Just sibblings being sibblings 

As soon as I found out this meme had 7 people and there was 7 ship children, I had to fucking draw this. I was too lazy to color rn XD

Candy - @chainsaw-lass101
Tootsie Pop - @mamajebbun
Ice Cream - @linnasistar
Cotton and Truffle - @luckycharmy19
Courgette - @velvetcirrus
Ferrero - @jacksasksblog


Au Naturel

I was originally tagged by @icapturedbeauty for her “No Makeup Selfie Challenge.” She came up with this beautiful concept of encouraging us to post makeup-less selfies… So LEH here are mine

I was also tagged by these gorgeous hoes 💖 : @badkuthi @yungpakistani & @claarity-peacee-serenityy 

I don’t think I’ve ever posted a selfie without at least eyeliner on. I’m not much of a makeup person. I only use eyeliner and sometimes mascara and/or lipstick. But my selfies are usually edited to get rid of my acne scars. They are one of my biggest insecurities. However, I do think everyone should love the skin they’re in and we are all beautiful regardless of whether we use makeup or not. I’ve seen so many stunners today posting their makeup-less selfies and each and every one was gorgeous. We need to learn to embrace our flaws so we can love ourselves. And usually we are our own worst critics. I know it’s not easy to overcome our insecurities, but once you get past them you see how exquisite you really are.💕

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