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Hobbit Geekery (Or: Kili and Fili and "Hot Dwarves" and LOTR History)

Okay, so I watched The Hobbit pt 3 last night and out of boredom and an utter lack of a social life, I decided to look into some of Kili and Fili’s family history, their relation to Thorin, etc.

As many LOTR fans know, those two get a lot of hate for being “just fanservice.” And yeah, they don’t really look very Dwarvish, they’re more attractive by Human/Elvish standards than Dwarven ones. But there’s actually a canon reason for that, and it brings the characters into more light in terms of symbolism, especially with the third part of The Hobbit.

So Thorin was the son of Thrain who was the son of Thror. This is where the names get a bit confusing. :) Thrain had an affair with an Elvish woman, and she gave birth to twins, Thorin and his sister Dis. Thror was predictably pretty ticked, as that would make Thorin the heir of Erebor eventually (which would be scandalous because of the Elf/Dwarf feud), so he made Thrain have another son with a Dwarf maid. This way the heir of Erebor would be fully Dwarven, as “proper.”

But then Thror fell in battle, Thrain fled for his life, and Thrain’s fully Dwarven son was killed, too. This made Thorin the heir f Erebor by default. The Dwarves accepted him because he was really kick-butt and a great leader.

His sister, Dis, however, was more of an outcast, as she was beautiful by Elvish standards, not Dwarven - she was tall and pale ad thin and didn’t have any facial hair. So while Thorin rose to power and built a life among the Dwarves, Dis fell in love with a Human and went to live with him. She ended up giving birth to sons - Kili and Fili. This would make them half Human, a quarter Elvish, and a quarter Dwarven. But Dis died and begged Thorin to take her sons in, so he did.

So that’s why Kili and Fili are “hot.” But it gets better when you analyze what this could mean symbolically. Both Kili and Fili represent the merging of races in Middle Earth. They’re rare, they symbolize peace, harmony, no racism, etc. This actually makes the Kili/Tauriel romance kinda cool, in my opinion, although yeah, it isn’t book canon. Still, I think it really drives home the interconnectedness point.

But then Kili and Fili die at The Battle of The Five Armies. Again, symbolically, we can say this was the death of harmony between the races of Middle Earth, which makes sense, because that battle was literally all the races fighting each other. They were sort of like the final peice of interracial unity before the Fellowship Of The Ring. 

So, if you wanted to feel more feels about their deaths, there ya go. But that’s just why I don’t mind Kili and Fili’s appearances, even though there was definitely at least a little fanservice going on there.

TL;DR: Yeah, it’s long and nerdy but it was better than doing more college applications. :P