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So my sleep deprived self made some conclusions last night and since an anon asked to explain my thoughts on Gorgeous, bring it on.

PSA: if you think I’m buying the bs “this song is about Joe” then you’re very wrong, and don’t even try to convince me otherwise.

First of all, “gorgeous” might be less gendered than “pretty” but surely it’s a feminine term. For a man it’s more common “handsome”, which is masculinizing. There are tons of gender neutral compliments, but gorgeous historically and semantically doesn’t belong there.

It’s common knowledge to anyone inside this group that Karlie has a very weird way to say ‘important’ and ‘thousand’, maybe it’s a mix of various accent, maybe it’s just the way she talks. It’s common knowledge that Kloss has an undeniable energy and aura, which can magnetically attract everyone.

Then, Calvin does plenty of gigs and nights at clubs in Vegas and across Europe, he’s older than both Taylor and Karlie and she literally couldn’t care less about what he does (unless he doesn’t do things that can blow the cover up, like ‘hunt season’) because it’s “boyfriend” just for the name.

Sunset and Vine apparently are a nod to the rich life in Hollywood, good for you sis, drink it up (no deep meaning here).

What really has immediately had my attention is the second verse. After Kissgate and at the beginning of Tayvin Karlie somehow disappeared from Taylor’s public life. The only times they were together either they stood at a measured distance with 10 people or we got to know it thanks to sherlocking and latergrams. They went from talking nonstop about each other, to radio silence. And that meant only one thing: it confirmed the rumors (for those who have eyes). Those hugs and touches on Kissgate night caused an unexpected backlash and tons of consequences. But, there’s a but, it was only in public. Outside the circle of those who know Taylor officially had a “boyfriend”, but behind closed doors she didn’t. The reference to a girlfriend isn’t, in my opinion, a hint to Toni or whatsoever. I actually think that Taylor is comparing her public staright self to her true self, and the first one is jealous of how free she can be in private, and how much she can enjoy her life with Karlie, without being judged.

Ocean blue eyes looking in mine
I feel like I might sink and drown and die

Yes, folks, I know Karlie has green eyes! But have you eyer seen some pics where her eyes are basically blue? It depends on the light and the exposure but you can find plenty of them. Her eyes are really captivating and the green is so light that it takes nothing to turn into light blue (not blue as Taylor’s), or sometimes they’re just forest green. I find it amazing.

Like…yeah. I guess she won’t be fully alone with her cats.

I understand why Taylor gets so mad, happy and sad at the same time. She can have all of this, but not completely and not in public, because there’s the tiny problem, called homophobia.

And this brings me to what is happening, the fact that those who consider themselves as “privileged” because they got the chance to meet Taylor and hear the album is upsetting and dangerous. They don’t understand that it’s all part of the narrative to cover the real meaning behind this oh so gay song, which is more similar to what I came up with on my own, than what she told them to spread (using them as her mouthpiece for media).

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friday, october 30 // 11:58

it’s raining absolute buckets here in atx (like, flash floods and tornado warnings kind of weather!) and all my classes were cancelled! so i’m happy to finally have some time to catch up on my bullet journal! 

(these photos were taken about 45 min apart – i’m telling you, my secret is just loads of washi tape and pretty pictures. it does wonders.) 

i’m sat with some great tea, a good book, and i’m looking forward to having this whole day to myself. i’m gonna do some work on my thesis a little later, and maybe recopy some science notes. i also have a whole case of cinnamon shortbread i made yesterday, so. c:

may your friday be peaceful and lovely!