peach and plum

cute songs to listen to if you have a crush on someone

1. something - gnash

2. 4u - blackbear

3. closer - the chainsmokers // halsey

4. girls like U - blackbear

5. flawless - the neighborhood

6. trampoline - the unlikely candidates 

7. training wheels - melanie martinez

8. something real - blackbear

9. first day of my life - gnash // goody grace

10. peach - the front bottoms

Plum and Peach: Underrated

From the creator of Adventure Time, we got the series Bravest Warriors. Bravest Warriors, the web cartoon, has a lot of meh going for it mostly because of the 3 year long hiatus between Seasons 2 and 3, alongside putting it on some dumb mobile platform like they did for Bee and Puppycat. I

One of the characters is named Plum. She is Beth’s best friend, and often portrayed as another love interest for Chris. The comics subverted her character and made her have a positively developed relationship with another female character, Peach.

Even when they’ve just barely met, Plum has some romantic interest in her new acquaintance. 

And immediately, even though she knows it’s a lie, Peach doesn’t really feel too good when Plum lies to generate a force field on their frog mech.

Later on, Plum falls into the water near a giant monster they were battling. Despite not being “brave” and not knowing that Plum is a merewif, Peach jumps into the water after her despite the risks.

The arc ends with the BW leaving the planet, but Peach has been left with Plum’s phone number. 

The next arc sees the BW becoming camp counselors. Despite not mentioning her by name, Plum writes a letter/postcard to Peach. 

Eventually the two reunite in a beautiful kiss. Unfortunately, the comic ended shortly after these two got together. Here’s hoping Peach becomes an actual character in the cartoon!


10-Heart Pop-Art Leah & Elliott [ 4 / 6 ]

These two were a lot of fun. I have a headcanon that she makes her oils with fruit from the valley and he uses duck feather writing quills.


Here’s a video of the NYC protests this past weekend. #Resist


Denee Benton is taking Broadway by Storm with Stephen Colbert