peace love rock n' roll

the signs as ringo tweets

aries: how fast the time flies toys over what a great not a degree i love the band we had a great time now i’m on holiday

taurus: Had a great day i feel good i feel happy peace and love R* 😎✌🏽️🌟💖

gemini: IMG_4859.jpeg. i great night last night thanks for staying in the rain show wow peace and love R**😎✌🏽️🌟💖 

cancer: the Wi-Fi is very slow here not very rock ‘n roll at all peace and love R😎✌🏽️🌟💖 

leo: Peace and love peace and love peace and love peace and love R***

virgo: A piece and love ^. ^Carrot. Peace and love R*** 

libra: Are you learning Germanghhggfnvgvv 

scorpio: Okay 1234 5678 910 testing 12 voice thing 

sagittarius: This is its peace and love peace 

capricorn: Whatever gets you through the. ?????? Peace and love R******. For those who were confused……??,##^^{]??£<~|*** 

aquarius: Lets send each other postcards from Paradise peace and love R😎✌🏽️🌟💖🌷🍒 

pisces: 😎🌻🌹🌸✌🏽️🌟🌟