peaceful prairie

Daddy Daycare || Closed RP @ pikarafe

Overnight, a series of posters had been mounted around Treasure Town, with identical text printed on each sheet of paper:

“WANTED: Volunteers for NEW Children’s Welfare Committee! (Treasure Town/Castaway Bay/Cluster Cliffs/Peaceful Prairie) Volunteers needed to help care for previously abandoned, orphaned, and/or abused children. Duties include socializing with children, supervising playtime session, and assisting with adoptions. Must be level-headed and good with kids! See your local daycare for details…”


Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary has a brand new resident! Everyone, meet Romulus. He’s pretty shy, so I couldn’t get very close. Hence the blurry pics.

Romulus’ massive horns will only get bigger; he’s only about 3 years old, and will (hopefully!) live to be about 20, which is how long cows tend to live, if they’re not killed first.

He’s very friendly, despite being shy. As I was taking pictures and admiring his beauty, he would stop and watch me. He even came within a few metres of me, watching me from behind a barn. He’s very much a “look but don’t touch” kind of dude, so I mostly leave him be. Except, of course, to softly tell him how pretty he is. ^-^