peace street

anonymous asked:

how dare you say Sweden is being helped by refugees when it is now the rape capital of the world and women can't even walk down the street in peace.

You fucking clown.

1) Sweden’s definition of rape is now broader than any other country in the world.  For example, what would be considered sexual harassment in one country is considered to be rape in Sweden.  It’s not that Sweden suffers from more rapes than other countries; it’s that other countries don’t define as many acts of sexual violence as rape as does Sweden.

2) There is zero correlation between the intake of refugees and any increase in sexual violence in Sweden, as we’ve already pointed out

3) In fact, it appears that refugees are less-likely to commit crimes than native-born Swedes.  Just like in Germany and the UK and the US.

So take your racist scapegoating bollocks and shove it up your arse.

25th of April, 1974 - Portugal - Photo by Eduardo Gageiro

In PIDE’s headquarters (International and State Defense Police), the portrait of António de Oliveira Salazar, the dictator, is taken down during the Carnation Revolution.