peace mural

Tank in front of Fa'iq Hassan’s mural “Peace”, following the February coup, al-Tayaran Square, Baghdad, 1963

دبابة أمام جدارية فائق حسن “السلام"، بعد إنقلاب شباط، ساحة الطيران، بغداد، ١٩٦٣

Here’s an amazing piece by @kasartofficial we’re sharing to celebrate the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi! –
Gandhi was a pioneer of the philosophy and strategy of non-violence, and that’s why today also celebrates the international day of non-violence! 🕊

Painted in #Tampere, #Finland.

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It’s still gotta be finished but I thought I’d share my latest mini project, it will soon be a large circle window looking out into space that I am painting on one of my bedroom walls above my desk. It looks kinda small but it’s actually pretty huge, and I think it will look cool in my crazy bedroom when finished😊😊 ps. Happy weekend everybody!💕