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I finally got my wristbands 😍😍😍😍 I love them so damn much & I’m forever wearing them💕 @mazzi_maz I’ll forever support you & love you😘💕 I wish I could’ve got all 4, but maybe I can get the other 2 next month 😁 Maz you’re such a beautiful soul & you make me laugh constantly with your videos & your Instagram posts & your tweets 😂😂😂 You have a special place in my heart & I hope to meet you in the future💕 #SappyPost #MazziMazz #Love #PeaceLoveRubberGloves #Ayyyeeeeee?! Can you guys tag Maz below please? 💕

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#mazzimaz #mariuslisthrop #peaceloverubbergloves #guywiththewhitechin #Mazzi #Maz #mazturbators **************************************************** 🍕 @mazzi_maz🍕

Awkward,Faking It,Teen Wolf,and Mazzi Maz

I finished Faking It and there was a huge cliff-hanger at the end that will make your jaw drop down to the ground.So,since I started crying for a good 5 hours I caught up with Awkward and now I’m obsessed,I mean I was when the show started but I got caught up with Teen Wolf anyways,I like Freshman and Sophomore year a bit more better than Junior and Senior year.I don’t know,I just find it amazing.I only have three more episodes to watch and then I’ll be all caught up.But there’s just one problem…I have to catch up with Teen Wolf.I have to watch season two and season three before June 30th,when season four is released.So yeah.That has been my summer lately including the wonderful,hot,sweaty trip to El Salvador.Anyways,I gotta go do some watchin to do.Peace,love,rubber gloves.(Mazzi Maz quote) ; )