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Okay so I got tagged in something??? 

LOL Whatev, Imma do this 

*I’m going to*

Do you like tea? 
- No. Not at all actually. Bleh Do you drink tomato juice?  - People actually drink that out of own free will…. 

Hair colour?  -Brown. Well it’s like dark chocolate brown at the top and then like a chestnut brown near the bottomish.. if that makes sense.  Do you own a graphics tablet?  - I would if I could draw.  Do you read fanfics?  -If it’s good enough, yeah I will. But not usually.  Do you ship TakanoxRitsu? -You are not human if you don't  Yeah I do!  Are you whole/part Asian?  -Sometimes I eat ramen noodles does that count? Favourite food?  -Golly I have so many favourites but it would have to be tacos.  Do you own a cat? If so, what’s it’s name? -Yeah! She’s a brown tabby named Cindy.  Are you a fujoshi? -What the f.. Oh yes definitely. Where do you eat out? -Generally I try to avoid eating fast food but if I do it’s either Tim Hortons or Wendy’s. Damn now I have to do 11 questions.. Uh okay here we go Favourite song? Favourite candy? (if you eat it)  Favourite anime? 
Do you drink coffee?
Do you eat bacon?
Do you ship LxLight? 
Watch Bocu no Pico on replay or have the world end?
Do you watch danisnotonfire?
Favourite animal?
Worst teacher in your school?

Gosh and now I have to tag 11 people?  Well I’m not really like, tight with much so..  I’ll just- -peanutbutterpeace -peaceisforhippies -dragonscarlet -the-lonely-peasant
So someone said "I went to my sisters room and stepped on a bra: It was a booby trap." So, I decided to write a short fanfic about it

you leave her room and realize this isn’t reality nor is this a dream. this is something much more.

its the year 8558, the world is facing a bra epidemic. The bra’s have become animate and are ready to destroy the world. 
You are the chosen one, defender of the people, destroyer of the bras, you are the brainator. You don’t know how you were given the title, maybe it was because you had a vast interest in bras or something had triggered this event when you stepped on your sisters undergarment. It doesn’t matter, the world needs you.

You step outside, it’s a battle field. People are screeching in fear as the little fabric monsters chase after their puny bodies. 

You take a deep breathe ready to fight but something is itching your throat, you cough and cough loud; the coughing doesn’t stop.
something weird happens, you start shrinking
your skin turns into fabric
you no longer have legs
or arms
your head shrinks into nothing
you morph those hook things into the straps
you realize
you werent the chosen one

In my film studies class, they asked me what would be my weapon of choice in order to kill a zombie. I chose a gun of course but not to actually shoot with. I’d use it to hit zombies with it cause guns are scary and dangerous. gotta play it safe.– actually i completely lied, i would cry instead of using any weapons cause zombies scare me.



im so mad right now cause she basically said that if a victim walks into a bar and someone uses that date rape drug to ‘lure’ them in, it’s automatically the victims fault cause the victim should of known about it.

uh, no.