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Only time will tell {{Legolas x Reader}}

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It was a surprisingly peaceful day. The Fellowship wasn’t running. There were no Orcs in sight. The skies were clear and beautiful. The sun shined down on the still water and made it glimmer. The water flowed over the rocks creating a beautiful waterfall. You sat at the edge of the pond with your legs in the water kicking back and fourth. You felt someone press a kiss ontop of your head. You brought your hand up to cup the cheek of said person. The only sound to be heard was the waterfall’s rushing water.

“I was wondering where you adventured off too this time, Melamin,” his soft voice calmed you even more.

You smiled and turned to look at him,“ your a hunter who is an elf with keen sight and sharp hearing, yet you can’t keep track of the woman you love.”

He smiled back and softly kissed you on the lips,“ Is the water warm?”

You nodded and looked out at the pond,“ would you like to go for a swim?”

He stood up and started taking his clothes off. You raised an eyebrow in confusion,“ Um….. Thats not what I was implying….”

He laughed and ruffled your hair,“ I don’t want to get my clothes wet.”

“oooooooh…. Wow being friends with {{BFF/N}} has really done a number on my innocent mind,” you said then you both started laughing. You turned away when he was half naked. A few seconds later, without looking, told him to turn around so you could undress. He complied and you quickly undressed. It wasn’t like you two were uncomfortable with eachother…. It was more so your shyness.

There was a splash and Legolas turned to see you had jumped into the water. You swam around for a bit and was soon joined by the elven prince. You smiled when he held you close to him and pressed his forehead against yours. You loved him with all your heart, as did he, for you.

You both continued swimming untill
you heard the footsteps of someone. You looked to where the sound was comming from and glared. You saw Aragorn freeze up and immidiatly regret his decision. Visions of what happened last time he interupted your swim time.

“I thought you learned from last time,” you got out of the water with clenched fists. You had the most irritated look on your face. Aragorn gulped and started to back away.

“Start running.”

“Hey have you guys seen Legolas anywhere?” Sam asked.

“Now that I think about it, isn’t _____ missing too,” Frodo asked looking at the rest of the fellowship for answers.

“I think Aragorn went to go find th-” Boromire was cut off when he heard Aragorn scream. They all turned and watched Aragorn run by.

“Whats going on with h-” Frodo’s question was soon answered when he saw you run by.


Legolas walked to the fellowship and stood there quietly.

“Aren’t you going to help him?” Merry asked watching as you jumped onto Aragorn and took him to the ground.

“Are you kidding me? There is no way I’m getting in between that,” Legolas said and watched as you and Aragorn were fighting on the ground.

They all watched as Aragorn got free and started to run again. Maybe he would finally learn not to go looking for you if you go missing…. Especially if Legolas goes missing too.

Fallen Kings - AH "Royal Court" AU

So I was working on Ryan last night and with it I accidentally developed an entire AU about the Mad King and the Royal Court. Done in italics, for theatrical measure.

Long ago, six powerful beings ruled over the lush, rolling kingdom in which they resided. The All-Father, leader of the small fellowship, watched over the others with a gentle but firm rule. The Keeper of Roses brought to the world lush greenery while the Keeper of the Forge built mighty structures. The gentle Keeper of Beasts attended to the creatures of the world with his favorite cow Edgar while the Keeper of Laughter and the Keeper of Combat, a mighty champion called Mogar, had daily adventures and filled minds with tales of grandeur and mystical endeavors. Together their kingdom prospered, and they lived in peace. Then one day, out on their daily romp, the Keeper of Laughter stumbled upon a strange portal that took him to an even stranger place, in which he found a most peculiar idol. Even in the darkness of the world, the delicate golden circlet glowed with the fires of the setting sun and whispered promises of greatness to the young lad. Naive of the golden Crown’s intentions, the Keeper of Laughter took it back to the All-Father and presented it to him as a gift. The All-Father, pleased, saw beauty in the gold Crown and placed it on his head. 
But the Crown of Pimps was a lie. Using the omnipotence of the All-Father, the darkness of the Crown was awoken and evil was released into the world and bled into the very core of the land. It passed through the fellowship, stripping them of their divine powers and casting them down into the world of mortality. When the men awoke, they found a tall golden throne in their midst and their peaceful world riddled with monsters and chaos. The Crown of Pimps, resting atop the former All-Father’s head, whispered that their divinity could be restored and the land saved if certain tasks were to be done in its name, the name of the ‘King’, and certain monuments be erected in its honor. It gave him back a fraction of his former power as a token of the promise. The new King complied with good intentions to save his companions from the grip of the Crown, naive of the Crown’s trickery. 
Little by little, the First King sent his subjects to carry out the tasks of the Crown. Though he wanted nothing more than to rule fairly and bear the burden of the Crown to save his friends, the Crown eventually corrupted his good intentions and the darkness seeped into his mind and actions. The King, fighting against the growing evil in his heart, became a shell of the man he once was, defeated while the Crown prospered. Seeing his friend suffer, the Keeper of Beasts, after erecting the first Tower of Pimps, removed the Crown from the tired King’s head and placed it upon his own.The kind heart of the Keeper of Beasts was easy prey for the malice of the Crown. Unable to cope, the Keeper of Beasts was driven to insanity during the mere first hours of his rule.
The Mad King became the perfect vessel for the Crown to carry out its intentions , and the Royal Court scrambled to survive and thwart such advances of darkness that the Mad King demanded. For the first time, the Royal Court was truly afraid.
After the first nights of terror, the Keeper of Roses, with what little command of nature he had left, managed to briefly pacify the Mad King’s wrath just long enough to steal the Crown from him. The Mad King was subdued, but at the cost of yet another innocent heart. This trend of usurping the power of the Crown was continued when Mogar took it from the Rose King, though his rule unlike his predecessors was defined by uneasy peace between the fellowship. It was during the rule of King Mogar when the Mad King once again rose to power.
The Second Reign of the Mad King was one marked by terror and bloodshed. The Crown grew in power, its reign seeming unending. In the midst of the Mad King’s twisted Labyrinth, it was the Keeper of Laughter that found and slew the Mad King’s cow, Edgar. The death was a major blow on the Mad King’s already shattered psyche; his former self showing through for the first time in his grieving. During this moment of weakness, the young lad removed the Crown from the Mad King and took the burden upon himself. The Laughing King’s rule, with his pure and cheery heart, managed for the first time to subdue much of the evil that tried to corrupt him and brought about a sense of hope and recovery to the fellowship. Yet the darkness still lived within the Mad King, and in his desire for power and revenge, he managed to slay his companions during the fury of a night storm, taking the Crown for the third time. This marks the Third Reign of the Mad King…

Yeah. There’s a lot I have yet to decide like how to interpret what happens during each rule and what the Tower of Pimps have to do with everything, and what the hell the Crown’s deal is, but other than that, it was pretty fun to make. Fanart may follow. 

Eternity is not about unending life as we know it… Eternity is a new life, free of death’s destructive powers, a fullness of life where love reigns supreme. The promise of everlasting life has less to do with duration of time and more to do with a certain kind of life – one of peace, fellowship, and abundance – and such a life can begin now.
—  Johann Christian Arnold