you have some really inspiring ways to stay healthy on here. I've also been taking fish oil vitamins (omega 3s for my skin) and it's helping me so much! thank you for that :) can you possibly give me any other tips to help rid my acne faster?

Thanks :)
Acne is something I’ve struggled with on and off since I was 11.
VItamin A, B, and C (specifically Biotin) are great for hair, nails and skin.
Find one face wash - not a fruity bath and body works one, but one designed specifically for acne and/or oily skin from Trader Joes and stick with it. Don’t use tons of different cleansers or it will irritate your skin and make it break out more.
Eat as clean as possible (“clean” meaning non-processed foods from the earth).

Cardiovascular exercise wherein you sweat is very important for detoxing and clearing up your skin just as long as you clean your body/face afterwards rather than leave the sweat on you to clog your pores.

Honestly one of the most immediately effective ways I’ve found to clear up my skin is to go out in the sun (without makeup on) and absorb the rays and get a little tan (the tan helps make it less obvious, but in my experience it also shrinks blemishes and bumps away within a few outdoor sun sessions).
The other most important thing for me is to not pick at my skin. If/when I pick at it, I irritate everything and wind up with notable blemishes that would have disappeared on their own in ¼ of the time.