“Running Into Thursday” (Inktober Day 3: Video Game)

Title: Running Into Thursday

Author: VampAmber

Pairing: Dean/Cas

Summary:  Dean has been gaming online with ThursdayMourning for almost a year, and he’s become pretty close friends with him by now. And yeah, fine, he’s totally got a crush on the guy. But you would too if you heard that voice. He didn’t know that Thursday went to his school, though. That was definitely a shock to find out. A good one. Hopefully…

Word Count:  2162

AO3 Link:

“Hey, Thursday! Behind you!” Dean shouted, glad his family was gone for the entire day. He was playing his favorite video game in the front room on the big screen, and could only do that when he had the house to himself. The television set in his room wasn’t bad, it was just a lot smaller than this one. No surround sound, either.

The soldier on screen with the username ThursdayMourning above its head turned around and shot the enemy that had been sneaking up behind him. “Thanks, Classic,” the gravelly voice came through the headset. Dean’s username was ClassicRockGod, so he’d gotten used to the nickname ages ago.

“Oh, just get a room already,” complained the voice that Dean knew by now belonged to his teammate LuciferRising. He was a bit of an ass at times, but he wailed on the other teams so Dean was willing to forgive his crappy personality. He was pretty sure the guy’s skill at this game was the only reason the other two put up with him most of the time, as well.

“Shove it Luci,” Dean teased, and laughed when he heard the guy grumbling through the headset. He could hear Thursday chuckling, and that made Dean smile. The guy had such an amazing voice. Probably was some thirty year old reject living in his parents’ basement, though, so Dean never said anything about it.

“I think you two would be adorable together,” PeaceOutBitches, their final teammate and the only girl, said in between shots.

“You’ve never even seen us,” Thursday pointed out.

“Love beyond appearances and usernames,” she teased, before taking out the last three enemies and winning the round for their team.

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