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Damn It, Y/N.

ptv-sws-atl-bvb-omandm-and-me asked: Alright I know I legit just asked for a Vic Fuentes imagine but of you don’t want to do that one I have something else. A Gerard Way imagine where you two are dating and you’re at a bar with the whole band and you see some slut hanging on Gerard so you hang all over Mikey and then Gerard gets mad and then angry make up smut. I feel as if there is not enough Gerard Way smut in the world. If you wanna do both my requests that would be cool. But it’s completely up to you. Thank you. :)

Gerard and his old band mates, had asked me to accompany them to a bar that they had been recently visiting. I had been dating the lead singer from the now done and gone, My Chemical Romance. I decided that I would meet up with them, needing to do my make up and hair. 

Once I arrived I quickly found the Way brothers sitting at the bar with their drinks in hand. I skipped over to both of them, standing in between both of there stools and putting my arms around their shoulders. I smiled at the bartender as I asked for a drink.

“Well, look who I’ve caught, the Way Brothers.” I giggled, turning around and leaning against the counter. Gerard gave me a big smile as he leaned over and kissed the top off my head. Mikey pat my shoulder, shrugging his as he turned back to look at his alcohol. 

“How have you been, princess?” Frank asked, nodding his head towards  me as some skanky blond was hanging all over him. He had nicknamed me that since the first time he met m, I had acted like he was my servant. 

“I’ve been fine, you know, doing the same thing.” I replied, waving your glass around. The ice cubes hit the side of the glass, as the liquid threatened to spill from the glass. 

“Just fucking fantastic.” He laughed, his hand wrapped around the girl’s waist. I rolled my eyes.

As the boys began to erupt into conversations, and drinking down glass after glass. I watched them with a big smile on my face, their interactions and talks were amusing. I drank down the rest of my alcohol, and out of the corner of my eye I saw a girl jump onto my boyfriend. 

Gerard let out a laugh as he ordered a drink for the girl and I raised a eyebrow at him. He didn’t noticed, but continued to let the girl hang all over him. She traced his arms, chest, and jawline. Every once and awhile she would glance my way, a sly smirk on her face. 

“Oh, Frank.” The blond giggled as Frank nuzzled his face in the crook of her neck. I wanted to puke at the sight, wishing that they would get a room already. “Stop it, you.” She laughed, running her hands up his chest as he kissed her neck.

“Get a room you two!” I yelled, slamming my drink onto the counter and letting some of the alcohol spilling onto it. The bartender gave me a look as he came over to wipe up the spill. 

I was fuming mad as Gerard continued to let the girl touch him and fawn all over him. I growled, grabbing onto Mikey’s arm and staring up at him with a smile. He sort of got what I was doing and smiled back down at me.

“So, Mikey." 

"So, Y/N." 

I laughed at him, wrapping my hands around his waist and turningmy gaze onto Gerard who furrowed his eyebrows at the two of us. I ran a finger down Mikey’s chest, and felt him shiver. 

"You are so nice and talented, Mikey.” I told him, leaning my head against his chest and trying to keep a laugh down. “Sometimes I wonder why I don’t be with you more.” I giggled, running my hand up to his shoulder. Mikey ran his hands up and down my back, almost landing on my butt. 

“Gerard?” The girl asked as I could feel the jealousy radiating off the singer. I couldn’t help the smile on my face. “Are you okay, babe?” I turned to look at them as Mikey slowly wrapped his arms around my waist and held me against him. 

“Just great.” He told her through gritted teeth as he glared at me and his brother. “I just need to talk to y/n.” He pulled away from the girl, and furiously stomped over to me. Gerard grabbed my arm and thrusted me out of Mikey’s grip and towards the bathrooms.

“Gerard, let me go!” I demanded, but made no attempt to try and flee from him. He turned his head towards me, his gaze stern as he opened the bathroom door and pushed me inside. 

I turned towards him as he locked the door. I bit my lip as he leaned against the thing, giving me an emotionless face. I let out a frustrated sigh, putting my hands on my hips. 

“What do you think you’re doing?” He asked, narrowing his eyes at me. 

“What do you think you’re doing?!” I spat back, turning around. “You let all these girls touch you and everything. I’m the only one that is suppose to do that. I’m your girlfriend, for fuck’s sake!” I yelled, crossing my arms. 

“So that’s why you were fawning all over my brother?" 


"I’m the only one that’s suppose to touch you as well, y/n.” He growled, and I felt his arms around me. He pulled me back into his chest. “How dare you let my brother hold you and touch you, like I’m suppose to." 

He began to kiss down my neck, biting and sucking on it. I let out a gasp, before I covered my mouth. He sucked on my earlobe and I could feel his hard on against my butt. I managed to turn around in his hold and attacked his lips fiercely. I got my hands under his shirt, running my nails up his chest and feeling him shiver at my touch. 

His hands went to the end of my shirt and began to lift it up over my head and threw it to the ground. He hurriedly got off my bra and his hands grabbed my breasts. He squeezed them roughly, making me groan. I got his shirt off as well, and began to bite his shoulders and collarbones, leaving my mark.

"Damn it, y/n.” He grumbled, stripping both of us of any other clothing. He lifted me up, my legs wrapping around his waist as he slammed me against the wall. I felt dizzy, and hot from this whole thing. 

“Fuck me.” I demanded in his ear, and he pushed into me, hard. I let out a gasp as he continued to push in and pull out of me. I pressed my lips to his again, our tongues fighting until he won. He explored my mouth, and I moaned. 

I had my hands in his hair, tugging at it every once and awhile which caused him to groan. As I could feel my climax coming, I moved my hands to his back where I dug my nails into him. His forehead was against mine as he continued to hold me up. 

“Y/N.” He mumbled, his breath hot against my lips. 

“Gerard.” I cried as I titled my head back and came with him right after me. He eventually put me back on my own feet, but we continued to stay in each other’s embrace for a few minutes before putting back on our clothes.

“Let’s go home.” He gave me a smile, and I nodded my head as he grabbed onto my hand. I made it out of the bathroom and over to our stools. I gave Mikey a hug and thanked him as Gerard grabbed his coat and totally ignored the girl who looked quite defeated. We exited the building, smiles on our faces.

“Oh yeah, you’re adorable when you’re jealous.” Gerard stated, pulling me into his side as we started walking down the street. 

“I would say the same thing about you, Way.” I smiled, playing with his fingers.


FUCKING FINALLY SOMEONE REQUESTED GERARD WAY I AM SO HAPPY. THANK YOU SO MUCH, I LOVE YOU. I have been waITING FOREVER FOR SOME MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE. I loved writing this and I hope you all enjoy it. Peace, love, and rubber gloves. -Jamie(:

P.S. to the requester: I think Kendall will do the other imagine.(: