The Next Time you Call your Fellow Brother Your Nigga, think About this… The Word Nigga x Negro x And even NIGGER, is really derived from the word #NEGUS… Also, did you Know that word Originally Meant KING or EMPEROR in AFRICA? Look at How they Hid the True Meaning of Our Past & Used it as a Derogatory Phrase towards Us…. But, if you know Like I Know, there are 2 Things No One can EVER ESCAPE… That’s DEATH, & THE TRUTH… This is the AGE of Awakening for HUMANITY. Especially for the #LostChildrenOfIsrael. This is the AGE, where ALL people, Especially BLACK PEOPLE start to Wake Up and See WHO they Really Are… The Reason this Information MATTERS Young People is Because if you Think You ONLY came from SHIT then you’ll Live Shitty Lives… But, if you Knew that Our ANCESTORS started as KINGS AND QUEENS, and Not SLAVES to EVIL MEN, then You’d Go about LIFE with a Little More “KICK ASS” in Your System!!!! ASK damn Near any Other Race of People who makes Up their Family Tree and they can Go MANY GENERATIONS BACK, sometimes they can Even Trace their Bloodline Back to the Specific Country and even the Neighbourhood… Ask a Black person to do that… Now ask Yourself why Someone would want to Hide the History of a People who came from Royalty… It’s Easy, if you want to Keep a Slave a Slave you make Him/Her Believe they Only came from SLAVERY…. Our whole History was Stolen, destroyed, & Hidden… But, not ALL of it… The MOST HIGH is slowly Revealing what we should have Known Long ago… #UNLEARN #TheAwakening #SleepisForTheRich #TheyOnlyGetMadWhenYouLOVEYourself ( this study was sparked by @effumlife’s post about Kendrick Lamars Dope Album #PimpAButterfly… I Heard Kendrick reference this at the end of “i”… I then studied to show myself approved… Now I’m Lacing you with It. #PeaceGod ) #RepostifYoureAwAke

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