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I bet Highbearer Vord officiated the kimallura wedding and Kima was smug the whole time bc lookit my beautiful wife she's so perfect

counterargument: kima didn’t even tell him she was getting married she just showed up a few months late with her wife in tow and was like “I’m married now peace out” and now she live in Emon with her beautiful wife and is very happy that she doesn’t have to live in vassleheim anymore

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sunday, Todoroki, domestic fluff? <3

I’m back on track and I can die in peace now, Miyavi held my hand and rescued me from the crowd who was about to crush me ✨ I’m in such a happy mood, you can ask me everything fam 💕

Todoroki Shouto

• he loves to laze around in bed with you, especially if it’s the weekend/ a day off - there will be days when you will do nothing else apart from staying in bed
• he enjoys cooking, he’s actually a decent cook and here and then he will make a delicious meal for the two of you
• you might not believe it, but if you get him to do some baking with you, he will start a flour fight because he thinks you look so cute with that white dot on the tip of your nose

Metro UK Digital Edition, June 22, 2017

60 seconds
James Norton

The Happy Valley, Grantchester and War & Peace heart-throb, 31, now pops up in new romcom Hampstead

by Larushka Ivan-Zadeh

Where are you today?

I am in Belgrade at the end of an eight-month shoot for a new drama series called McMafia, created by some of the people who did The Night Manager. It’s a look at the new globalised Mafia. We’ve been to lots of places but I am getting a bit homesick for London now.

That’s where your new film, Hampstead, is set. It’s being called the new Notting Hill…

It definitely has a similar feel and tone to Notting Hill. Hampstead is an area of London that has a villagey feel, like Notting Hill.

You have a small role. Was that because of TV commitments?

Yes. It was fortuitous because I was in between two jobs. The producer of Hampstead rang me and said, ‘You only have about three or four scenes but they are with Diane Keaton.’ And that’s a pretty big draw for any actor.

Is Diane Keaton like Annie Hall, her character in the Woody Allen film, in real life?

Yes! She is so bubbly and full of this wonderful lightness and I was taken aback by how so incredibly engaged she is with you. She was genuinely interested in what my mum was up to and how my girlfriend was. She was like that with every member of the cast and crew.

Which celebrity do you most get mistaken for?

I don’t get confused with anyone else, which is quite nice. Though someone came over to me recently and was like, ‘Can I just say that I love Endeavour, it is one of my favourite shows?’ She’d mixed up Grantchester with Endeavour and you don’t know if you should correct them and make them feel awkward or just go along with it. In this case I was very British and polite and signed my name ‘Shaun Evans’.

Hampstead has bathing ponds. Do you like wild swimming?

Yes I do, especially in the summer. In fact, swimming in Hampstead Ponds is one of my favourite things.

Is it true you started out as a kids’ entertainer?

Yes. I worked for [children’s party company] Sharky & George to keep myself financially afloat during drama school and loved it! It was perfect for a jobbing actor because you got to run around and shout and play. I still do the odd one on the side. I kind of miss it.

What’s your favourite party game?

There is just something about playing with the parachute, this huge billowing and colourful thing. I am still just a massive kid inside.

You were schooled by Benedictine monks, then studied theology at Cambridge. Did you ever contemplate the priesthood?

Oh no, no, no! I studied theology very much from an academic perspective. I was never destined to be in the Church. The closest I got is playing Sidney Chambers in Grantchester and he is a pretty rubbish vicar anyway. He means well but is pretty wayward and I’d be probably way more wayward than him.

Were you in the ‘luvvie’ set at Cambridge?

At school, it was all about rugby or sport and theatre was a little less cool. Once I got to Cambridge, I just wanted to do everything. I’d try to go to about four parties in a night and it meant I was sometimes a mad manic mess but that’s what university is for, I think.

You’re tipped to be the next James Bond. Fancy it?

The press and public love to speculate and it is very flattering to be part of that. As far as I know, Daniel Craig is going to do one or two more. I hope he does.

Your parents have been extras in Lady Chatterley’s Lover, Death Comes To Pemberley, War & Peace and Grantchester. Is this now in your contract or something?

No, it is not, but I bet my dad would love it if it was! It is something we did as a way for my parents to experience what I do because, in my family, no one is from this industry. My parents are both teachers.

What is your essential picnic item?

I am a massive fan of portable speakers. I’d also bring a Frisbee and fresh strawberries. You can’t get more English than that.

Hampstead is in cinemas now


let my hand die in peace now

Some Information: 

  • Feels no pain unless it’s directly on his soul due to lots of exposure inside the Void therefore his soul is really sensitive 
  • Has full control on deleting other monsters 
  • In full control of his body with Gaster ever rarely showing up unless Gear actually allows him to be summoned to use extra magic 
  • Can replicate other’s codes including himself leaving a clone of him back at his AU
  • Sometimes destroys his own clones out of spite 
  • Probably the reason he and Gaster fell in the Void in the first place
  • Works with mechanics and engineering, mostly for his own sake and purposes
  • Unlike regular Gear, he can teleport on his own due to the soul stabilizers (the metal collar and gear on his chest is the cause of that) 
If you just sit and observe, you will see how restless your mind is. If you try to calm it, it only makes it worse, but over time it does calm, and when it does, there’s room to hear more subtle things - that’s when your intuition starts to blossom and you start to see things more clearly and be in the present more. Your mind just slows down, and you see a tremendous expanse in the moment. You see so much more than you could see before. It’s a discipline; you have to practice it.
—  Walter Isaacson
jeon jungkook ruined my life: a story told through gifs

wey hey what’s up guys i’m back with another collection of rude gifs

this time our subject wll be the maknae and perhaps even the rudest member of bts: jeon jungkook

ok, time for the pain to begin

would any rude jungkook gif post be complete without a gif of this moment? i think not

idk what the fuck this move is trying to achieve but idc i’m still into it

again, what the fuck

don’t even get me started on this choreography, i’m thoroughly convinced that bighit was trying to kill me off

*googles* how to be a sweater

ok but seriously what do we have to do to get this hairstyle back because fucking hell

bitch i’m sweating he looks so good all dressed up n shit

hahahahahaha i’m not okay

*takes deep breath* isweartogodjeonmotherfuckingjungkookifyoudontbuttonupyourgoddamnshirtimgonnalosemyshit

i told myself that i wasn’t going to scream while making this post but it looks like that just went ouT THE FUCKING WINDOW




hahahahahahahaha i’m not crying i just spilled a little water in my eyes

is this….. is this shit allowed

oh, you think this is bad?

well what do you think about this?

or this?

and we simply cannot ignore this

and i’m pretty sure that this is pornographic but hey it’s fine i’m FINE

that J on his jersey must be for “jerk” because that was extremely uncalled for

yup, it’s for “jerk” alright

tbh this stage was the sexiest shit ever and i’m still not over it



ok u guys are probably sick of my comments by now so i’m just gonna hit u with straight up rudeness for a sec


*raps to the beat of le hip thrusts* i. am. dead.

*yodels* fuck my life *dabs*

ok this was longer than i expected i’m so sorry i swear i’m done now peace out

(these gifs are not mine and i give credit to the makers of them… from my grave)