused, look that now sat in his eyes. His frame was lean, but he had a bit of muscle. his face was defined, but made more so by the stubble around his jaw.

The other, who was lifting his head from where he was coughing into his fist gave you the same look. He wore a grey suit, the storm cloud to the more outrageous color. He was taller, and more built, but somehow…seemed so much smaller. His chin also sported just a hint of stubble, with his hair neatly fixed with a well defined part. Both of them were staring, but the former mentioned let his expression soften when you desperately darted your eyes to the man who was trailing behind you.

“Ah, didn’t we tell you we would be waiting here, dearest?” He gave your hand a kiss, and then flashed a smile so dazzling you wondered how you were still breathing. “James and I just had some papers to address, work stuff, and the like. Did you get all that you needed?” James, you had discovered his name now, looked bewildered, glancing between the two of you. You could feel Andrew’s eyes boring into the back of your head.

“Yes! Thank you.” You beamed, letting him give your cheek a kiss as well. The man must have stepped on his companion’s foot, because James jumped a bit, before seeming to play along.

“Ahh, right, Thomas told me you might be joining us.” He gave a small, slight smile before coughing again, and taking a sip of the tea in front of him.

Andrew didn’t seem convinced just yet, and he started moving towards you. and just when your face had lost all shade, he passed you, instead taking a seat at another table, and seeming content to watch.

You leaned in to kiss his cheek, but instead whispered in a rushed, and soft voice. “My name is (Y/N). That man there is my former courter, Andrew. He’s an alcoholic, and I had to legitimately move after leaving our courtship. So, please, please just play along until he leaves.” You begged, before pulling back with a smile.

“My dear, nothing would make me happier.” He said as you pulled away, making the case of a simple request.


An hour passed, before finally, finally, Andrew stood, and walked past you silently, seemingly finally buying the thought that you were, in fact, being courted by someone new, and you let out a sigh, relaxing so heavily in your seat that you felt Thomas reach to steady you, for it seemed you were about to crumple on the spot.

“Thank you…I am so, so sorry you had to do that…” You managed, as his hand on your shoulder kept you grounded.

“Not a problem. We were happy to help out someone as beautiful as you.” He smirked a bit, and placed a kiss to your hand in a real first greeting. Your cheeks felt hot. Hell, your whole face felt hot. You stammered out another apology as he moved in, just a tad closer. “Will you do me a favor?” You nodded eagerly. He ignored James rolling his eyes behind you.

“Could I have the pleasure of seeing you again? Perhaps…for a real date this time?”


This was fun to write! I had quite a few ways this could go, actually, and honestly, I’m really glad I could squeeze James in there.

Love, Rosalie

Riley’s Sweet Sixteen

Riley’s sweet sixteen party is the most extravagant thing that Maya has ever seen in the Matthews’ apartment, trumping even the yearly Christmas and New Year’s parties. Streamers, balloons, flowers, and explosions of color are everywhere, the decorations packed so tightly that the living and dining rooms are barely recognizable. So many people from school and possibly even from elsewhere are packed in that Maya doesn’t think she’s ever even seen half of them.

“So, what’s the point of having so many people over?” Maya asks a smiling Riley. “Do you even know all of them?”

“I know of them,” Riley says.

“I don’t understand you at all,” Maya laughs.

“You don’t need to; you just gotta love me!”

“And I do,” Maya says with a half-hearted smile. Maya does love Riley, but perhaps more than the way in which Riley meant. She’s felt this way for over two years, but she knows that Riley has had feelings for Lucas for just as long, and even if she didn’t, Maya wouldn’t be willing to risk her friendship with Riley over something as unimportant as her own feelings. What is important is Riley and her feelings, her happiness.

Speaking of which, her smile seems to have faded in the few moments Maya had been lost in her thoughts.

“Everything alright, Riles?” she asks. “You look a little down.”

Riley shakes her head. “Yeah, I’m fine. Is it time for presents? Let’s open presents!” She dives for the couch and the guests crowd around before Maya has time to question her.

With so many people over, the gifts take nearly half an hour to get through, despite most of them being letters. Riley takes care to open each envelope so that they don’t tear and to read each letter out loud, and she’s just as gentle with the gifts in boxes as well. She’s always been like that even being so excitable; it’s just one of her many quirks that Maya has fallen in love with over the years.

Maya bites her lip when Riley gets to her present. She’d wanted to get Riley a blanket she’d seen at the store, a nice one featuring a pattern of tightly packed cats–some of them purple–but she couldn’t scrape up the money and she hadn’t wanted to bother her mother or Shawn about it. Instead, she’d gone all the way down the sappy, sentimental path and created a scrapbook of their lives together, complete with her own drawings and paintings.

Riley freezes when she pulls the wrapping off and sees the cover, staring at it for a long moment before looking up at Maya with awe. “Maya….”

Maya smiles. “Go ahead, look inside.”

Riley opens the scrapbook to the first page and she breaks into a grin. She flips a few more pages before closing it gently.

“I love it, peaches,” she says. “I’ll look through the whole thing after the party.”

Riley gets through the last few gifts, from her parents and Auggie, before calling cake time. She seems to completely forgotten whatever had been affecting her earlier, and Maya wonders if she’d just imagined it. Besides, Riley would tell her if something was bugging her, wouldn’t she?

She brushes it off and takes a plate of cake before sitting beside Riley, who already has chocolate icing all over her face. “You got a little something…everywhere,” she laughs.

“Well, maybe I want it there!” Riley giggles in mock retaliation.

Maya snorts. “Here.” She grabs a napkin and wipes Riley’s face clean, then pauses. What is she doing? Riley looks uncomfortable too, her eyes downcast, and Maya hastily throws the napkin away before stuffing cake into her mouth to keep herself from saying anything stupid.

“Maya–“ Riley glances around at the other party guests; nobody’s paying attention to them. “Something’s…something’s been bothering me for a while.”

Maya tries to swallow the lump in her throat. “Yeah? What’s wrong?” she asks.

“It’s just…you know how I know all of my parents’ stories?”

Maya furrows her brow. “Yeah, why?”

“My mom’s sweet sixteen was really important to her. She wanted to dance with my dad because her parents danced together at her mom’s sweet sixteen and…well….”

“And you want to dance at yours,” Maya sighs, and Riley nods. “So, uh…what’s the problem? Why don’t you just ask Huckleberry to dance with you?”

Riley shrugs. “I don’t know…it’s a big commitment, Maya. My mom and my grandma…they both married the people they danced with.”

“Yeah, I got that,” Maya murmurs. “Just, um. Just tell me when so I can get out of you and Lucas’ way. I don’t want to mess up your special dance.”

“I want it to be you,” Riley blurts.

Maya blinks. “W-what?”

“I…I want to have my sweet sixteen dance with you.” Riley hesitates before continuing. “I don’t know if I’ll want to marry Lucas. I don’t know if I even love him the way I think I do. What I do know is that I want you to stay in my life forever, and…hey, if a dance means we’ll end up married, I’m okay with that.”

Maya is sure her face is beet-red, she can feel her cheeks burning, and her heart is beating so wildly she’s afraid the front of her shirt is fluttering with it. “A-are you sure?”

“I’ve never been more sure of anything else in my entire life.” Riley pauses, biting her lip as she studies Maya’s face. “Is…is that okay? Because, I mean, if you’re not alright with that we don’t–“

“Riles.” Maya cuts Riley off and takes her hands into her own. “Of course it’s okay. I actually….” She takes a deep breath; if there were ever a time to admit everything to Riley, it was now. “I like you. I’ve liked you for a long time and I know I should have told you sooner but I was afraid that somehow it would mess up our friendship. I just think you should know that before we do this.”

Riley smiles warmly. “Maya, you could never mess up our friendship, and that doesn’t change anything. I still want to dance with you, and maybe we can try more than just a dance later? Like, a date?”


Riley nods and places a soft kiss on Maya’s cheek before pulling back with a grin. “Yeah, peaches.”

The room’s grown quiet, and Maya and Riley look around at the partygoers who had finally noticed the intimacy between the two girls and stopped what they were doing to watch. Everyone stands in silence for several long moments before Zay breaks it.

“Took y’all long enough.”

Both of them are blushing, but they keep their grip on each other’s hands and don’t step away from each other as Zay leads everyone else in a round of applause. They’re both grinning by the time it settles down and the music starts.

“Good timing,” Maya laughs.

“My mom is definitely behind this.”

“I’ll have to thank her later.”

“Just c’mere.”

Riley pulls Maya closer to her and leans her head against Maya’s, and Maya lets her head rest in the crook of Riley’s neck as they begin to sway to the music. It feels completely natural to both of them, and they close their eyes knowing that in that moment, they’re the only two people who exist in the world.

peach moon
why can’t it just be summer already

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Bold your results:


Where do you live(continent)?

America: Thunderclan.

Africa: Windclan.

Asia: Riverclan.

Europe: Shadowclan.

Oceania: Other.__________


When did you start reading warriors?

11 years ago(and had read every/almost every book since then): Leader.

10-8 years ago(and had read every/almost every book since then): Deputy.

11-8 years ago: Elder.

8-5 years ago: Medicine cat.

5-3 years ago: Warrior.

3-1 years ago: Apprentice/med. cat apprentice.

Months/weeks ago: kit.

Name: (it doesn’t matter if you’re a leader, apprentice or kit; this means this would be your warrior name /p.s I’m very sorry if your name starts with ‘u’, the names are horrible/).

First letter of first name?(you can choose)

A: apple, ant, amber, ash, antler, adder, aspen, acorn, arch.

B: blue, berry, bracken, bramble, bee, buzzard, black, bright, bounce, bark, boulder, blossom, brindle, badger, beeatle, bird, brich, bat, brown, blizzard, breeze, beech, briar.

C: cinder, cream, clear, coal, cherry, cloud, cold, copper, cedar, curl, clover, crouch, crow, claw, cricket, clever, cute.

D: dove, dawn, daisy, dark, deer, dusk, dew, drift, dust, dapple, duck, dry, dim.

E: echo, ember, ebony, eel, eagle, egg.

F: feather, flower, fawn, forest, fall, fly, finch, fire, flame, fern, flint, fox, frost, fallow, freckle, freeze, flow, ferret, frog, fuzzy, fluffy.

G: golden, gorse, goose, gray, green, ginger, grass, grim.

H: holly, hollow, honey, hop, half, hail, heavy, heron, hawk, hay, hare, hazel, heather.

I: ice, ivy, insect, ink, inmense, inch.

J: jay, jagged, jump, jaw, joy.

K: kestrel, kink, kiss, kind, kick, kindle.

L: long, lithe, little, lake, leopard, lion, loud, lightning, lily, larch, lark, lion, leaf, lizard, low.

M: moth, mallow, minnow, moon, morning, molted, marsh, maple, mist, mole, moss, mud, mouse, milk, mint, mumble, munch, maggot.

N: nettle, night, noisy, noble, nut.

O: owl, one, oak, otter, olive, ocean, oat.

P: pebble, pickle, pinch, plum, plump, pine, patch, poppy, pear, pounce, pearl, petal, peach, pigeon, pepper.

Q: quiet, quivering, quick.

R: rose, rat, river, robin, red, river, rowan, ragged, running, russet, rock, rolling, rush, reed.

S: snake, silver, slim, slow, sleek, sand, seed, snow, sorrel, squirrel, spotted, spike, speckle, soot, storm, sun, stone, small, spider, song, sweet, swift, shrew, sparrow, splash, shell, sedge, stumpy, starling.

T: trout, thunder, thistle, twist, thrush, turtle, tall, tawny, twig, tiny, talon, tiger, toad, torn, thorn, tangle.

U: under, upper, unsaid, utter, unease, united.

V: viper, vole, vixen, vine.

W: white, willow, wind, water, wild, wren, wood, worm, wolf, web, whisker, weasel, wet, wasp.

Y: yellow, yell, yowl, yawn.

Z: zero, zoom.

First letter of last name?

A: arch, antler, adder, almond, ash, apple.

B: berry, beat, blur, bend, bow, bleach, buzz, blizzard, back, bramble, belly.

C: cinder, catch, claw, crouch, chest, chill, chick, click, crack, cut.

D: doble, dull, deep, deer, day, daisy, dusk, dawn, dot, dapple.

E: eel, eagle, echo, egg, eye, ear.

F: flight, fire, fawn, fog, frog, flap, fuzz, fang, fur, foot, feather, face.

G: gaze, gap, glint, grind, grasp, grass, growl.

H: holly, hop, hunt, heart, howl, hum, hilll, hare head.

I: insect, ink, ivy, ice.

J: jag, jump, joy, jaw, joint, jolt, jab, jaw.

K: kestrel, kick, kindle, kiss, keeper, knock.

L: light, leg, limb, lake, lull, lump, lizard, land, leopard, lily.

M: mud, moor, milk, marsh, morning, mumble, mist, maple, moss, moon, mole, mess, muzzle.

N: nose, noise, nut, night, nectar, nimble, nibble, nest.

O: olive, oak, owl, ocean, otter, oat.

P: path, push, purr, peak, peach, pinch, pull, pelt, pounce, powder.

Q: quack, quick, quiver.

R: rise, rose, ripple, rat, rumble, rain, roll, robin, run, rush, reed.

S: shine, shard, sharp, spots, snake, shade, shadow, shrew, shake, spirit, stripe, storm, splash, stone, song, sight, spike.

T: trout, tail, tumble, thunder, taste, tang, tooth, tongue.

U: unit, upper, under.

V: vine, viper, vile, vole.

W: white, wolf, wind, wave, wash, willow, wood.

Y: yell, yowl, yawn.

Z: zoom.


pelt color(“base”):

What’s your favorite weather?

Rainy: black  Cloudy: grey  Sunny: ginger/red  Snowy: white  Windy: brown  Hail: golden/cream.

markings/fur length:

Your birth date?

day:                             month:                              year:

1- solid.                       junary- bright green          1990-95: long fur 

2- solid + white.           february- green                 1995-2000: medium

3- tabby.                      march- hazel                      2000- 2005,6,7: short 

4- tabby + white.          april- yellow

5- spotted.                   may- amber  

6- spotted + white.       june- copper

7- tortie.                       july- blue

8- tortie + tabby.          agust- bright blue

9- calico.                     september- turquosie  

10- calico + tabby.       october- cornflower

11- point.                     november- orange

12- lynx point.              december- odd(bicolor)

13- tortie point.

14- bicolor point.

15- pastel point.

16- shell.

17- shell + tabby.

18- shell + tortie.

19- shaded.

20- shaded + tabby.

21- shaded + tortie.

22- smoke.

23- smoke + tabby

24- smoke + tortie

25- smoke + tortie + tabby

26- shell + tortie + tabby

27- shaded + tortie + tabby

28- tortie + tabby + white

29- marbeled tabby

30- ticket tabby

31- broken tabby.


Bold as you like:

flat face   ear tufts   scars   missing ear   ear nick(s)   missing eye   short tail

Some Neko Atsume Regular Cat Headcanons
  • Snowball: Charming, but being the face of the game is no excuse to become self-absorbed.
  • Spots: Always wants to be the first to play with new toys. Kind of bossy.
  • Sunny: Really needy.
  • Fred: Pretty chill, but might be Billy the Kitten in disguise.
  • Pumpkin: A total weirdo but whatever, you do you.
  • Tabitha: The Mom Friend.
  • Bandit: Friendly and really playful. Tries to climb your leg when you're on the computer.
  • Gabriel: The literal Anti-Christ.
  • Marshmallow: Best at cuddles. So fluffy!
  • Lexy: Runs up to greet you when you walk in the room.
  • Bolt: Likes to sleep next to you.
  • Pepper: Purrs really loudly any time you're close.
  • Gozer: Likes to be up high, including sitting on your shoulder.
  • Princess: A total sweetheart who always makes you smile.
  • Ginger: Looks really, really smug when being petted.
  • Peaches: Really quiet! Does that silent-meow thing and also purrs so softly that you can only hear if you press your ear to the belly fluff.
  • Mack: Talkative, the first to come tell you if the food bowl is empty.
  • Rascal: Probably in cahoots with Gabriel.
  • Dottie: Tries to beg extra treats off you when no-one else is looking.
  • Spooky: Both cute and friendly, but enjoys making a mess.


peach moon - the unicorns // riptide - vance joy // numbers don’t lie - the mynabirds // yamaha - delta spirit // champagne supernova - oasis // fiction - the xx // burial - miike snow // white sparks - animal kingdom 

Moonstone (aka Moonie, Peach, Moon, or Pea) by wankerpus
Gender: Non-binary
Pronouns: They/them/theirs (preferred) or she/her/hers
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual/Demisexual
Romantic Orientation: Demiromantic
Height: 6'8"
Weapon: Telekinesis (primary), Energy manipulation (secondary)
Gem Type: Peach Moonstone
Likes: Quiet environments, rain, the dark, sweet-salty things, water
Dislikes: Loud noises, chaotic situations, people who pry, the cold
Hobbies: Climbing to high, hard-to-reach places, watching others from afar, and meditating. Doesn’t mind engaging in idle chatter from time to time so long as it doesn’t go on too long.
Personality: Shy, skittish, and aloof. Is very quiet and hesitant to reveal too much about themselves. Does not distribute their loyalties easily, but is viciously loyal when they do. Has a sense of duty and want to help underneath it all.
Fusion Preference: Doesn’t matter.