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“Laurence, the first vicar of the Healing Church. In reality he became the first cleric beast, and his human skull only exists within the Nightmare. The skull is a symbol of Laurence’s past, and what he failed to protect. He is destined to seek his skull, but even if he found it, it could never restore his memories.” Laurence’s Skull

I’m still stuck on all the “Dean is a killer” references in s12, but this is nothing new. He’s been told that by so many people for so many years.

In 12.14, he made that comment at the beginning, about wanting to find a hunt because he just wanted to punch something. He and Ketch DID eventually find something that he could’ve punched (the sad, scared vampire girl). KETCH didn’t seem to have any compunction with beating on her. If Dean had REALLY just wanted “something to punch,” there would’ve been no moral judgment from Ketch. Perfect opportunity… but… HE DIDN’T.

Because Dean DOESN’T just want “something to punch.” He wants to find something that DESERVES to be punched, and then punch it.

In 10.20, he said something very similar to Sam and Cas:

DEAN: Close enough. Come on, give me something to punch already.
(Castiel and Sam look worriedly at Dean)
DEAN: (rolling his eyes) I’m kidding. I’m fine. I’m just…I’m fine. Why don’t we go back to the bar, see if we can track down this Ronnie guy, huh?

Ronnie, who hurt Claire, thus making him monstrous and DESERVING of that punch, despite the fact that he was just a human.

Cas assessed Dean’s aggressiveness toward Ronnie in the bar, and determined that Dean was getting worse… but heck *I* wanted to bash Ronnie’s face into the table too, and I’m not currently possessed by the primordial Darkness, so…

But Sam and Cas demonstrated their lack of trust in Dean, trying to keep him from doing the ONE THING that was actually helping him “keep the Mark in check.” Hunting.

Dean says things like “I need to punch something,” but really, he needs to solve the puzzles. He needs to figure things out. He’s not just his daddy’s blunt little instrument. He’s not a hammer.

In 10.20, he got to just relax and be himself with Claire. Playing mini golf with someone who’s just as much of a little shit as he can be, BUT!

Talking, making connections (both with Claire and with the case they’re working on), he and Claire then work together ON RESEARCH! Which Dean supposedly resists at all costs… but he’s just as intensely driven to solve the puzzle as Sam is… They just have vastly different approaches, and vastly different ways to express their feelings.

(oh, how the end of s10 “flipped the script” here… SAM the one recklessly wandering into the fight while Dean stays behind doing the research so he’ll be ready to not only enter the fight, but to win. If Dean hadn’t figured out what they were facing, the Grigori would’ve won that fight, and killed both Sam and Cas.)

 When Sam hears that Tamiel feeds on human souls, he actually makes the distinction, “You’re not an angel, you’re a monster.”

That ONE line gives me hope that somewhere, whatever Sam may be thinking now about the MoL’s mission to wipe out all the “monsters,” that he still KNOWS this difference. Not all angels are monsters, not all vampires are monsters, not everything other is a monster. Sometimes the real monsters are the people. Like Ronnie, who’d sold other humans to this “monster angel.”

Maybe like Ketch, who is just as content to “punch things” just because he can, including the “rogue” MoL agent who’d betrayed his fellow humans to the monsters, including a vampire girl whose only crime was BEING a vampire.

Sam might feel pretty righteous about killing the Alpha vamp, but I think he needs a little reminder that not all the monsters are monstrous, but possibly more importantly:

Trap (Werewolf!Jungkook)

Plot: A relationship between hunter!reader and werewolf!Jungkook

Part: Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen, Fifteen, Sixteen, Seventeen, Eighteen, Nineteen, Twenty, Epilogue

Word Count: 1484

A/N: so this is the beginning of another kookie series (I may do an epilogue for the mafia!kook series??) part two will be coming out after Jimin’s bday posts and I’m really really excited for this series bc it’s probably the closest I’ve gotten to a fanfiction on here??? so hopefully you guys are interested in it too bc I’m just really fucking pumped up for this shit, so the link for this is werewolf!Jungkook (here)

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You had met him before you’d truly met him, an entire five years before you would know his name. It had been late at night, a full moon in the sky and the distant sounds of howls making your partner’s nose wrinkle in disgust. Certain boundaries were placed to prevent an outright war, having both a pack of werewolves and a group of hunters in the same city. No one knew who got there first, who had claimed the land first but after enough attacks on both sides, there had to be a change. Neither party was willing to leave, both had already begun to form families and homes. Lines were drawn, territories were decided, the town split in half. The only exception for either side to cross said lines was school, for their children. It had been the generation of your grandparents that had formed the truce but the line was still being crossed.

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Princess (Part 3)

Summary: When Sam walks in on you in a very compromising position, he finds out one of your biggest secret, which happens to be his too. 
Pairing: Future Daddy!Sam Winchester x Little Girl!Reader
Word Counting: 460 words
Chapter: 3/? – Five Minutes
Warnings: Daddy Kink; D/s, fluff.

Princess - Masterlist

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You were sat in the middle of the library that night when Sam walked in, a nervous look on his face and his hands inside his pockets,

“Hey.” He stopped in front of you and you looked up at his face.

“Hey.” You closed the book on your lap. “Hi. What’s up?”

You were still embarrassed. There was no way you weren’t after Sam catching you ion such a compromising position, but was trying hard to act like that hadn’t happened.

“I’m thinking of watching Finding Dory.” He affirmed, slowly. “I was wondering if you would like to come.”

You arched your eyebrows for a moment, a bit surprised, but shrugged.

“Uh… Sure.” You gave him a small smile. “Right now?”

Almost like a date.

‘Just friends, Y/N,’ You reminded yourself mentally. ‘You’re just friends.’

“Yeah. Before bed.” He confirmed, trying to ease the tension between you two.

“Okay.” You stood up. “Lead the way.”

Sam walked awkwardly in front of you, the tension making the two of you stay in silence, and he opened the door for you to come in. In flannel pants and a loose shirt, he looked more relaxed than you had even seemed but still felt weird following him into his room.

He pointed at the bed and leant down to put on the movie in his computer, and you sat down before he could sit by your side, and gave him a small smile while it started.

“Okay…” Sam took a breath. “Come on.”

Sam looked down on you when he heard your breathing change. 

After less than 40 minutes of the movie, you were fast asleep and holding his pillow closely. A few minutes earlier, the two of you were cheerfully talking about the movie and remembering the first movie. Apparently, things were a bit better now.

You looked so peaceful. 

The hunter took the remote and turned the volume down, circling your shoulders with his arm and smiling when you leaned on his chest.

He was surprised when you accepted his invitation. He knew things were very awkward between the two of you now but wanted to make it better, especially after learning what you were hiding.

The movie ended, but he wasn’t even paying attention to it. All he could think and feel were you by his side, smiling softly and looking peaceful. 

Turning off the TV, he eased you to bed and tried to pull away, but you wrapped your arm around his waist. When he moved you away, you whined loudly.

“No.’ You pouted in your sleep.

Sam smiled and pushed your hair away from your face softly, looking at your features and calm expression. 

“Just for five minutes, little one.” He stated, more to himself than to you. “Just five minutes.”

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Finally Home.

SPN FanFic

Dean, Sam x Reader

1,096 Words

Warnings: Flangst. Extreme Angst, character death. Fluffy finish.

A/N: You can all thank @because-imma-lady-assface​ for making me angst this morning. *kisses*

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Sam’s tired eyes closed for what he felt would be the last time. He was broken and bloody; his breath came hard and each rise of his chest ripped at the hole in his gut.

He could feel it coming, feel the cold running through him as the warm blood seeped out. It started at his feet, numbing as it traveled upwards, stopping all sensation in its tracks.

He could still feel Dean’s hands on him; feel the pressure he forced down upon the wound, but it did no good. His life was still draining from him, he was still going to die.

Dean must have known, but he refused to give up. That’s so Dean, Sam thought, and then laughed out loud, the movement tearing through him and forcing blood into his throat. He coughed, choking on it, and turned his head to spit.

Dean’s hands flew to Sam’s cheeks, trying to help him, steady him, calm him…he didn’t know what; he just knew he couldn’t let go. If he withdrew his hands, Sam might leave, for good this time.

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