peach alpaca


A repost of the Kyandi comic from last year <3 For those of you that missed the story! We’re considering doing more with our littlest character, Kyambie!

She is part Cotton Candy, part Zombie, and very spunky. For those of you who do not know, the offspring of a Llama & Alpaca is known as a Huarizo! Welcome Kyambie to the TPS family, as our new Candied Zombie Huarizo!

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Name: Daemien

Nickname: daemi, darcy, or felurian

Hogwarts house: lowly hufflepuff

Height: 5'11

Ethnicity: Italian/White

Favorite Fruit: apples and strawberries

Favorite Season: Fall/Winter

First Book Series: like that i fell in love with? def the Kingkiller Chronicles

Favorite Flower: Peach roses

Favorite animals: ALPACAS, penguins, axolotls, and sneks

Favorite bands: P!ATD is my favorite of all time. other than that, Set it Off, Pierce the Veil, Marina and the Diamonds

Average hours of sleep: like 10+

Dream Trip: ugh Germany in the winter i wanna go so bad

Last thing I googled: Starfighter Abel

Blog Created: ah geez i think 2012?

Blogs followed: 1313

Follower count: A wee 337

What I usually post about: memes and anime shitposting

I’ll tag: @felwiinters , @harmonicnoiz, @mandy–darling and @baphometal

The juxtaposition between the video games I play the ones my boyfriend plays astounds me. For example, he’s playing Victoria II and plotting a world war while I play Animal Crossing and am currently selling a bundle of peaches to a pink alpaca

We are excited about our brand new Metal/Enamel charms and necklaces coming out this fall! These are just a very small preview of what will be available both online and at conventions! Along with our staple characters, our two newest characters, Kekitsu the Cake Fennic Fox and Adzuki the Red(bean) Panda, will have a few pieces as well! Which preview piece are you most excited about?