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shinee world japan member blog update ♡ 170408

jonghyun: everyone from osaka: thank you for the past two days.

today is a very special day for me, isn’t it?! i was very happy that i was able to celebrate my birthday with you last year and this year, for two consecutive years. i was able to make new concert memories. ^^ 

when i was blowing out the candles i wish for everyone - including myself, of course, as well as the members, all of you fans, and the staff - to become healthy and happy from now on. ☆ (source: mredwardsanders)

🌹Greg & Rose Romance Spell🌹

inspired by steven universe, a spell to aid romance for couples that don’t connect in all the conventional ways

Rose: … What!? *laughing hysterically* You can’t fuse! You are a human!
Greg: I know! That’s the problem! I’m just a human.

🌹 gather: a whole peach, rose quartz, a normal rock, and one of the items below that corresponds to what you feel is missing from the relationship

  • dill =  communication
  • vanilla = lust
  • poppy seeds = romance
  • cumin = fidelity
  • coconut = chastity
  • bluebell = trust
  • cypress = peace

🌹 cut the peach in half, take the pit out. 

🌹 put the rose quartz and the normal rock where the pit was

🌹 sprinkle your chosen ingredient over the inside of the peach. 

🌹 close up the peach

🌹 bury the peach. keep the pit

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#55- I fell in love with my best friend

Authors Note: I have been wanting to write this for a little bit now, and finally my idea can just be thrown into a requested blurb. Xx

You stand staring into the depths of the mirror in front of you, your hair curled immaculately, your earrings corresponding beautifully with your necklace, your eyes shining a radiant shade, your dream wedding dress caressing your body in a comprehensive fashion; your veil dangling over your shoulders— trailing to the floor, combining the sovereign appearance.

You turn around, your mind overlooking your bridesmaids as they adjust the trail of your embroidered dress and veil, complimenting you through their own tears of happiness.

Every girl dreams of their wedding from the moment they notice their first wedding dress flawlessly posted in a magazine, or from the first moment they lay their eyes on a stunning bride as she looks charmingly at her husband.

You take a deep breath trying your best to fake a smile but the unsettling swirl in the pit of your stomach doesn’t make things peaceful. Your Father steps in, his eyes meeting yours as holds back a few tears, his voice suddenly making things real.

This is actually your wedding day. This is real. You are getting married.

“I wish I could keep you, my little girl, forever, but it is time for you to walk down that aisle.” He smiles, your Bridesmaids instantly circling around you, waiting for your cue to adjust your dress for the hundredth time.  

“I uh.. I need some more time.” You clear your throat, your own hands feeling shaky as you hold your lovely bouquet in your hands, the bouquet that your soon-to-be mother-in-law insisted on you holding. Your Dad nods and steps back out of the dressing room, your eyes looking down at the engagement ring on your finger.

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I lost in spirit but won in strength

Of course, being the natural born tank/fighter of the group, everyone in the group ropes me into their fights to finish it for them. The bard especially, but this time wasn’t his fault, since he was off gathering information from townsfolk at the time. Homebrew bansky DM wanted to make sure we were “on our toes” during the peaceful parts of the campaign by pitting us against some hoodlums that were heckling the party’s halfling monk. When he really needed help, I was the first pick to go after the gang.

I had REALLY good stats, but there was one stat the DM told me these hoodlums had that was higher than mine and I IMMEDIATELY knew what it was. The party laughed, I croaked in anger, and I looked back at my sheet and my low Charisma stat.

Everyone else, even the bard, had a higher charisma than I did. I wasn’t intimidating in the slightest. I looked cuddly and cute for a brutal fighting machine. “What’s this poor grizzly cub going to do, paw at me?” one of the hoodlums spoke. The halfling monk gave me his staff and told me to roll, I follow along, and lo and behold I get a nat 1. The DM figures that I was supposedly trying to break the staff in half with my bare hands, but I end up just tossing the staff on the ground in rage. “Aw, the big fluffy guy’s gone a bit grumpy?” one of the hoodlums replied. “What’s he gonna do, hug me to death?”

Just then and there, DM Punk gave me a slip of paper and gives me my signal to read it silently and follow directions (two blinks and a frown,) the paper said to roll a D20 on the table. When I go to grab my dice someone asked why I was going to roll and I just laughed, and proceeded to roll a nat 20. I break the spinal cord and crush the lungs and heart of the hoodlum, instantly knocking him out cold.

I literally hugged the hoodlum to death. Story of the not-so-gentle-giant and his low charisma stat.

Listen, I’m a huge dog person. I’m a huge animal person in general. This is my pup Loki. He was born last July. He was the softest most gentle little pup ever. But there was a chemical problem in his brain. He had intense dog anxiety that caused him to jump at the smallest of things. He never slept. Dogs are supposed to sleep 12-13 hours a day and he only slept 5-6. It was impossible to wear him out. We took him for 6 mile walks a day but he still wouldn’t get worn out. Recently Loki began to show aggression because of this problem. He never lashed out on me though. He tried to attack my other dog, he bit my stepdad, and he wanted to attack any motorcycle that went by. We sent him back to the breeder. Because he said there’s been plenty of dogs that end up aggressive and he could work it out. And for a while we thought it was working. But on Friday night Loki snapped. He bit the breeder so bad he was spilling blood. And the thing is, Loki doesn’t know when or why he lashes out on people. He is a confused pup.
This morning at 11:28am we had to put Loki down, less than a month before his first birthday. In his last moments he was finally happy. Seconds before the euthanasia kicked in he was thumping his tail. And the coldness that seemed to lurk behind his eyes was gone.
Loki was finally calm.
He was finally at peace.
Not all pit bulls are bad dogs. And up until now I believed it was the owner not the dog. But there are extremely rare cases where the dog is at fault due to a neurological condition.
We did everything in our power to save this little guy.
But we couldn’t find anything.
Goodbye lil pup
I’ll see you at rainbow bridge

“Paluena resisted being consumed for over three years. Have to hand it to her, that takes a certain strength of will. She was waiting for you to return, Pit. I’m sure she used every last ounce of power to resist.”

Happy 3rd Anniversary, Kid Icarus: Uprising! I applaude you for the characters, stories, and tears! (for extra tears, listen to this)

Dedicated to my favorite arc, the Chaos Kin. If there is enough intrest, I will sell this as a 12x18 print, so message me if you would like one!

The Sound of Your Voice (Min Yoongi)

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“Hey, sleepyhead, what’s your name?”

Word Count: 1,039

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: Light swearing??

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Faking it (Grayson) Part 3/?

Summary: Your bestfriend Grayson is attending a relative’s wedding and he needs you to act as his girlfriend. Cue lots of pining from both your sides, smug looks from Ethan and their family pressuring you into marriage and babies.
Word Count: 2,204
Warnings: None.
A/N: I’m so happy you guys like this so much. The feedback has been amazing. Also, I’m almost at 300 followers!!! Thank you so much. Enjoy part 3!! xx

Faking It Masterlist.

You took a quick shower and dried yourself in the bathroom, changing into the clothes you had taken with you. Once you had dried your hair so it wasn’t dripping you decided to join the others downstairs, hoping that they weren’t waiting for you to finish before they ate. But one glance into the open doorway of the kitchen told you that the dinner was still in the making, Lisa and four other adults bustling around, talking over each other, resulting in them almost shouting to be heard over the other’s voice. You smiled in amusement before turning to walk into the living room.

The living area was breathtaking. Like everything in the cabin, it was out of wooden walls and floors, but it was styled in a very cozy and western feel. There were two red sofas and one mustard colored armchair all pointed toward the largest fireplace you had ever seen, made out of grey stone, and of course a large sofa table in the middle. It seemed like this whole cabin was made out of windows, because at the far left of the living area, there was a whole wall made out of glass, giving off that gorgeous view of the backyard and lake, the one you had in the room you were staying at.

Grayson and Ethan were both preoccupied with talking to their small cousins, three sitting by Ethan and one in Gray’s lap. You smiled at the sight, feeling something twist in the pit of your stomach. It was just too adorable. Gray looked up at, catching your eye. He smiled easily and bounced the little girl in his lap, who couldn’t be more than five or six years old.

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tw: suicide attempt 

it wasn’t supposed to be you 

even in broad daylight, dazai wasn’t detoured from his suicide attempts. with each passing day, the brunet was finding more and more interesting ways to attempt to end his life, and today, he was eying the ferris wheel looking over yokohama.

dazai grinned at the thought of having his body dangle from one of the ferris wheel carts at the peak of the ride and proceeded to tie a knot in the rope he had at hand and tied the other end to one of the carts at ground level. 

hiding himself was simple with tanazaki’s light snow ability even if it took lots of bribing and convincing the other that none of his attempts ever succeeded anyway. 

the brunet wrapped the noose of the rope around his own neck and waited for the ride to begin. adrenaline pumped through his system as he felt himself draw closer and closer to the sweet release of death. 

the ride began and pulled dazai along with it. the ground slipped from behind his feet, and he felt his unconscious slowly fade as the rope around his neck tightened. hazelnut eyes glazed over and stared off into the horizon only to widened slightly with shock. 

a figure far off in the distance was flying towards him, holding onto a hat while a coat fluttered with the wind. 

‘ah, chuuya…you never fail to stop me do you,’ dazai thought before giving into his lack of oxygen and passing out. 

dazai regained conscious and brought a hand up to his throat. the rope had been roughly cut near the end of the noose, most likely by chuuya and his knife.  

he had landed on top of something soft and warm, and to his surprise, the hand he had brought up stained his skin with scarlet blood. 

staring down, dazai’s eyes fell upon a bloodstained chuuya, his expression almost too peaceful, causing a knot of concern to form in the pit of dazai’s stomach, though dazai wasn’t surprised to see the redhead under him. 

even if he never mentioned a single word to the other, chuuya always managed to interfere with his suicide attempts, even at the cost of his own well-being, but never had he been injured to such an extent. the executive had pulled dazai into his arms during the fall even though he knew doing so would nullify his own gravity manipulation. 

dazai brought his hands down to chuuya’s face in absolute horror as reality hit him. the suicide attempt that was supposed to take his life had taken chuuya’s instead.

Outlast 2 Spoilers!

So in the scenes where you go through a school there’s often areas you can record with Blake’s camcorder (9 in total if I’m correct). Reviewing these recording just reveal gargled voices and static BUT play them in reverse and you’re in for one hell of a treat. There’s plenty of YouTube vids on this already but I figured it’d be nice to tell you all what each of the recordings said.

Before I do this I’d like to mention that the individual speaking is most likely Blake or Father Loutermilch, he is also the crazy tongue monster that chases you given the birth mark visible on both models with careful examination. And of course major content warning because this is Outlast we’re discussing.
Any who, onto the transcripts!

Recording 1 a.k.a. Jessica’s Suicide Note - “Dear Lord, sweet Jesus, forgive my sins and accept my gratitude. Thank you God for killing the child.”

Recording 2 a.k.a. Hanged Jessica - “You remove the devilish and beyond the flesh which you made was unable to resist.”

Recording 3 a.k.a. A Game of Hangman - “I am weak, but you are strong for me. How generous. You gave me life, you gave me talent.”

Recording 4 a.k.a. A Sickness in St. Sybil - “The gift of music and mathematics and love. In those fleeting moments in which music and math can save me.”

Recording 5 a.k.a. Ruptures - “I may share peace with the children who may be able to take my pit talents and turn them into glory.”

Recording 6 a.k.a. Roots and Branches - “Let me share in their wanted path to adulthood. Moments when a child learns those things everybody else already knows, but doesn’t talk about.”

Recording 7 a.k.a. They’re All Going to Laugh at You - “She was so ripe with possibility. So resilient, smiling, flirting, never even aware of the power she had.”

Recording 8 a.k.a. Pulse - “You
killed her, you saw what she was. Your world rested on her shoulders as much as on my own. You took her, and I could not.”

Recording 9 a.k.a. I Have Lots of Friends - “You killed her, but I never told a soul. I kept your secret, our secret. Thank you. Thank you. Never told a soul. Let the sorrow of a suicide note wash over the unacceptable tragedy of her murder.”

Note: none of these are confirmed this is just what I hear when I’ve listened to them. Please feel free to look up the recordings for yourself and draw your own conclusions.


Jay’s first Live after the big news. In which he explains the trolling relationship between him & Jwalkerz, talks about his “private jet ride” w/HOV, and tells us not to look at pics of him lolol 👑🍾🛳