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How large is their pack and who are the important members?

I’m still world building their pack, but so far I know it’s one of the largest known pack in the country
As for important members, I don’t have exact names, but I do have a few important roles some some wolves would take

Doctors ( ranging from herbal doctors to mid wives/wet nurses)
Farmers (they focus more on small fields and live stock, like chickens, rabbits, cows etc)
Foragers (they fall in the same category as Herbal Doctors, but more often then not they’re usually an errand pup out with a list of herbs/plants to gather)
Guards/peace keepers

I know there’s more but I can’t remember them off the top of my head lmao
If I remember I’ll add them on to the post

the peace sign is wilting. he’s laying on his deathbed. thumb (positively, pointing up), enters the room and caresses peace sign’s cheeks. they are smiling at each other. peace sign smiles once more before he drifts into peaceful slumber. thumb is waiting, guarding peace sign until he wakes up. patiently. like a good friend.

Choices must be made

from Lee Burkett’s FB page:

Here’s the thing:
Either the owners of the DAPL will win, or the people will win. Either the pipeline will be completed or it will be stopped.

Either the destruction and desecration of Earth will continue or it will be ended.  There really is no compromise. There really is no middle ground.

We, us, the people, must decide now. We cannot leave it to our government or the corporations because we have seen where that leads: Police and National Guard attacking peaceful prayerful protectors of water, serving as mercenaries at the beck and call of wealthy and politically connected billionaires.
Is this how we should let things remain? 

Are these the people who get to decide how our children will live? IF our children will live?

While we focus on the DAPL, President Obama has quietly approved the construction of two other pipelines- The Trans-Pecos and The Comanche Trail, both owned by Energy Transfer Partners, the same corporation that owns DAPL.

Just in this last week a pipeline in Pennsylvania owned by Sunoco (one of the ETP partners) leaked over 55,000 gallons of gasoline into the Susquehanna River. A pipeline that was leaking in Alabama last week exploded yesterday. And a major leak in North Dakota was uncovered over the weekend.
Should we, us, the people accept that this will be how we live?

Wherever you live, you are just miles from a pipeline. As of 2015 there were an estimated 2.5 million miles of pipeline already installed in the continental United States. A leak is waiting to happen near you. And it will happen.

This cannot be compromised. It cannot be negotiated. Our water is being poisoned, our land is being poisoned. That has already happened, and it will continue to happen, not just to others somewhere else, but to you and your children. 

Is this how we should let things be?
Today is a good day to think about this.

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Haha, have fun with randomness! Characters: Maglor and Glorfindel. Topic: friends or foes. Go any direction you'd like :D

Main Characters: Glorfindel, Maglor

Topic: Friends or Foes

When Glorfindel set foot in Middle Earth for the second time, he spent the first few weeks by the shores, wandering and reminiscing. His mind took him back to the days in Gondolin, the glimmering city with its white marbled towers and fair houses, and flowering gardens between courts. At times, he would patrol the outskirts with his comrades by the King’s orders, and they would chatter about many things. One topic that surfaced the most was their decision to leave Valinor. It was a bittersweet memory, because while they had come to live in such a well-guarded and peaceful kingdom, there were times when the light of the west was yearned for. Then, the struggles in Helcaraxë would weigh on their minds, reminding them of the sacrifice and peril faced soon after they reached Middle Earth.

One day, as he leisurely paced the expanse of the beach, he heard a voice in the wind. It was a melodious sound, contrasting the woeful nature behind the words. Curious, Glorfindel paced faster to the source of the song. He finally came upon the person after climbing over a wide cliff rock to the other side.

The figure he saw as was one he didn’t expect in a million years to see again. Having their back to him, the mass of black hair danced in the gust of wind. Glorfindel settled his feet upon the gravel floor, his bright blue eyes widening at the sight before him.

“Lord…Lord Maglor?” He called to be sure. The singing didn’t stop abruptly, but rather lingered on in decreasing sound, until it faded into silence. Maglor turned his head to look back at Glorfindel, his eyes just as haunting as the song he was singing.

“It is you…” Spoke the golden haired elf, barely above a whisper. The prince of the noldor stared back at him, once a comrade of his, but with everything that transpired he could not tell where they stood.

Were they friends or foes?  Glorfindel wondered the same, for while he was noble at heart and seldom scrutinized others, the sins from the house of Fëanor were still vividly present in his mind. A frown formed.

“What is it that you do here?” He chanced to ask. The dark haired elf didn’t respond right away, first turning his eyes to look upon the vast ocean before them.

“I do nothing but wander, Glorfindel…that is my only will until finally my soul becomes too burdened, and it yearns for release.” He heard of his elder brother’s demise, and yet he had not the courage to let himself go just yet. There were feelings inside him that needed to be expelled, and he was only able to do it through music.

As much as the bright haired elf wanted to patronize the other, he didn’t have it in him. Maglor might have done unforgivable deeds in the past, but he seemed to be suffering enough on his own. While in Valinor, whispers told of Maedhros’ fëa residing in the Halls of Mandos now.  

“You have much to atone for…but I do not wish to make your burden any greater than it already is.” With a slight bow of the head, he related his last words to Maglor in their native quenya tongue.

Yá lúme tene, nai autuvaste séresse.”

Maglor watched as Glorfindel bade his leave of him, a saddening smile upon his face at those words. Alone once more, the noldor carried on his endless journey, his voice tuning into another melody.

A few leagues away, Glorfindel could still hear Maglor’s voice. Carried by the wind, it held such a power behind it that he chanced a look back. Whatever grievances he held against Maglor, it seemed forgotten in that moment.

Fëa – Soul/Spirit

Yá lúme tene, nai autuvaste séresse – When the time comes, may you leave in peace

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She pried me open and found my weaknesses
She spoke to me about my insecurities and accepted them
She made a disaster an adventure
She helped me find peace within madness
Every guard I put up, she got through My smile started to reach my eyes again
My laugh was sincere for the first time in years
She gave me hope when I thought it was lost
And when I least expected it, she left without a second thought
—  I thank her for that. I will forgive, but I will never forget
All the Godly

Clan Rosemund is usually a peaceful clan. Not, like, idyllic, because hot damn some folks is assholes, but peaceful. You know, the kind of peace a city guard means, when you can’t hear the shouting if you stand next door and none of the arguing’s being done with hammers and stabby things. None of that nasty disturbance stuff going on, or unspeakable horrors of the night, or whatnot– well, technically Michael is a deranged entity of cosmic injustice, but as long as he does that kind of thing in private it’s fine.

Which is to say, usually nobody gets terribly quibbly about religious-type matters. Why bother, right? some are god-loyal, some are elementally indifferent, we’ve got a fresh crop of cultists just the other day to strengthen our fabrication capabilities– the whole point of civilization is inter-elemental cooperation, even if Hesti’s got some weird personal propheteering thing going on. Heck, we even tolerate atheists.

Which makes this weird.

Clan Rosemund never had factions, until Hesti declared the ritual aspect of the Honeytouch cult forbidden. Clan Rosemund never had factions, because Hesti didn’t give a damn or let others bother others about it provided they contributed practically to the clan.

So is Hesti going mad? Is someone influencing her? Or did she actually find out something about the Honeytouch Cult that’s more sinister than their avowed purpose of making really pretty… things… and having great orgies?

Because the worst outcome for everyone is that people start taking sides. And the silly part is, everyone but the atheists can agree that the gods exist and it’s good to be on their non-thunderbolty sides (well, except for some lightning dragons, but Tony only swears at Stormdad when he needs some extra voltage for his experiments). Having at least one votary of each god is kind of the basic principle of a mixed clan– you’re not a clear target for any god with at least one of their element-type in the line of smiting– so who benefits from trying to pick and choose?

That is the million-treasure question: who? Or what?


*I love languages, so I couldn’t resist highlighting the Greek words sprinkled in The Song of Achilles*
‘Bad luck could be caught, and the Erinyes, our hissing spirits of vengeance, were not particular.’

“I forgot to say I wished him for a companion.” Therapon was the word he used. In war, these men were his honor guard; in peace, his closest advisers.

'Skops, Peleus took to calling me. Owl, for my big eyes.

She turned to Achilles. “You are lying! You have betrayed me! Monster! Apathes!”

'I should have known that Odysseus would not come with tawdry blackmail as his only coin. The stories named him polutropos, the man of many turnings. Fear stirred in me like ash.

“Pyrrha!” Lycomedes’ voice carried the length of the hall, rising over his daughter’s noisy sobs. He was talking to Achilles, I realized. Pyrrha. Fire-hair.

“No. The Phthians will not care. And the others can talk all they like. I will still be Aristos Achaion.”

“Hydros,” Achilles said. Water snake. It was dun gray, and it’s flat head hung brokenly to the side. It’s body still trembled a little, dying.

It shocked me anew each time I remembered it. His child with Deidameia. A boy, Thetis had told him, called Neoptolemus. New war.

“HOKUMOROS,” his mother calls him in her softest voice. Swift-fated. “Will you not eat?”

“That is-your friend?”
“Philtatos,” Achilles says, sharply. Most beloved. “Best of men, and slaughtered by your son.”

“You chose her,” he says. “Over me.”
“Over your pride.” The word I use is hubris. Our word for arrogance that scrapes the stars, for violence and towering rage as ugly as the gods.


I live in Baltimore City and most of the info going around is wrong. Here’s a list of things that’s happening:

  • There are currently 4 structures on fire 
  • Police officers are using mustard gas against extremely violent rioters
  • There is a curfew placed, 14 year olds and under are to be indoors by 9 and everyone else in their homes by 10 until 5 am.
  • Police officers from all over the state are dressed in riot gear creating man made walls blocking rioters from going into communities.
  • Rioters and civilians damaged police cars and other cars, innocent bystanders were harmed along with police, some members of the Baltimore police department had burning trashcans, bottles and rocks thrown at them.
  • Car fires
  • MTA was shut down between 4 and 5 in the afternoon
  • Some schools released students early in the city (mine didnt)
  • Baltimore City schools are closed tomorrow until further notice
  • Maryland is under a state of emergency with the national guard only a few short miles from my house


Yes, the Freddie Gray case initiated the protesting, but they only wanted peaceful protesting against police brutality, not Ferguson all over again. What is happening now is a completely different issue than the police brutality with Freddie Gray. Baltimore city police officers and fire fighters are putting their lives on the line and all of the police officers are literally taking hits from rioters, doing nothing towards them but arresting them, and in extreme cases, tear gassing and pepper spraying them. So far, Freddie Gray’s death is the only recorded death caused by police brutality within the past week.


Weekly Theme: How to keep Christ at the center of your thoughts

Daily Theme: ..experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus…Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise. - Phil. 4:7-8

My dear sister,

As the Apostle Paul encouraged the Philippian church, let us be reminded today to wrap ourselves in the things of the Lord, guarding our hearts and minds in the things of Jesus, even when it comes to:

1. What we look like
Don’t let what someone you know has deemed as beautiful cause you to start rethinking your beauty. Don’t let a celebrity’s Instagram page cause you to start thinking about what improvements you must make in order to be attractive. No, your hair does not need to be longer or a different color in order to be beautiful. The way that God shaped your nose, your eyes, your lips, your chin…He did not make a mistake in these things. In the eyes of God, you are not too short and you are not too tall. You don’t have to have bigger hips and you don’t have to spend every moment worrying about having the perfect body so you can wear a swimsuit next month. Of course we should take care of the bodies God has given us, and there is nothing wrong with looking nice, but don’t become so focused on it that it takes away from “what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable.” Focus on what God is doing in your heart and let it radiate outwardly. You HAVE to start there. This is what will carry you through today.

2. What people think about us
Far too many people feel pressured into post things on social media, or major in a certain subject in college, or dress a certain way because they are so focused on winning everyone’s approval. But my dear sister, this is not how you succeed! You succeed by being deeply rooted in the things of God and finding peace in what HE has called you to do. That’s how you’ll make it. Fix your thoughts on Him.

Your friend,

Biblical context + further reading: Phil. 4

Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.
—  Philippians‬ ‭4‬:‭6-7‬ NLT