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this is the first time i’ve been tagged in something

am i famous

1) favourite mythical creature?

either mermaids or dragons!!!!!!

2) favourite character from your least favourite show/movie?

well this is from a book and a movie but probably katniss from the hunger games i dont hate the hunger games but its not my favourite but i like katniss bc i think she’s really strong n brave n smart

3) dream job?

either to work in a publishing company or an authour

but my super dream job would be a k-idol [whispers no regrets]

4) future children’s names?

ok noel and beau are just two i have but i think i have a list somewhere

5) if you had to leave your country FOR EVER where would you live?

either canada or somewhere in asia maybe/??? 

6) would you rather get burned at the stake or be trapped under ice?

wtf is THIS QUESTION LAURA um maybe trapped under ice if u could break through it

7) favourite game?

do u mean like a childhood game or a  game on the internet bc if its the latter then sims

8) favourite sweet/chocolate/that kind of stuff food?

cupcakes/cake/ice cream/brownies ohhhhhhhhh god

9) favourite shop?

probably kinokuniya bc books man

10)if you were in a house fire what 5 (portable) items would you rescue?

assuming my parents, cats are safe and my phone is in my pocket i would rescue my laptop, my wallet/thing where i have money in, maybe the ring my parents got me in thailand??? um food ??? i’M RUNNING OUT OF THINGS I DONT HAVE ANYTHING WORTHY OF RESCUING

11)favourite time of the year?

winTER dUH

my questions

1) do u prefer rain or the sun

2) who’s your favourite character from a book

3) favourite celebrity

4) do u prefer the city or the countryside

5) what’s your favourite subject at school

6) what talent do u have

7) favourite quote

8) would u rather be able to fly or to freeze time

9) if u could wear one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be

10) would rather shave ur eyebrows off or have no fingernails

11) what’s a place that you really want to visit 

A small rant for you all to contend with:

Whilst walking to maths earlier today, two guys the same age as me happened to be walking behind me. I don’t know the two of them all that well, I speak to them when I have to – but we’re not what I’d call ‘friends’. The moment I overtook them, one made some kind of noise – obviously meaning something to them. The other responded to said noise with “no, she’s not that bad. Maybe, a 6 on a scale of 1 to 10.” The first boy argued back, saying she was “an absolute maximum of 5”. The debate went on a little, and I managed to gather from the nature of comments such as “she’s no Megan Fox” that they were referring to this person’s looks. I turned around and asked, curiously, who they were talking about. The response went along the lines of “a particular girl who he thinks is really ugly, but I think she’s alright”. A further response referred to said girl as a certain guy’s girlfriend. And guess what? I happen to be that certain guy’s girlfriend. I turned back around and their conversation continued, despite them being fully aware that I could hear them.

And what’s so wrong with this, you ask? Firstly, it is generally rude to discuss someone negatively when they’re right infront of you and know it’s them. Secondly, I was referred to not by my name, but as someone’s girlfriend – as if I am merely ‘property’. Thirdly, they spoke as though their judgement on my physical appearance is somehow the epitome of my existence. Fourthly, the fact I was referred to as ‘a girlfriend’ suggests that they do not deem my offence at this, and that they are merely judging my boyfriend (whose name I am keeping anonymous) on how well he ‘scored’.

So, allow me to summarise. I am more than my boyfriend’s property. I am worth more than my physical appearance. The opinion of two chauvinistic males in no way influences how I wish to present myself, nor is it the be-all and end-all of my entire life.