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Also while I was running I also watched FMA:B episode 8 and Barry mcfucking kills a guy to “prove” to Alphonse thats all he needs to feel alive and Holy Shit what I mean is the Elrics kinda got that guy killed like. If Ed and Al hadn’t snuck in then Barry wouldnt have killed that guy. Al watched a guy get his cranium meat-cleavered how did this not fuck him up?

And like okay in the broad scheme of things Ed and Al used their info to like. Stop the Promised Day. But did they NEED the info from the Fifth Lab? I dont think so. Maybe it helped with homunculi identification but where did that really get them in the end? 

Anyway what I mean is Ed and Al snuck out and a guy got killed because of it and no one mentions this so

RIP In Peace meat-cleavered security guard guy.


Gender: Feminine

Planet: Moon

Element: Water

Spiritual Attributes: Protection, Luck, Beauty, Peace. Guards against evil influences and prevents household accidents. Used for success in the world. Prevents feelings of loneliness.

Medical Uses: Helpful in the treatment of wound healing, burn healing, and mild skin infections. The juice of the plant can be used to relieve digestive issues such as heartburn and irritable bowel syndrome. It is an excellent additive for soaps and creams as a conditioner.

Order from Your Commander (part 1)

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Request: Could you do an imagine where you’re the commander and Bellamy falls in love with you??

Word count: 1,531

(A/N: I took a different approach when writing this, so let me know what you think! Also, if you want to see a part 2, if you could shoot me a message that’d be great :) ) 

Y/n could remember the day the Sky People came to earth very clearly. She and a couple of her people were on a hunting trip, trying to gather supplies for a feast celebrating the three year anniversary of her people’s liberation from the Ice Nation. They were corrupt and evil, and after several months of battle, they surrendered. Three months later, Y/n and one hundred of the former Ice Nation hiked up a mountain and to an empty field. The people appointed Y/n as their new leader and were comically named the Free People by nearby clans.          

 The feast was on the same day they landed. The Free People all thought it was a shooting star, but as it got closer and closer, they realized it was something different. It landed right outside of Y/n’s land. Not knowing who these people were, she stayed back to study them. They quickly set up civilization, scavenged for food and water, and laughed and partied. They were incredibly smart, but also a threat. They kicked out their own people, banishing these newcomers to discover the dense forest by themselves.

 Y/n’s people wanted to retaliate, to claim the land they all fought so hard for. She made them wait, though. She wanted the newcomers to feel welcome in their new home, and then attack them when they were vulnerable.

 It had been two months since they came to earth, and the new people, conveniently named the Sky People, had yet to discover the Free People’s village. Feeling safe and comfortable, Y/n decided to go out into the forest for some peace and quiet. The guards were reluctant to let her go, but she insisted. While she loved being the Free People’s commander, she missed her freedom more than anything. She couldn’t go anywhere without an escort. But she knew these woods better than any of the guards, so she was sure she’d be fine.

There was a clearing about a mile south of the camp that she would go to when she needed to think. It was on the bank of a wide stream, and the grass surrounding it was so green it looked unreal. Flowers blossomed on the stream’s edge and birds chirped lightly in the trees. The sky was overcast, but you were just thankful it wasn’t raining yet. Y/n pulled her jacket closer to her as a wind passed through.

 She was humming a light, delicate tune and throwing rocks into the stream, completely unaware of the people behind her. Three men from the Sky People had followed her to the clearing. Murphy, Bellamy, and Miller hid behind a large tree as they watched.

 “There’s no way she could fight us off. Let’s just grab her and go.” Murphy whispered. They were planning on taking her back to the camp to question her about the Free People and surrounding groups.

 “On my count…1…2…3!” Bellamy shouted. The three jumped out into the clearing and circled Y/n before she could register what was happening. Miller grabbed her from behind, but she kicked out, right into his knee caps. Miller doubled over in pain as Murphy raced to tackle Y/n. They toppled to the ground and Y/n struggled to gain dominance over him. She got on top of him and punched his face a few times, stopping only when she heard the snap of his nose breaking. Bellamy picked her off of Murphy and pinned her arms beneath his so she couldn’t take a swing at him. She kicked, but he was much taller than she was.

“Put me down!” Y/n shouted.

 “She speaks.” Murphy replied sarcastically. “I wonder what else she has to say.”

 Bellamy was much stronger than she was, and it took very little time for him to tie her arms around her back. He tied her legs together too, leaving just enough room for her to walk. Bellamy dragged Y/n by the hands while Miller and Murphy trailed behind. The walk wasn’t long, but long enough for Y/n to realize she was nowhere near her camp, which meant she was nowhere near her people.

 The Sky People’s camp was coming together nicely. They had built a giant wall and gate that two gunmen guarded. They opened it when they save the three men approaching. Y/n tried to hide her amazement, but couldn’t help but notice the amazing technology. Bellamy tugged on her ropes when she started to lag behind.

 “Where’s Clarke?” Bellamy asked a guard. His voice was deep and rough, and he spoke with authority. ‘Is he their leader?’ Y/n thought.

 “Drop ship.” The guard responded. They walked towards a giant, metal building. It looked exactly like the ship Y/n remembered on that day they arrived. They walked up a ramp and into a tiny room lined with weapons and makeshift beds. The weapons they had were unlike anything Y/n had ever seen. It was a good thing the Free People had not attacked, for the Sky People’s weapons were much more advanced and deadly.

 “Who is this?” Clarke questioned, eyeing Y/n suspiciously. Y/n couldn’t help but notice how attractive she was, and how innocent she seemed. But Bellamy appeared to answer to her. Was this their leader?

 “Don’t know. Found her in the woods. Thought she might have some useful information.” Murphy replied.

 Clarke walked up to Y/n and continued to survey her. “Who are you?”

 “I am nobody.” Y/n answered.

 “Nobody huh?” Clarke took a couple steps back. “You should just let her go.”

 “Let me at least try to get some information out of her.” Bellamy said. Clarke shrugged her shoulders and walked out of the drop ship. Y/n was back to being alone with the three men who had captured her. She didn’t know what she was going to do. Her guards would recognize soon that she was missing and would come searching for her.

 Bellamy shoved Y/n toward a ladder and pointed for her to climb it. It took her a bit longer than expected due to the ropes still hanging around her wrists and ankles. Bellamy, Murphy, and Miller followed suit. Bellamy grabbed Y/n’s wrists, untied the rope, and wrapped her wrists in ropes that hung on the wall. He left her feet the way they were.

“I don’t understand why you are keeping me captive. I have done nothing.” Y/n said, looking into Bellamy’s eyes as she spoke.

 “We don’t know you. And we don’t like people we don’t know. What’s your name?” He asked as he tied the ropes tighter.

 “Y/n.” She replied.

 “What group are you with?”

 “The Free People.” She saw no point in lying about that detail.

 “Haven’t heard of them.”

 “There are lots of groups around here you don’t know about. I understand you’ve been lucky enough to meet TriKru, yes?” Bellamy looked up at the mention of the Grounders. Y/n continued, “They’re a strong group. Kind too, if you don’t cross them.”

 “Yeah, we already messed that one up.” Murphy smirked at Y/n. She could already tell she wasn’t going to like him very much.

 Bellamy walked over to Miller and Murphy, and took a seat on an overturned crate. Y/n took this time to really examine him. He was tall and muscular with dark, curly hair and olive skin. He wore a black tshirt and jeans, and jacket like the guards had on outside.

 Bellamy took this time to examine Y/n, too. She was of average height but with strong, lean muscles. Her face was composed, and she showed no signs of fear. Most people would be fighting back, or at least sweating. That’s how Bellamy knew she wasn’t telling the whole truth. No one is that composed unless they have to be.  

 “What do you know about us?” He asked, breaking the awkward silence that had formed.

 “That you come from the sky and that you are survivors.” Y/n replied.

 “What does that mean?” Murphy snapped.

 “You all aren’t from here, and have managed to find food and water, make shelter, and fight. You’re survivors.”

 “How do you know this?” Bellamy stood up from his seated position.

“Your arrival didn’t exactly go unnoticed. You landed in shared territory between my people and the TriKru. You’ve held TriKru off so far.”

 “Why haven’t your people attacked?” He neared Y/n and was almost chest to chest with her. Y/n looked into his deep brown eyes; she took note of the pain and exhaustion in them.

“We haven’t found a need to. You haven’t retaliated against us yet.”

 “But if you did you would have the upper hand. I don’t understand…” Bellamy started.

 “Things aren’t always about having the upper hand. You are newcomers, we already have the upper hand, war or not. We recently fought a war with people who deserved it. As of right now, your people don’t deserve it.” Y/n calmly replied. Bellamy was taken aback by this answer, by the honesty and sincerity in her words. He blinked and opened his mouth to reply, but no words came out. After studying her face for a minute, he turned around and headed to the ladder hatch.

 “Miller, keep watch. I’m going to take a nap.”

part 2

[fic] darling so it goes

he tian x mo guan shan (1st half); jian yi x zhengxi (2nd half)

tags/notes: fluff, swearing, light altercation in the form of a head cuff, title from here, ‘SAR’ is a military term for ‘search-and-rescue’ 

synopsis: after-shot of chapter 196.

‘What crawled up his ass?’

He Tian cuffed the top of Guan Shan’s head. It earned him a sharp exhalation from where Guan Shan sat on the bench, scowling up at him, features pinched, eyes washed copper in the sun.

‘Jian Yi,’ He Tian said. ‘He’s missing.’

They watched Zhengxi stalk across the court in silence, smudges of purple storms under his eyes, shoulders rounded and taut. He swiped a basketball from the bag on the side of the court, threw it aimlessly against the chain-link fence. The sound rattled, ball smacking back down to asphalt, the whole fence trembling around the perimeter with the aftershock like soundwaves.

‘Like … missing?’

He Tian made a quiet ‘hm’ sound. He’d heard nothing from his brother. The SAR must have been immediate, no handler, a quick in-and-out job. Carefully planned, cleanly executed. No casualties except a pulled shoulder from the rebound of a gun. It was only a matter of time before someone went for Jian Yi. You couldn’t have a father like that and have your hands kept clean for long. You couldn’t have a father like that and not escape without some bullet holes.

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On dedicating yourself to the Goddesses of Hyrule

Dedication to a deity is a very personal and serious rite. Oaths are taken very seriously in pretty much all paths, and it’s specific to the relationship between the deity and the devotee-to-be. Such vows should be carefully worded and thought over, as they can easily become a burden rather than a joy with too many loopholes.

Vows in Hyrule seem to be taken pretty seriously as well. Link often comes across wayward spirits and cursed people on his travels, trapped because they took an oath that they have yet to fulfill, or they broke one. Based on this, death does not seem to release you from a vow in Hyrule, at least not immediately. So be careful in the wording of any vow you make.

At first, I was going to try and write out individual vows for each Goddess, but after doing a little research and asking Hylia for guidance, I realized that, at best, I can give people a jumping off point. But I can’t really write it for you, because it’s going to be different for everyone. So, below, you’ll find the jumping off pieces I wrote. These are meant to be modified, changed and expanded to fit you, your needs, and your relationship to Hyrule’s goddesses. I hope you guys like them.

Din: “I come before you, Din, Goddess of Power, to dedicate myself to you. When you lift me from my own darkness with your red arms, I will know it is you. When you guard my peace I will know it is you, and when you upheave it to expand my comfort zone I will know it is you. I pledge myself to honor and serve you, and to uphold your virtue within my capabilities.”

Nayru: “Nayru, Goddess of Wisdom, I have chosen this day to dedicate myself to you. Your wisdom knows no bounds and it is you who guides me. When there are truths to behold you reveal them, gently when they are difficult and sternly when I may ignore them. I vow to honor and serve you within my abilities and uphold your virtue.”

Farore: “Dearest Farore, Goddess of Courage, I come before you to dedicate myself to you. You give me courage and hope when I feel lost. You encourage me to step outside my comfort and to improve myself, but also remind me not to be reckless. I vow to serve you and honor you to the best of my abilities, and to uphold your virtue.”

Hylia: “Hylia, her Grace, goddess charged with guarding the Triforce, this day I come to you in dedication. You defended the Surface from Demise and his horde, and guided the Hero. So do you guide and defend me. As you helped the Hero grow and guided him to balance in the virtues of the Golden Goddesses, so you guide me as well. I vow to serve you and honor you within my capabilities, and uphold the virtues of the goddesses.”

Too Close

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Pairing: Bellamy / Reader

Warnings: Violence, HurtReader!, Swearing 

Request:  Can I be on your tag list and a Bellamy x reader imagine. Where you went out hunting in a group (you’re the most experienced) but grounders came and everyone ran and you got injured and crawled to camp by yourself. He notices you aren’t there and you almost die or something

AN: @jaib2-blog your request is all done sweetie. Hope you enjoy. 

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Ever since the failed peace talks guard patrols had doubled, tension racked up each and every time someone had to leave the walls protection. No one wanted to be the group who managed to cross the grounder scout’s paths.

Unfortunately, you all still needed to eat and the 100 were ravenous teenagers who if they weren’t watched would quickly eat a weeks’ worth of rations in a day. It meant that hunting parties were still completely necessary and actually even more frequent than they had been in the past.

You knew that Bellamy didn’t like you being out on the hunting missions, that he tended to worry like an old woman every time you left the relative safety of the camp. You however, were one of the best hunters in camp. You were deadly accurate when it came to throwing knives and axes. The ability to take down an animal from a distance was well appreciated by the others in the hunting party. Ever since Katy got skewered by a boar tusk and required Clarke to stitch her up with any sort of anaesthetic, you’d all been much more reluctant to get close to the animals after that.

You were out now with Miller and another couple of delinquents moving quietly through undergrowth trying to find the trail of the boar you’d abandoned yesterday. On your left, you could see Miller a few feet away moving deeper into the woods.

If you hadn’t been looking at that exact moment you would have missed it, the sudden glint of a knife and flash of eyes from the dense forest beside Miller.

“Miller DUCK!” you screamed.

His pause to look at you saved his life as the knife flew past his face inches away from his nose. As it was though you didn’t move fast enough. The knife meant for Miller lodged itself into your chest near your shoulder.

You dropped to the ground with a gasp of pain, hand reaching up to the knife. Laying on the ground staring up at the sky above you could hear shouts around you as grounders appeared. Miller was shouting your name trying to find you but your voice was for some reason not working anymore. You couldn’t make yourself shout out.

The noises were fading away and your eyes were starting to flicker in and out of vision. Damn it even your fuzzy brain knew that passing out from blood loss would not be a good idea. However, it was impossible to stop and you seemed to no longer have control over your body. Your eyes closed once more and this time they didn’t open.  


When you woke you were semi surprised that you were even waking up at all. You were still laying on the ground and there was an aching fire of pain in your shoulder. The knife had gone and god knew how it was possible that you hadn’t simply bled out.

The sun was starting to set and darkness was creeping across the forest, it would not be a good idea to be caught out here in the dark. Testing first your feet and moving up your body you decided that the only parts of you that weren’t working was your left shoulder and arm. Luckily you didn’t need your arm to walk and with a groan of pain you managed to push yourself up to your feet.

It took you a long time to make your way back to camp, struggling to keep your balance from the spinning in your head from blood loss. You’d fall every few steps and have to drag yourself back to your feet. By the time you could see the vague outline of the wall coming into view you were banged and bruised. Scrapes covering your legs and knees, clothes torn and your shoulder throbbing in pain.

Shouts alerted you to the fact that the people on guard had seen you. The smaller gate was opening and there was suddenly hands on your arms holding you up.

“Y/N? Fuck, Y/N look at me”

Bellamy, that was Bellamy’s voice. “Bell” you felt your legs start to give way as your strength now ran out once more. Bellamy caught you from falling swinging you up into his arms.

“Find me Clarke” he shouted carrying you into camp “Clarke, now!”

“Over here, get her into the drop ship” you managed to see a flash of blonde hair as you were carried through camp. Bellamy laid you down and you felt Clarke’s hands running over you trying to analyse the damage.

You weren’t going to manage to keep your eyes open again, in fact you were getting quite fed up of all this passing out. You didn’t like playing the role of damsel in distress. Unfortunately, your body didn’t get the memo and blood loss would make anyone woozy. You could still feel Bellamy’s hand laced with your own and with a small squeeze and weak smile at his worried face you did indeed lapse back into unconsciousness.


When you came to this time you actually felt better. The burning pain in your shoulder had gone down to a manageable level and your brain felt a lot less fuzzy. Managing to focus your eyes you smiled, Bellamy was sat by the table you were laying on. His head resting on his arms by your thigh as he slept bent over.

Reaching out you ran a hand through the soft curls of his hair. It didn’t take much for him to jerk awake, knocking your hand away as he sat up.

“Y/N” his voice was still heavy with sleep but relief was visible on his face. “You’re awake”

“I’m awake” you agreed. “What happened?”

“Clarke managed to close up the knife wound, you lost a lot of blood though”

“Yeah, I noticed that” you coughed pulling at the stitches in your shoulder and wincing at the sudden pain there. Bellamy flinched as well, he’d never been able to handle your pain. His own he was an expert at dealing with but if you got even a paper cut he’d worrying and hover all day. “are Miller and the others alright? Did they get away?”

“They did. Miller came by earlier to see you. He feels like it was his fault”

“It wasn’t” you corrected him instantly. “It was no one’s fault. They just came out of nowhere”

Bellamy went silent shifting on his chair to get closer to you and taking your hand in his own. “I could have lost you today”

“but you didn’t” you wanted to sit up and wrap him in your arms convince him you were fine, but you didn’t think your shoulder would let you. Instead you smiled and squeezed his hands. “I’m going to be fine”

“I don’t think I’d survive losing you” he admitted turning his eyes up to your own. “You make me strong”

“Well then it’s a good thing I’m not going anywhere”

Turning his head to check no one was around he stood up, helping you into a semi sitting position. He got behind you with his legs on either side of you so you could rest your back against his chest. His own arms wrapping around your front being careful not to press on your shoulder.

“No more hunting trips for you”

You smiled at that even though he couldn’t see your face. “I don’t think I’ll be going anywhere anytime soon” you agreed. “after I’m healed up… well we can discuss hunting trips then”

“No, I mean it. I’m keeping you in sight at all times from now on”

“Bell, that is maybe slightly unrealistic” you argued. “I know you’re worried about me and I admit this wasn’t the best hunting trip I’ve ever been on. But watching me all the time? Slight over kill. After all what about when I need the bathroom?”

“dispensation for bathroom breaks”

“Now I know you’re just teasing me” you twisted your head fractionally so you could press your nose into his neck inhaling the smoky smell of the fire that seemed to cling to his skin. “I’ll be alright Bell”

He sighed hand coming up to run through your hair, cupping the back of your head. “That was too close Y/N”

“I know”

He kissed the tip of your nose making you smile once more. It had been close, way to close. When that knife had lodged into your shoulder you didn’t think you would make it back to camp. Didn’t think you’d ever lay like this again with Bellamy and the thought had broken your heart. The fact that you would never have had the chance to tell him exactly how you felt about him. You’d promised yourself that if you did get back you would tell him. It would be the first thing you’d say to him. He deserved for you to keep that promise.



“I love you” His eyes widened in shock at your words. “You don’t have to say it back, no pressure. I just… after what just happened I needed for you to know that. I needed for you to know that I love you”

He remained frozen in shock for a few more moments before his lips claimed your own in a kiss that you felt all the way down to your toes.

“I love you too” he whispered against your mouth. “I love you so fucking much” he kissed you again and your heart soared.

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Ooohh, #possessiveclones so beautiful *_* Can I ask you for contunation? Because of fracture Obi-Wan's leg was amputated and clones comfort him and help to teach him treat with prothesic one. P.S.: I already write this, but maybe Tumblr have eaten this. If no, just ignor this. P.P.S.: Sorry if I made some mistakes, I'm not good in English.

Keeping an arm around his General’s waist, Cody took half the size of his usual steps in an effort to move at the Jedi’s current pace. “Easy does it General Kenobi. You got time.” He murmured quietly as the soft click of the unbooted new leg stepped on the marble floor. “You should really get it derma covered, it would be safer and would provide more protection for the wires.” He offered, disapproval clear in his voice.

Chuckling faintly, Obi-Wan squeezed the commander’s shoulder. “I will but I need to learn to walk on it first I think, they’re still prepping for the derma cover. I have to commend Anakin next time I speak to him, he jumped quickly into the war effort after the loss of his arm and getting a mech arm himself.” The blond offered simply.

Grumbling quietly, Cody let the warmth of the other pressed to his side and the hand on his shoulder comfort him, bringing him more peace then standing guard over his General as the man twisted in fever from the infection his broken leg had given him.

Not wearing armor all the time had its perks, like the warmth of another body.

Frip, it would be a sight none of the 212th would forget any day soon, the sight of their General completely floored, shaking and shivering with a flushed and sweaty face as the fever ravaged him, the only solution being amputation for the General once they had finally reached civilization and a bacta tank for the man.

Amputation then into the bacta tank.

The slaver was lucky Cody hadn’t had time to extract due revenge for the torment he had put their General through.

‘Swift death was too good for him.’ Cody fought against the scowl he wanted to let out.

There was a low noise and then Obi-Wan squeezed his shoulder again. “Projecting some rather dark emotions there my friend.” Obi-Wan offered simply, glancing at him from under lowered lashes with a small smile on his face.

“Apologies, I was just… I was thinking about that osi'yaim.” He growled out the last word, eyes twitching a bit.

The redhead hummed quietly. “All slavers are despicable people… but he’s not going to be a problem anymore, so let go of that anger Cody.” Obi-Wan whispered softly, taking several small steps which brought them to the end of the medic hall.

Cody grunted quietly then froze as a warm hand gently touched his chin and slid to cup his jaw, turning his head towards the Jedi until Obi-Wan could catch his flashing amber eyes with his own calm green.

Flickering his eyes over Cody’s face, Obi-Wan gave him a small smile. “Ner kotep verde.” He murmured fondly.

Body moving on autopilot as Obi-Wan continued walking, Cody’s mind echoed the words. ‘My brave soldiers. My brave soldiers…’ His arm tightened around the Jedi’s waist. ‘Yes, we’re his soldiers and only his.’

Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus. -Philippians 4:7

I Caught Fire: Part 2 - A Roan x Reader Imagine

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Summary: Driven away from yet another home, you run into an old flame but will you be able to rekindle the love that was lost?

Words: 7,106

Warnings: Mild violence

Rating: T

You eyed the sky as you trudged home with a woven basket full of ingredients, the overcast sky seemingly darkening into a stormy gray. You weren’t sure if this was a bad omen or if you had just spent too much time absentmindedly perusing the marketplace, but the sudden change made you shudder.

Your eyes fell on the castle just in the distance.

You hadn’t heard from Roan in two weeks. There was no sign of him or his planned wedding procession. There hadn’t been any mention of the great alliance between Azgeda and Trishanakru or the induction of a new Ice Nation princess, though, the ceremony date had come and gone.

Your intuition told you that something had gone wrong, not because of the obvious evidence but because Roan wasn’t someone who went back on his word. You weren’t sure if he had been caught and his plan foiled or if the wedding date had simply been postponed. You just wanted him to show up, and that’s why you waited.

You entered the small hut that you shared with your new healer friend and called out to the elderly woman, “Faye, I’m back. Sorry, I took so long.”

The woman didn’t respond. She hated when you were late which is probably why she was ignoring you.

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kalm421  asked:

Tiny Obi-Wan and Cody go on their first date. Will it be a success or a bust? (If you choose bust can there be reassurances that it's okay and then lead to cuddles)

“…I honestly didn’t think you really meant it when you said fruit picking.” Obi-Wan laughed as Cody lifted him up on a tall branch, the small Jedi quickly moving towards the higher fruits.

“Hey, fruits are good and I know you, you’re good at climbing.” Cody countered, holding up the basket to catch the fruits Obi-Wan dropped down, smiling every time a blue apple hit the basket with a sound thump.

The miniature Jedi gave him a warm smile back and continued climbing around, using a little bit of the Force to make sure the apples did indeed hit the basket.

“We can’t eat all of these though.” He hummed.

“No but like I said, we can give the rest to the troopers or we can give them to the kitchen to make a few pastries for everyone.” Cody countered again, grinning when Obi-Wan laughed in delight. That was what he wanted with this entire thing. Obi-Wan, laughing, smiling, happy. “Don’t climb to high.” He cautioned. “I’m not sure I can follow up there. I might be to big.”

“Now there’s a few words I don’t often hear.” Obi-Wan laughed but started to carefully climb to get down. “We should have enough apples anyhow, the basket is full.” He offered before climbing into Cody’s hand when the other offered it again.

With care, Cody moved him to his shoulder, smiling when Obi-Wan settled down on it with familiarity and ease.

“Find a place to have lunch?” Cody looked around.

“That hill over there looks nice. I don’t mind sitting on your thigh if there’s a rock you can sit on.” Obi-Wan pointed.

The commander hummed and nodded. “We’ll look for a rock. I’m not sitting down in the wet grass.” He smiled when he felt the other nuzzle into his neck, reaching up with his free hand to rub his fingers over the others legs slowly.

So far their first date had been going wonderful.

The planet they were safe guarding was peaceful, the weather was nice, Obi-Wan had been enjoying himself and they were left in peace for the date, no one reaching out with an emergency.

Looking around, Cody found a okayish rock he could sit on, settling the basket down and then helping Obi-Wan down on his thigh so they could see each other.

“So, what did you pack for us?” Obi-Wan offered curiously, peeking at the bottle and the container in the basket.

“Bantha stew, bread powder and water.” Cody smiled sheepishly back. “I know its not fancy but I kind of had to work with what I had.” He offered while pulling the bag with the bread powder out of his belt to make their loaf of bread. “And there’s also the apples which I hope are sweet as a form for dessert.”

He relaxed when Obi-Wan gave a delighted laughter. “Well well, at least you didn’t have this perfectly planned. I like it Cody. And I like bantha stew.” His Jedi smiled up at him, comfortable looking on Cody’s thigh.

This was what Cody wanted.

If he could have a future like this, sitting in the sun about to eat with Obi-Wan, then he’d grasp it with both hands and never let go.

He smiled and quickly mixed water and bread powder, letting it rise as he opened the container of bantha stew.

Obi-Wan got full after a bit and then curled out over Cody’s thigh, watching the world as Cody continued spooning down more of the stew and eating bread, both enjoying the respite.

“You know…I could do this again…easily.”


“Just…this.” Obi-Wan whispered, making it hard for Cody to hear him. “Just laying in the sun on your thigh. Its…calm. I haven’t had calm since the war began, not like this.”

The commander blinked before leaving the spoon in the container and reaching out with his right hand, his left still holding the stew. He rested a fingertip on the others back slowly. “Well for what its worth, I can totally do this again too.” He offered quietly.


Probably not: Instead, I recommend a solid palm-heel strike.

Curl your fingers back and hit with the meat of your lower thumb and palm. Drive through with your body weight; hit with your entire mass, not just your arm. It may be marginally less powerful than a true punch, but is safer for you, which means you can do it more often without damage. Driving through with the bones in your forearm without having to worry about all your carpals and metacarpals will be a huge relief! Sure, focusing all the strike on two knuckles is more devastating, but think of your forearm as a battering ram: keep it simple and brutally effective.

Alternately, throw an elbow. It may be closer quarters, but elbows are great because they’re like a blade of bone AND hard to damage. Catching a fist is bad, catching an elbow is devastating. Be devastating! At worse you’ll have a cool bruise! Your elbows are tough. REALLY tough. Like you can break multiple faces with them.

QUESTIONS: Violence is bad! Is this moral? What if Nazis are peacefully demonstrating? Pacifism is more effective!

Friend, there is no such thing as peaceful Nazis, neo-Nazis, or white supremacists. Anyone who advocates genocide is by definition not peaceful, and their open advocacy of genocide IS an act of violence. While we’re fretting over punches vs palm-heel strikes, they’re preaching ethnic cleansing. One mo’ time for y’all in the back: OPENLY PREACHING GENOCIDE IS A VIOLENT ACT, AND MUST BE MET ACCORDINGLY.

And yet, actually not a lot of people are terrorizing the alt-right until they start it first, and that’s fine. A few Nazis got rightfully chased, GOOD, but most anti-fascists have been standing as human barricades around peaceful protesters, and guarding clergy, and not starting any fights, but are willing to finish them. Because guess what? Violent extremists like Nazis kinda have a habit of mowing over peaceful folks and destroying their causes, and if you want to stop them, some people need to fight back or else. See History for further details.

Support peaceful protests, learn how to distribute first aid, do whatever you can if you abhor confrontation – there are dozens of places for these very important roles. But don’t fool yourself:

Peaceful protest is always the goal, but it’s also a privilege purchased by those who put their bodies in harm’s way first, so YOU could feel safe. Peaceful protest has almost always been met by violence. I hope none of you are ever in situation that requires reciprocation, but if you are? Palm heel strike, y'all. Right to the nose and throat.

Did the writers forgot about poofing? Ive watched that will be all yesterday and, like many other people, didnt understand why crystal gems left the off colors behind. Someone could say “they wouldnt all fit on the ship”, but like… Just poof them? Also you could just poof holly blue, which would give you more time…? From what we know poofing isnt harmful to a gem (maybe unplesant, but not harmful), it makes it easier to transport, since it takes much less space and then it can just reform in peace in the temple, guarded by steven and the other gems. Basically i dont get why poofing is used only in fight context, when it can be used for, fe the aformentioned transport or sneaking or smth