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To The Moon and Back (Evan x Reader) HOGWARTS AU


tw: none! 

words: 4.3k

 author’s note: hey everyone! so i know that i haven’t uploaded a fic in a literal month, and i am so sorry. this fic was sort of rushed because of my guilt haha. so its not the best. but i hope you enjoy it nonetheless! 

          The summer heat beat down on Evan’s skin. The sun rays were crisping his pale complexion, torturing the freckles on his back. It was the middle of July, and young Hansen still had yet to receive his letter. It was all that his relatives spoke to him about. At every barbeque, Thanksgiving dinner, and holiday; it was to be mentioned. He was of age to attend Hogwarts. And it seemed like that’s all they cared about. They never asked him how he was, what he enjoys doing, or if he likes school. They asked him what animal he would bring as a messenger, what house he thought he would be sorted into, what classes he would enroll in. Much to their dismay, Evan had no idea. If he had to be honest with himself, he was more worried than excited. The anxiety crawled under his skin, thinking about leaving his mother alone in their big house. His mother, Heidi, was a healer. She used her wizardry to help the sick. But Evan knew that no spell on Earth would mend her broken heart, for when he left for Hogwarts.

           He pondered over these thoughts whilst he sat in the big oak tree, on his front lawn. His right leg sat beneath him whilst his left leg curled up towards his chest. He gazed out onto the dry lawn. The summer heat was unbearable this summer, drying every crop in sight. He wondered how his mother would manage to mow the lawn, water the plants, and weed the garden while he was away. He wondered what she would do with all of her fall vegetables – possibly freezing them in a stew for when he returned. He wondered who would make her tea and tuck her into bed on her hard nights. He wondered who would tuck him into bed and make him tea on all of his hard nights. He wondered about all of these things.

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