Zodiacs: if all of them have a conversation in one go

Aries: I’m soooo bored

Taurus: Says the person who is always playing with other’s lives to entertain themselves 

Gemini: Wow! judgmental much, Taurus? 

Cancer: Why can’t you all just calm down! 

Leo: Oh,shut up, cancer! 

Virgo: Hey! Don’t be mean,Leo!

Libra: Cancer,are you okay? do you want me to come over? 

Scorpio: look at libra, being all sweet and fake all of a sudden

Sagittarius:I’m outta here. peace out! 

 Capricorn: Oh that’s very mature of you, Sagittarius*sarcastic tone*

Aquarius: Life is soooo interesting right now! *evil laughs* 

Pisces: Anybody wants pizza?