Track 10
Kaji Yuuki, Nakata Jouji, Saiga Mitsuki
Track 10

There are some people that wonder whether Kaji Yuuki can do a good job at voicing older Tetsu. He’s been voicing Tetsu in the CD dramas before and I thought I might as well post a track from one of the dramas for you guys to check it out. It’s a scene where Tetsu asks Hijikata for advice at picking out a gift for Saya after Souji told him to ask Hijikata because he’s popular with women (haha). Then Souji pops in to do the job.


Air Signs Aesthetic - The Free Spirits, The Peacemakers, The Rebels 

Gemini. Libra. Aquarius.

“Nobody controls me. I’m uncontrollable. The only one who controls me is me. And that’s just barely possible.” - John Lennon


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new theory

ok hear me out

one of paloma’s prophecies/visions concerned “a brilliant light heralded by seven birds” and we’ve pretty much agreed as a fandom those seven birds are the red robes, right?

“the twins, the lover, the protector, the lonely journal-keeper, the peacemaker, and the wordless one”

what if taako is one half of the twins

and the other half is lup

or, more accurately:


The Golden Trio ― House WIP 03

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It doesnt matter if you ship Johnlock

or Adlock

or Sherlolly

or MaryxJohn

or Sheriarty

or Mystrade

or Lestrade and Sherock

or molstrade

or some other ship

It doesnt matter because we all LOVE Sherlock 

and we all want the next Season (which probably only comes out in 2017)

and we ALL have to stand together in this to not loose our minds.

So it doesnt matter who you ship or what someone else ships. Because we are all one big Sherlock Family

A late night Wynonna Earp theory

So I was rewatching episode 1 of Wynonna Earp again and I had a thought.

As we have seen over the course of the season Peacemaker seems to have some sort of sentience. Obviously only the Heir can use it to put down a Revenant. But there have been a number of times that it has been fired as just a regular gun. It fired for Wynonna when she first retrieved it and she was trying to do some target practice on the Welcome to Purgatory sign. It fired in ep 3 in the cemetery. Willa fired it during target practice in ep 11. And when the homestead was attacked 15 years ago when Wynonna tried to save Willa and their father.

So it would seem that Peacemaker should shoot like any other gun any time the trigger is pulled regardless of who is holding it or who/what they are aiming at. But it doesn’t. It didn’t fire for Dolls when he was trying to save Wynonna in episode 3. At least a few times it didn’t fire for Wynonna. One of those times being in ep 12 before Willa got all her memory back and it looked like the Heir powers might be shifting back to Willa. Then in ep 13 it didn’t fire for Willa after she had crossed the boundary because in Wynonna’s words “You went wrong.”

In that same episode we find out that there is some scary shit trying to get into the Ghost River Triangle. We also see definitively at the beginning of the ep that Peacemaker is the key to opening the doorway. The Heir and a Revenant of their choosing alone don’t get the job done. Finally in ep 12 we found out that Ward had made a deal with Bobo to be the one to open the Door 15 years ago.

Now jump back to episode 1. When Wynonna is trying some target practice on the Welcome to Purgatory sign she is aiming at the family in the car on the sign. Her first shot goes extremely high and left hitting one of the braces on the sign. Her second shot, after taking a few steps closer, also goes high and left hitting the same brace then ricocheting across to the opposite brace then finally hitting a bottle on the ground behind Wynonna. Then at the end of the episode when she saves Waverly she pulls off a near physics defying trick shot without even trying. She shoots the pulley severing the rope, the bullet then ricochets back to the windmill, then off a blade and back to disarm Malcolm. Almost as if Peacemaker can precisely aim itself exactly where the shot needs to go.

Now with all this in mind consider this theory.

Wynonna didn’t kill Ward. Peacemaker did.

honestly,, i love how softhearted raita is. there’s been so many moments where he’s been genuinely kind but when he held sekizan’s arm and told him not to resent matsuo it felt so fragile and earnest. he’s a small boy with the biggest heart and my heart is broken because of it 💁🏻