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Okay, so the Overwatch Role Reversal AU: A Snapshot for those interested about this crazy ass timeline. Featuring the original gang. 

-Instead of Gabriel being put in Blackwatch, he is put in charge of Overwatch, with Morrison as his right hand. Because of this, the resentment never builds, and they make a steady team. Ana is put in charge of Blackwatch and runs it well, never diving into unsavory tactics despite pressure from the UN (and God, is there pressure, anyone would cave other than Ana with what they’re preaching, Morrison himself included). Because resentment never builds, Overwatch never falls. 

-Instead of becoming a medic, the deaths of her parents inspire Angela to become a solider instead, to be an avenging angel instead of one for peace. Her tech is used to wound, not to heal. And maybe Torbjorn, tired of the wreckage his omnics caused, finds a way to make robots that can heal, not hurt more further.

-Jesse McCree is exactly the same, as is Reinhardt. McCree is happy in Blackwatch under Ana, one of their top agents. And with Overwatch working as well as ever, Reinhardt is never forced to retire. 

-Meanwhile, upon being told to force Genji into line for the clan and kill him, Hanzo refuses, determined to change his brother before things get so dire. The clan goes over his head to attack his brother and despite their bad blood, he defends Genji, losing both legs and being left for dead in the process, giving Genji enough time to escape. Hanzo is put into Overwatch after being saved by the organization, and Genji is left of the run, guilty over what his brother gave to save him for an era until finding a omnic in Nepal. 

-That being said, Overwatch isn’t a perfect organization. Nothing is, nothing will ever be. Corruption feeds from the inside under the noses of our leaders, festers there something fierce. Talon emerges within Overwatch, a second shadow. Mistakes happen. People who find out, vanish. 

-And maybe that is the reason a simple op to search a warehouse leads to the death of Jesse McCree, an explosion from nowhere, a critical agent lost. And maybe that is why, Talon finds Lena Oxton’s house and drags her away in the night only to return her three weeks later, cheerful as ever before vanishing once more. And maybe that’s why, Jack Morrison, golden boy Jack Morrison, is found dead in his office from a letter opener to the chest the same day Lena vanishes, Gabriel walking in just to catch his last breath.

-(Though off the record, perhaps these things are not what they seem to be, because years later, a ghost like man known as “The Stranger” is found stopping highway heists in the West, a living phantom, Talon acquires a new assassin who moves too fast to stop, and a man who wears a blue face mask wakes up seven years after his own “death” and is told to hunt down Talon.)

-After this, after losing so much in such a short time, these things happen; Hanzo leaves Overwatch to take on his family, Gabriel leaves Overwatch unable to deal with the loss of the recruit he brought in and the best friend he ever had, Ana leaves Overwatch because she has to retire someday and she’s too damn old to lose people. Her daughter, now accomplished, joins Overwatch. Gérard Lacroix takes over Blackwatch, his wife now a sniper for Overwatch proper after a failed kidnapping attempt years ago (saved by a woman who she now attempts to pry from Talon’s control). Reinhardt takes over Overwatch. 

-Gabriel Reyes does not retire, not really, putting on a mask and going by a codename to save Overwatch from Talon’s influence from the outside. And Ana, well Ana was never good at retiring. And to get this done, to get Overwatch back to the organization it needs to be, he calls out to a new generation of heroes to help them out. 

-Meanwhile Winston is still Winston cus there are some universal constants in the world and that’s one.