We are Begging for a Remake!

Trixie Mattel and Katya took a break from their new TV series to return to their roots. Their high school roots in a remake of Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion, written and produced by theater maven Peaches Christ. Trixie and Katya cap the night to remember with their rendition of Romy and Michele’s icon dance sequence to Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time”

We’re jealous of everyone who attended but yass gawd there are videos


🐢 🦈 🐠



mikki-peach  asked:

can i request a teamiplier preference where the reader is h e l l a s t r o n g. like rivaling tyler strong? this reader could def pick up ethan, mark, amy, and kat. maybe not all at once but they're working up to it! thank you for doing these requests! i went through your entire tag for ethan instead of sleeping ahah ; w ;

Being super strong and being with Teamiplier would include:

- Literally picking everyone up for any reason.

- Like, you’re excited? Pick Amy up and twirl her around.

- One of them is in your way? Your arms are around Ethan and you’re putting him aside so you can pass.

- Mark hates it the most because he’s small, anyway, so he’s like “??? Get your hands off me!!” even as you’re carrying him away.

- Since you’re so strong, you’re the one everyone asks to lift things.

- So you probably carried everything into Ethan’s new apartment when he moved in.

- And if they’re buying new furniture or something, you’re always the one they recruit to come help.

- You and Mark also work out together, and he’s always trying to bench more than you.

- But it literally never works, like, he’s always so disappointed lmao.

- You and Tyler compare muscles literally all the time, it’s really dumb and you love it /: