peaceful theories


so what we know about isabella:

1. she shows up at a very tense time for the story, obviously she’ll be some part of the larger plot

2. she is EXACTLY the kind of person ed wants to date. everything about her is perfect - suspiciously so. (the riddles, the random trivia facts, the whole looking exactly like the love of his life that he just so happened to murder thing)

3. she is very much not normal. she has some sort of obsession with ed: she made paper dolls of them 1 day after meeting him, she doesnt care that hes a murderer, apparently next episode she dresses herself up to look more like ms. kringle. not exactly “average woman you happen to run into and fall in love with after 5 seconds and start dating” behavior

4. she doesnt care that ed is a notorious murder.

5. she showed up just in time to push ed and oswald apart, just when everything was starting to work in their favor

6. seems kind of in the dark about a lot of important things, like how ed was in arkham. she also said she “feels like shes known him her whole life”

other stuff we know:

1. identical clones of characters are feasible. the mysterious bruce clone (who knows nothing about his past), the jim gordon impersonator (obviously not an actual clone but still an imitation)

2. kathryn is looking to keep an eye on oswald. and who just so happens to show up and seduce his closest… friend. this would probably be the easiest chance someone would have to spy on him. 

3. ed starts becoming unstable (seen in the promo) because of isabella and her similarity to ms. kringle

4. gotham does not have a good track record of random people turning up out of the blue and actually being normal people. 

some theories:

1. isabella is a clone from the same vein as the bruce clone, and also has no idea what her background is. 

2. isabella was sent by the court of owls to get close to ed and spy on oswald

3. isabella is part of a plan to destabilize ed - who sent her? (butch?)

4. isabella is evil, operating on her own, and i have no idea what her motives might possibly be

In conclusion:

i dont know exactly WHAT we should expect, but isabella is definitely not who she says she is and should definitely not be trusted.


queen of hearts?? red queen? the suspicion grows

Guys, I know everyone thinks that it’s the arm that helps Zarkon track them, but what about Shiro’s injury? You know, the one made by Haggar (Zarkon’s right hand woman and sorceress)? That glows Galra purple? That only showed up in the S1 finale which explains why Zarkon couldn’t have tracked them before that point???


*peace signs* an animation of an iconic taz scene

When I actually take a summer break

I plan on being like:

Otherwise, before I know it, it’ll be like:

and I’ll be back at school feeling like:

See you the last week of August!


William Fulton, Chicago Tribune, 11 January 1967

New York— U Thant, secretary general of the United Nations, today strongly disagreed with the position of the United States that Viet Nam Is strategically vital to western security.

He denied that a communist victory in Viet Nam would threaten other countries of southeast Asia and asserted that the communist Viet Cong are not the “stooges” of North Viet Nam.

Differing sharply with President Johnson’s war policy, Thant told a crowded press conference that he felt “there will be no move towards peace so long as the bombing of North Viet Nam is going on,”

Pooh-Poohs Fears
Thant pooh-poohed the fears of western countries that Thailand and other nations in southeast Asia would topple to the communist hordes in the event of a cave-in in Viet Nam.

“I do not subscribe to the generally held view that If South Viet Nam falls, then country X, then country Y, and then country Z will follow,” he said.

“In my view, the destiny of every country is shaped by its peculiar circumstances, its national characteristics, its historical background, and its own political philosophy,

Believes Its Not Vital
"I do not subscribe to the view that South Viet Nam is strategically vital to western interests and western security, whatever its political or ideological pattern may be.”

Thant, a Burmese, said he knew the mood of the leaders in Viet Nam. “I think they are very independent,” he said. “They are very obsessed with the principle of nonalignment.”

The U. N. official also said he did not agree with the generally held western view that the liberation front, reputed to be the political arm of the Viet Cong Communists’ terrorists, was a “stooge” for the Hanoi government In North Viet Nam.

“In my view, the national liberation front, altho receiving perhaps very substantial help from the north, is an independent entity in the same way as the national liberation front of Algeria in the late 1950s when it was receiving very substantial help from Tunisia or Morocco or the United Arab Republic.”

Matter of Interpretation
Thant was asked whether he considered that the United States had rejected the first stage of his road map toward peace negotiations, that of stopping the bombing without reservations.

“As you all know, the United States reply is that it would it stop the bombing of North Viet Nam provided there was some  reciprocal reaction from the other side,” he said.

“So it is up to any one of you to interpret whether it is a rejection or an acceptance, or a conditional rejection or a conditional acceptance.”

Smiles Away an Answer
Thant, a Buddhist, smilingly declined to comment on reports that Buddhist astrologers said the signs for peace were auspicious. in February.

“I do not want to make any observations on the astrological aspects of war and peace,” he said.

Thant noted, aside from his differences with the prevailing western view, that Hanoi had criticized the second point in his peace plan, namely that after the bombing ceases, there I should be a reduction of military effort by both sides.

Words may help you understand something, but experience allows you to know it. Never, ever trade your own experience for someone else’s words about anything that is really important…
—  N.D.W.

just ordered my textbooks for my final semester of undergrad which is. wild 

i’m getting all my requirements finished up that i had to put off because i studied abroad

meaning im taking an entirely unnecessary statistics class (i already took stats, this is like its easier relative?) that will be easy but boring, an art history course (which will be. fine. if the professor teaching it isn’t who i think it is), a digital art class, independent research, cognitive psych, and a course on nonviolence theory and peace and conflict studies that seems really cool. 

so basically, several intro-level courses, independent stuff, and two classes i’ll really enjoy, so i’m hoping this will be a pretty relaxed and good final semester. and then i graduate. whooo boy 

Girl Meets Stem

So this episode is one I’m excited for, because Rowan has said shes been pushing for episodes addressing bigger issues like sexism, racism, and more. This, I believe, is an episode as per her request that talks about the lack of encouragement adults give to young girls to peruse math and science.

General gushing aside, lets get to the promo photos I found and how rilaya they are.

First, we see that Maya and Lucas seem to be lab partners, and so do Farkle and Riley.

Maya, as I may point out, does not look thrilled. Everyone elses faces are indifferent, but hers is outright sad puppy-dog material.

Then, we move on to Lucas and Maya interacting. He seems to be offering her.. a thing? and she is not having it. Disgust and awe right there.

And last, but certainly not least, not least at all, we have Maya showing her first happy face this episode, while making literal heart eyes at Riley. 

I also wanna point out that Riley now has the object from before. I don’t know if it was a personal item or an item for their science experiment that they all got, but we shall see. I’m excited for this one!


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