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a bunny hopping in to show off his murse… (〃ノωノ) 

when u google “longest period without war in europe” you get a variety of answers depending on how we’re defining ‘europe’ and ‘war’ (1945-present if we pretend the balkans aren’t european, 1815-1870 if you enthusiastically redefine civil wars as internal rebellions–and ALSO ignore the balkans and also russia)

but definitely the most Iconic is “before humans arrived in europe” which…yeah, true

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Hiyah dear! I saw your requests were open and I'm so excited! I was inspired by your piece about Hanzo I hope it's okay that it made me want some more "awkward" *wink wink* bed sharing. Gabriel continued to smirk at your expense. "What carino?" He questioned, "never shared a bed with another man before?" You huffed before throwing the bag that contained your gear on the ground next to the night stand. "Of course I have. That man wasn't my commander though"

Old Habits

”Doesn’t Blackwatch have a large budget? How the hell did we wind up with a single bed in a cheap motel?” 

“Be grateful we even have a room at all, cariño.” Your commander, Gabriel Reyes, seemed to have no problem with the situation at all as he opened the door. “We blew most of it getting a certain ingrate back home.”

“Oh, the ransom thing last week?” 

You followed in after him, exhausted after a long car ride in the scorching sun that soon turned into a frigid night. Weather in Arizona was wild. A bed sounded great to your aching everything right about now, but you know it’s one bed only and one of you will have to take the floor, or you’ll both have to share. And while it’s not ideal, it wasn’t all bad because have you seen Commander Reyes? He’s not exactly hard to look at. 

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