peacewing said: Idk if my other post got eaten but also there’s nothing wrong with a little crush. You’re not being inappropriate and you’re posts are cute and reminds me of qualities I love in Ruki ^o^ don’t let these haters get to you! <3

My crush isn’t “little” but still there’s nothing wrong with it, I don’t hurt anyone with it, I can just hurt myself and well it’s my bussiness so strangers should stay away and let me be. I don’t care about haters, I’m just phisically too tired to reply :’) as always.. *smiles*

peacewing replied to your postpeacewing replied to…

Gah… I was so happy the first time I came accross her vid on asexuality. It felt so nice to be included by a well known sex-positivity vlogger. Then finding out about her disgusting Islamophobic views ruined it all for me and left me conflicted tbh

yeah, i never saw her ace video tbh, the first one i came across was her hymen one, which was awesome cos not a lot of people knew that

but then she sucked, sooo

peacewing replied to your post: yknow, i think if kuranosuke were a gi…

You know I still prefer Tsukimi and Shuu as well. I love Kuranosuke but I think atm Tsukimi keeps seeing him more as a friend (I am very behind on the manga though)

yeah i’ve been rly behind too haha, I’m just working on gettin caught up now! but yeah, i think rn??? as of volume 10 at least, tsukimi definitely sees him as a friend??

but I’m just scared that they’re gonna pull a “but it turns out kuranosuke was the one she REALLY liked the whole time, she just didnt realise it!” at some later stage and im gonna groan so hard. i want kuranosuke to come to terms with the fact that shes not into him that way and move on (but stay bff). but i also kinda want tsukimi to be like…“hold on im bein a bit hasty with this shuu thing”…i wouldnt mind if they broke up amicably or something

shamelessliberty said: these anons are really pissing me off. wish i could shut them up. you’re a sweet girl, you don’t deserve this..

really? there’s no need to waste your nerves on something like this, it’s not worth it :3 you see, I can’t care :’) and I don’t deserve it for sure but well we don’t get what we want in life, we get what we don’t want instead. not fair hah.

vodkabride said: wtf… anon come to me, i have tea and cookies if you’re bored… (and heels ready for your behind…)

……ahah, poor anons.. I think they don’t want to visit you </3 

vodkabride said: that anon/those anons should stop making up stories from his/their buttcheeks. geez why you people on anon anyway? gather your bravery so we can see your dirty beast inside~ i dont get why the anon hate always goes to nice and kind people. wtf?

I think the same, if someone doesn’t like me then they should tell me directly so I wouldn’t bother them anymore. If they don’t like when I message them they should tell me honestly, if they don’t like my blog and my tags they should unfollow me asap. well.. I wonder why? I’m getting hate for not hating.

vodkabride said: ignore it, sweetie. i dont see his/her point…

me either.. o.o

tellmetheteruth said: If you’re gonna go on anon how do you expect her to know your gender

you have a point… but apparently not everyone knows this..

usshi said: Funny, the anon says you’re obsessed with Ruki, but he/she is obsessed with you, you run a fantastic blog, what does the anon do? maybe the anon needs to get a life. We love you <3

They’re bored or they want to make me feel worse because they know how I feel (sadly, anon hate doesn’t afftect me). thanks, honey ♥

uru-san said: WTF…. If they don’t like what you post why are they following you…. (=>益<=) I like your posts very much.. Don’t pay attention to stupid anons… You keep going, you’re doing great!!

WTF is a proper expression I know :’)) They follow me bc I reblog nice things apparently.. o.o and/or they want to insult me when they see one improper tag or sth. I don’t pay attention to them, don’t worry :3 I’ll keep going for sure, I’ve spent here long enough~ 

vodkabride said: i love your tags, too, sweetheart! don’t ever stop~(´▽`ʃƪ)♡


vodkabride said: anon lives up to the saying “an eye for an eye” it seems… surprise, surprise, thats not everyones lifestyle… what’s up your ass, anon? you got nobody to talk to? you’re bored? you feel lonely? want some hugs? or some marshmallows?

they are bored or pissed off and I’m not sure why. I mean I’m always calm D: I have many people to talk to and I srsly don’t need anons.

peacewing said: You shouldn’t feel you have to insult someone back to prove a point x.x their line of thinking makes no sense.

I know that’s why I try not to insult anyone.. it isn’t necessary, right? :3

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What the hell. Just all of his answers are awful

mamagiovana replied to your postWhenever people range higher than, like,…

OMG, what is wrong with people!

cloud-scapes replied to your postWhenever people range higher than, like,…

fffsss wtf is wrong w him

peacewing replied to your postWhenever people range higher than, like,…

Eww wth is wrong with this dude? He has creepy notions about consent and tbh I’d be more creeped out if a potiental partner didn’t have human like characteristics…

what’s creepy is we’re somehow a 45% match???

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