peacemakers of rata sum


I finally found a name for her! \o/ Let me introduce:


A hopeless troublemaker; cleptomaniac, rebellious and feisty~

She’s known among the mercenaries in and around Rata Sum. And also the peacemakers, not just because she has a sibling called Taigai (the smol DaftPunk’sura) there.

Reyn has some nice magic tattoos that only appear once she uses her special ability called spellbending. No magic spell can hold her. And Rata Sum is full of them.

Also teasing the hottest local peacemaker alive is pretty much fun.


I finally decided to make a tumblr blog dedicated to all of my Guild Wars 2 related stuff, because it kinda became a lot of stuff :3 (took me like half a day to make it xD )

So…I’m just going to start off with my main RP-character (but not actual main) Peacemaker Jinn, a dedicated guardian of Rata Sum who lost both of his arms in an Inquest attack and got them replaced by his genius childhood friend Deeva (sorry about that phone pic, i need a scanner :P). He also is the first of five children of a nice asuran couple. His younger siblings are Jinxx, Plikkti, Jinnova and Zott (I’m going to introduce most of them later on)

And very loud hello to @flame-squad! I did it! I made a blog! :D 

Phew…that’s it for now xD

The following is an additional pamphlet printed by the same author as the previous pamphlet, with the same crude signature and drawing.


"As anyone in Rata Sum must know, the peacemakers are the legal protectors of our shining city and of the asuran people. Their /job/ is to protect and serve, to uphold our basic laws and rights that we as a sentient species cannot be denied! But recently it has come to light that the peacemakers are in fact hypocrites to their own cause, almost as bad as the ignorant bookah guarding Divinity’s Reach. Horrible experimentation on both the sentient and non-sentient species found in Maguuma, experimentation on progeny. Yes, you heard correctly. Progeny. Barely old enough to lift a standard multi-tool, poked and prodded in peacemaker funded labs like mere animals. But if only they were so lucky. Organs and limbs removed for no good reason, replaced with horrid mechanical prosthetic in an attempt to make the perfect soldier. Forced fed council propaganda and convinced they needed to be augmented for their own good, then thrust into peacemaker service. Chilling information, especially from those whose job it is to protect us and our families. Do you trust the peacemakers to guard your homes, your labs, even your own progeny? Speak up, citizens of Rata Sum! Speak up and let them know we do not condone experimentation on our loved ones or ourselves! Beware the blue menace patrolling our streets!”