anonymous asked:

Well then I will leave this with you for you to think about. You are a racist. I am a feminist and my best friend is a WHITE feminist who has never done anything but be appropriate. What u are doing is grouping an entire group of people together by a stereotype (i.e. ALL white feminist are racists & only are against male minorities). My WHITE feminist friend is against all male patriarchy. I have seen her go at with a WHITE man. Any statement that starts with "All..." is wrong and offensive.

And I’ll leave you with this. They are a “movement” which defines as (actions or activities, as of a person or a body of persons.) Meaning that when one feminist does something all of them have done it. When that white feminist decided to hold up an offensive sign that said “Women are the Niggers of the world” I was officially done with the feminist movement. Why? Because the “movement” as a whole defended her using a racial slur that has hundreds of years of pain behind it. They defended her. So I do not regret grouping white feminists together and I also do not regret writing them all off. You started this discussion saying you are an American Islamic woman however I have a weird feeling that you are in fact a white feminist that took offense to my denunciation of white feminists. If you truly cared about the Islamic woman that would have been the complete focus of your “problem” with me. Not my supposed “racism”. 

On people changing...

Saying I like to believe people can change isn’t apologizing for what the person did! It’s saying I’d like to think they’ll never hurt another person. Because if people can’t change then that means the people that have victimized me are out victimizing others now. Maybe it’s naive or foolish. BUT it soothes my heart to think that the horrible memories that keep me up at night aren’t being reenacted on some other little girl. That is why I said I’d like to think Chris Brown changed. Because if he hasn’t changed that means he’ll beat another woman. I don’t want that. I want people to be able to change for that fact. I know that not all victims/survivors feel this way … but I do. It is in no way an apology for the wrong they’ve done. If you got that from my statement, I’m sorry.