Earlier this week, I wore the first skirt I’ve ever sewed. The fashion gods were kind ‘cause though I believed I was a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen, skirt played nice.

In an effort to keep sewing Ashlee constructed a tiki-like skirt pattern (can’t live in the ocean but will absolutely try to live by it) which will be my next sewing project.

THEN…stumbled upon the beauty above…What. A. Coat!

Yes…I will I will sew that coat this winter…stay tuned for the journey.



“In this world, beauty is king and it’s something that brings people together with no national and racial limits.”

- Franca Sozzani

Vogue Italia continues to break boundaries and be awesome! Our favourite Editor-in-chief Franca Sozzani, published their first-ever Asian(Chinese) cover model, Fei Fei Sun. 

So glam, so chic, timeless.



After an exceptional job of creating Kate Middelton’s wedding dress, Sarah Burton was in art beast mode during Paris Fashion Week.

She absolutely channeled Alexander McQueen during her jaw-dropping, gorgeous, honey bee inspired, Spring/Summer 2013 women’s ready-to-wear collection. McQueen in my opinion, is a couture legend! Sarah can’t touch that, which is why it’s great to see she brings a bit of herself into the work. McQueen was a bit ‘darker’, there’s something lighter, happier about this collection even though it oozes McQueen.

The Alexander McQueen Fashion House was the closing show yesterday.

What a finale!



Reason #40927634526 J'adore Dior:

For their Autumn/Winter 2012 Couture show, Raf Simmons, Dior’s new artistic director, decorated five rooms inside a majestic Parisian mansion with one million real flowers!! Colored roses, blue delphiniums, white orchids and pink peonies…

Stunning pieces!! Embroidery, arrow-sharp stiletto court shoes, appliquéd…

And, of course, my bestie-in-my-head, Marc Jacobs was present, completing a great show.



”Anytime I hear a man say he prefers a woman in a skirt, I say, ‘Try one. Try a skirt.”

NYC is always spoiling us with delicious exhibitions such as the “Katharine Hepburn: Dressed for Stage and Screen” currently on display at The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts.

Walking in I immediately gravitated towards a magical chiffon dress by Muriel King which Hepburn wore in ‘Stage Door’. Then Walter Plunkett’s black/silver draped gown from ‘Adam’s Rib’ caught my attention. Then Valentino pieces, Valentino pieces everywhere!

A woman famous for wearing pants all the time off screen, radiates in dresses onscreen. The exhibition showcases Katharine’s personal and publicity collection of garments. There are posters, playbills, interviews as well as sketches, her notebooks, scripts, costume research and her fashion award from the Fashion Institute (if memory serves well, no I don’t make notes).

The four time Oscar winning actress displayed an independent fierce spirit shown in her choice of dress which she believed added to the characters she portrayed. She worked closely alongside costume designers for her films and was known to make a personal copy of the designs she loved.

By the way, that bish had a 20-inch waist.



Corduroy Magazine “Based on the idea that a corduroy jacket never goes out of style” has finally reached their goal: ten issues!! In celebration they put together 10 different covers adorned with some of their (and my - Alek! Estella! Yasmin!) favorite models.


You’ll notice a mix of classics and new models, this is because one of their focus is to keep the iconic and build on it.

Their premiere issue statement from 2007 pretty much sums the amaze concept:

Welcome to Corduroy. We named our magazine Corduroy because we wanted it be comfortable, simple and just a little bit stylish. Like a favorite blazer that you’ve worn in through the years, our goal is to create a magazine that is timeless, not timely. In the same way, this is a publication about artists who are not looking to be trendy, but rather, focused on creating something classic. Our goal is to introduce you to new talent and to reacquaint you with old favorites, taking an intimate glimpse into their influences and the subtle and often irreverent nuances that make them come alive. We profile people who lead interesting lives, but more importantly, people who have something to say. We want to create an anthology of stories that will stay on your shelves, to be taken out over and over again. Like a favorite corduroy blazer, this is a magazine that we hope, will never go out of style.



**Entry from Sept 14th, 2012:

I. Want. To. Be. Besties. With.  Marc Jacobs!

New York City has been buzzing with the usual: models, champagne,fashion and sin. The extra this week has been fashion week. Last night added more magic with Marc Jacobs’ Spring2011 show!

This year his show was live-streaming, instead of a runway there was a gold, circular wall surrounded by a walkway.

The (gorgeous!!!) models walked to an intense violin fuelled opera soundtrack appearing through doorways within the wall.

Dressed in what is officially my now favorite Marc Jacobs line of  all time.


Watch on

Not sure how I missed this (probably ‘cause I don’t read American Vogue, for obvious reasons)…

The incredibly gorgeous Joan Smalls along with her sisters and dad, shot an editorial for Vogue US. The setting, a lively background of color and light,  is in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Smalls’ hometown.

Above is the 'behind the scenes’ video. Stunning.



FIT and Mattel put together a competition last Fall themed “Playing with Fashion”. The 2-storey instillation is a homage to Barbie, the inspiration.

Students in the interior design, photography, and visual presentation programs created clothes, storefront windows and “model-size rooms” for Barbie’s Dream House.

Growing up I wasn’t a Barbie kinda girl and will never be one. However, walking through the exhibit gave me pink bursts of happiness, so much creativity.



Elle Magazine’s New Talent Fashion Awards



**Entry from May 24, 2010

“I never diet. I smoke. I drink now and then. I never work out. I work very hard, and I am worth every cent.” -Naomi Campbell

 this weekend was all sorts of awesome! i went on my first tour of soweto and it’s official, being south african rocks - our history and our present is mind blowing! after the tour went to orlando stadium to watch some rugby and my Blue Bulls kicked serious new zealand ass (as usual)! then got to hangout with the boys afterwards (perks of being the lil sister to a blue bulls wifey) aaaand met daniel carter again  *faints-yay!

the most awesome event of the weekend of course was that Naomi Campbell turned 40 on saturday! i love her.

before you start telling me stories about her blackberry throwing habits please remember that you’re not perfect! (by the way i was a vegetarian and am completely against fur and animal cruelty)

what the uneducated don’t know about ms campbell is that she appeared on the cover of Vogue Paris as that publication’s first black cover girl. during “the trinity”/“the big six” she empowered little girls such as myself to believe in the possibility of making it in snow skinned industries.

she’s released an album “Baby Woman”.

wrote a novel “Swan”.

has appeared in several films “Girl6”, “Prisoner of Love” etc. 

she owns “Design House of Naomi Campbell”.

has created several fragrances.

she’s still gracing international runways/billboards/magazines.

 her philanthropic work is more than you’ve contributed.. she started her charity work in 1997, mainly with people in sub-saharan africa. she’s worked with nelson mandela, created and participated in “fashion for relief”, hosted “live earth”, organized “fashion for relief haiti”,has been awarded the “honorary patronage of the university philosophical society”, has been a part of the breast cancer fight since her mom was diagnosed.

the list continues

so yes, she works very hard.

personally i love her attitude! if you watch/read her interviews you’ll notice that she’s really just laughing *at* us. there are so many examples but my favorite has to be, during one of her “phone throwing” trials *she* walked around wearing a shirt that read “naomi hit me. and i loved it”.

while she was serving her community service *the media* turned her days into a fashion show, so she played along.

her experience was then turned into “the naomi diaries” which was published in W magazine. the entries are filled with some amazing lines such as :

 "On my way in today, I decide to say hello to the paparazzi, because, I mean—God bless them—it’s like they’ve been doing community service too. They’ve been out here in the cold all week.“

"I recognize one of the other Sanitation officers because he does security at night at Nobu. It’s really nice to see a familiar face.”


and her love life? .. “I’ve cracked a lot of my boyfriends’ emotions but it was good for them.”

love her or hate her, she’s changed and challenged the fashion world in a way no one else could.

she’s never been married, is child-free, runs fashion empires, jets off around the world whenever she feels like it and doesn’t look a day over 30. she’s …..fabulous!