Black Peace Now Coordinate

  • Ruffle Corset Coat, a button up panel in the front that looks like a vest
  • Long Collar Blouse with Ruffle Jabot and Pin
  • Two Button Vest with Tulle Tail
  • Balloon Print Skirt, fully shirred

Please visit Black Peace Now in San Francisco or check out our webstore. These items will be on the web store soon! If you’d like to order them now, or would like to order a sold out item, please email us at for a free special order!

Styled by: Koumori Tiffa


We got in a new shipment!! These items will be on the online store soon! If you have questions or would like to order now, please email us at

BPN Chiffon Tiered Vest (458070-2-05) $240
BPN 2 way Ruffle One Piece (478080-2-05): $254
BPN Cross Choker (484560-3-05): $73
BPN Felt Top Hat(486050-2-05):$133

Coordinate by Tiffa


down time


HAPPENING NOW (FERGUSON AUGUST 10, 2015): I don’t know if there are words. A year later, the situation looks damn near identical to what transpired on the streets of W Flourissant in Aug 2014. Police antagonizing and randomly picking out protesters from the crowd (including the arrest of a 12-yr old protester), mace/tear gas used indiscriminately against peaceful protesters, media restricted or all-out assaulted… I don’t even know. What I can say is that the resistance remains alive and well. Are you still paying attention? #staywoke #farfromover

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