peace sign bracelets


Okay admittedly, when I imagined him with long hair, he looked like an adorable little hippie and I laughed pretty hard about it.

But then I realized just how badly I needed a Hippie flower-clad Felix in the  60′s and 70′s and I wasn’t laughing anymore.

Have a sketch because I have literally no self control when it comes to this jerk.

Peace Bracelet Turquoise Howlite Hemp Bracelet

A top selling bracelet! Nothing says “Peace and Love” more than this bracelet. This bracelet has a turquoise peace sign stone as a centerpiece. It is made with dark brown hemp cord and has two beige glass beads on each side of the peace sign. These bracelets have an adjustable knot closure, meaning you can loosen or tighten the bracelet as much as needed to fit your wrist, and it is very easy to put on and off and stays snug. Please specify your average size, and we will make the bracelet fit you perfectly.