So someone posted a picture of The Crystal Gems as ponies on a Steven Universe fan group i am in, and this person (Blocked out in blue, i am/my name is in red and the purple is a random girl) Was sending hateful messages on the comments, saying that if they were a brony they should just get out of the group and other nasty things i wont say. Anyway i took it upon myself to defend bronies, as i am myself a brony or ‘pegasister’ if you’d prefer. 

Were all bronies lets be honest

Anyways, i was very ready to start a comment war, and was expecting him to message me with hate, but i managed to resolve it peacfuly. If you come across someone being hateful to someone for them being in a specific fandom, and you feel the need to defend them, do so. But don’t start screaming at them, try to teach them not to be hateful to someone because of the actions of their fandom. That is literally like saying you hate someone because the FNAF fandom is so abusive (Which it is) 

And honestly i’m happy of how this went ^^