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Ok so I’m adding to the “tea spilling”

I hate to do this because I’ve stepped away from the fandom and really am just fed up with it. And in light of the kind of stunts they are running right now - this is the last straw. I have been sitting on a story from my friend (I’m posting this for her. And she previously wanted me to keep it private but she gave me permission to post it.) I HAVE TO SAY THIS IS NOT MY STORY - MY friend gave me permission to post it. Please respect me and do not ask me who it is. She is not famous so it doesn’t matter who she is. This will be my last post about 1D for a long time if even forever. Because this fandom is NOT healthy. But anyway here’s the story (I won’t answer asks about it because I’m not posting it for the attention on me.) It’s a receipt that UAs deceive and contribute to damage control. Also if they tweet random shit about Larry or anything really that’s out of place like there’s prolly a reason why even if nobody is talking about anything in particular.

Now my friend was telling me and a group of friends about this little incident clubbing. It was in May in LA (it would have had to be May 9th? Because I tweeted the 10th about last night Calvin fucked up which I’m gonna add later.) that time Louis went clubbing with Calvin, Oli and Liam. It’s nothing incriminating to Louis OR Harry’s sexuality. BUT my friend’s friend went clubbing with them that night (the one night Liam was with them.) My friend told me that that her friend told her that Calvin was trying to get these girls to go back to the hotel where Oli, Calvin, etc were staying at and he was SO smashed and he was saying that the guys will be there and that they should come back with them and then backtracked to say that Louis wouldn’t be there because he’s staying at Harry’s. Now my friends and I didn’t really know if this was true but nonetheless we got a kick out of it and (I have a couple screencaps of tweets I sent out about the situation.) TO WHICH THIS GETS BETTER:

SO the next day 1DAlerts comes online to say they’re pretty sure Louis was staying with FRIENDS not Harry. Pretty convenient, eh? Nobody understood why they tweeted this. Because I mean aside from the normal chatter like NOBODY was tweeting about this story which is the MOST hilarious part! “Obviously….”

So here are my receipts:

If you see my tweets shading the situation are timestamped a couple hours BEFORE their tweet. And even better another friend of mine posted shading them for covering up when his friend fucks up and they called her crazy and were just “stating their opinion” They didn’t even mention the UA by name or the people involved :’)  The funniest bit is we all were sitting on this and they really just confirmed the story to us when they were trying to cover it up… And no that one I’m replying to on these screencaps don’t know anything and is not my friend in this story so don’t harass them about this. I will not be divulging who it is. So again PLEASE respect and don’t ask who it is. I don’t wanna send out 18237429847289 replies saying no. It’s just gonna be a blanketed no.

fandomstrash9-deactivated201708  asked:

What if mama kouyou secretly ships soukoku and whenever tachihara tries to make a move on chuuya kouyou just stands behind the poor guy whilst saying,"forgive me child but your efforts are useless because chuuya is already taken."(random thoughts XD)

- Except Kouyou is probably is a scheming fox lady so she probably knows threatening Tachihara is not gonna bring her idiot of an OTP back together.

- So she lets Tachihara does what he does best (”Hi Chuuya-san would you like to go on a da- I mean platonic hang out with me this weekend”) but she snaps a bunch of pictures everytime Chuuya smiles at Tachihara.

- And then she sends them all to Dazai with a really eloquent caption that basically translate to “Lmao look how happy your ex-partner is isn’t he cute he seems to move on already but you wouldn’t care would you he’s your ex (-partner) after all”.

- From 500 miles away, Fukuzawa sneezes and asks Kunikida if the heater in the office is broken again because the room’s temperature seems to suddenly drop can they just budget a new heater for the kittens.

- Kunikida, knowing the actual cause (bless him) and doesn’t want to spend money on a new heater, throws Dazai out of the room and it’s suddenly warm again.

- “Ane-san, I already said I didn’t care about him, stop sending me pictures of the hat rack” Says Dazai, in a cheerful voice, adding new cracks to his cheap ass phone for the 20th time that month.

- “Sure, I’ll go out with you (to the platonic hang out this weekend)” Chuuya’s voice comes from the other lines, because Kouyou might or might not be holding a bug right next to her phone instead of answering. Ane-san that’s just shady stop it.

- That day Atsushi reports that he has never seen Dazai-san run so fast in his entire life (”Are they having a sales on chazuke is that why he was running”) and Akutagawa reports that Chuuya-san is not available for missions for the next 3 days due to hip problems.  

DM Characters as soda/juices/beverages:
  • Yuugi: Cherry Coke
  • Atem: Coke
  • Kaiba: Pepsi or Red Bull
  • Jounouchi/Joey: Mountain Dew or Monster
  • Anzu/Tea: Tropicana OJ or Minute Maid Lemonade
  • Honda/Tristian: Root Beer
  • Otogi/Duke: Dr. Pepper
  • Bakura: Peace tea (or Arizona tea) can be a Sprite
  • Shizuka: sweet tea or strawberry milk
  • Mai: Diet Coke, Starbucks Frappicinos, a bottle of Champagne you've been saving for a special event
  • Marik: Cream Soda or Ginger Ale
  • Mokuba: Kool-Aid Jammers/Capri Sun
  • Grandpa: green tea, Sometimes he's a Jack and Coke (hell yeah gramps)
  • Ishizu: Vanilla Chai tea or Cranberry juice
  • Rishid/Odion: ginger ale or earl grey tea
  • Y. Bakura: just... straight up black coffee, no sugar or cream...
  • Y. Marik: Four Loko (rest in fucking pieces)
  • Insector Haga: Bug Juice (obviously)
  • Dino. Ryuzaki: Grape Kool Aid or Mtn Dew Pitch Black
  • Rebecca: Apple Juice or Yoohoo
  • Pegasus: your mother's box wine
  • Bandit Keith: whiskey, also calls you a pussy if you flinch while talking a shot as it burns down your throat
  • Shadi: a strange dark liquid you found outside, no one knows what it is or what it tastes like... don't drink it though