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Since this is the month of peace for my fellow Muslims around the world, I want to wish the Star Wars fandom a Happy Ramadan! (whether you are a Muslim or not).

I hope you could find peace and serenity in everything you do. Also for the sake of those who are celebrating it, let’s make this fandom hate-free for a little while shall we?

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Making Sidon and revali cry in tears of joy headcannon!

You got it! ~skeleton


-honestly this is an easy thing to do

-dude probably cries when he sees flowers just “yes you made it little buddy” (At a snail “You can do it buddy, i believe in you” cries “I am so proud”)

-prone to randomly crying like “omg I love you I am so glad you love me too i am truly blessed”

-almost anytime his s/o does something special for him


-in contrast, this is the  hardest thing in the universe to enact with revali

-this doesn’t cry when cutting onions, hardcore

-I can see him sobbing with relief at seeing his s/o alive after they get severely hurt however

-nobody points it out, he doesn’t do this often, let the man cry in peace

-his fellow champions are touched at the display

Man in society harvests only what he sows: disease if he sows disease, health if he sows health. Man is the social cause of all the effects that he socially undergoes. If he is fraternal, he will cause fraternity in others; If he is fratricidal, he will cause fratricidality in others. Humanly he can not make a movement, act of the arm, the heart or the brain, without the sensation reverberating from one to the other like an electric shock. And this takes place in the state of anarchic community, in the state of free and intelligent nature, as in the state of civilization, in the state of a domesticated man, of a chained nature. Only, in civilization, man being institutionally at war with man, can only jealous the happiness of his neighbor and howl and bite to his detriment. He is a tied dog, crouched in his niche and gnawing at his bone, grunting a ferocious and continual threat. In anarchy, man being harmoniously at peace with his fellows, can only rival passions with others in order to arrive at the possession of universal happiness.

Joseph Déjacque

Kierarktina Future Thoughts

So, Kieran’s definitely going to end up as King, right?

We know the king of the Unseelie can’t have a mortal consort, but rules are made to be broken and Cristina really loved Faerie. Plus, she has that handy heirloom that helps manage time dilation. It could allow her and Mark to live with Kieran in Faerie and still keep in touch with their family in the realm of men. 

Unseelie doesn’t mean unkind. It means unfortunate. Seelie derives from the same word as silly, it’s more a matter of demeanor than temperament. No one can deny that these three have had hard lives. They could acknowledge the cruelty of the world, the cruelty of people, and not be cruel themselves. They could grow up to be the rose full of thorns, the beautiful and dangerous thing acknowledged and recognized and respected. 

Kieran would be terrible at politics, let’s not lie, but he’d kind of rock at faerie politics. He’s got the right mix of supercilious, ridiculous, and stubborn. Give him his own semi-Shadowhunter squad of bodyguards and he might survive. They could buy him a few years, at least, until he settled into his power and learned how to wield it. They’ll age of course, but he’ll burn that bridge when he gets to it. 

Letting Mark explore faerie, this world he was forced into against his will, on his own terms would be such a good resolution. Letting him reconnect with his aunt, his blood, the Hunt, in a way that gives him power, would be important. He’d be able to do that as Kieran’s lover. 

It would also be a good ending for Cristina to be allowed to help, to be a politician, to fulfill her dream not as a Shadowhunter bringing peace to faeries but as a faery adjunct bringing peace to her fellow Shadowhunters. She could fulfill the lost traditions of her family, respect her name, and bring honour to the Rosales in her own way. You can’t marry much higher than a King, after all. 

Let these kids preside over revels together. Let Mark be at peace, knowing Cristina is right there in her Shadowhunter gear getting wildly drunk on faery wine and Kieran is next to him supporting him, and they have brother-in-laws to spare, some good, some bad, all loved, because faeries are easy to love (and fear). Let them grow up magical and bright and a little bit unfortunate in a world they make all their own. 

I am too crampy and achy and PMS-y to focus on the Opal situation any longer, but I do not a buy a single bit of her “come back” apology post. I hope she one day seeks help for her issues, and rehomes Opal and the puppies so that they are presented a better life. She is not going to be forgiven by this community, though, she made the conscious decision to lie and deceive and steal, and there’s no “forgive and forget” for that.

I also hope that this utter bullshit and betrayal has not hardened anyone to the point of becoming bitter, I hope we can hold onto our kindness and use it where it is needed still, love and support those who earnestly need assistance, and continue to try and prevent people from taking advantage of the pure hearts here. There is good in this community. And I choose to continue to believe in it, even when there’s drama flying every which way. This whole situation has tainted a community that is very giving, and it’s disgusting that someone would come here and do that. It isn’t the first time, it won’t be the last, so we have to be diligent, continue to stand up and speak out, but I hope we can continue to be kind and generous in times of need, even if we’re a tad more skeptical now.

Kiss all your pups goodnight for me, I love them and will continue to enjoy seeing them on my dashboard, and I will keep finding solace and joy in this community and one bad seed isn’t going to ruin that for me. Peace, fellow dog people, back to our regularly scheduled program of many more pictures of my dogs than you could ever possibly need.

Quickest Way to Wake Up the Amis

Enjolras: Cuddle him.  Immediately alert.

Combeferre: A strong cup of coffee, and he needs to smell it.

Courfeyrac: Sing him a wake-up song and he’s ready to face the day with a smile on his face.  Usually Good Morning from Singing in the Rain

Joly: All Joly needs is the sound of his pager, and he’s saving lives. 

Bossuet: If B really needs to wake up on time, a kiss from his beloveds is the best bet; anything conventional never works.

Jehan: As they would say, “Birdsong is the most natural way for a poet to wake up, already connected and at peace with their fellow creatures.”

Bahorel: His latest pump up song!  Don’t be surprised if it’s a showtune!

Feuilly: Alarms are literally all that wake up the PaperMan up in any kind of hurry.  Otherwise, it takes him about five hours to get out of bed.

Grantaire: Pour a goddamn bucket of water on top of this lazy asshole’s head.

’Takeshi has never seen a 12 year old get his ass handed to him as quickly as this one did. And he’s never seen a 10 year old deliver such a controlled one-sided trouncing as well as Hibari did. It’s- it can’t even be called a beating.

It’s one wallop to the stomach, right around the gut area. Enough to wind a person but not really injure them. And then Hibari plants a foot in that same spot to shove the other boy off the stage while he’s still keeled forward.

Hibari stands imperiously at the edge, still as a statue, looking down his nose the way a king looks upon his kingdom.’

- Takeshi, during his 2nd grade (Hibari’s 4th grade) entrance ceremony

The King put his head in his hands and looked miserably at the table between his elbows. He was a kind, conscientious, peace-loving fellow who had been afflicted in his youth by a tutor of genius. Between the two of them they had worked out their theory that killing people, and being a tyrant over them, was wrong. To stop this sort of thing, they had invented the idea of the Table—a vague idea like democracy, or sportsmanship, or morals—and now, in the effort to impose a world of peace, he found himself up to the elbows in blood. When he was feeling healthy he did not grieve much, because he knew the dilemma was inevitable—in weak moments he was persecuted by shame and indecision. He was one of the first Nordic men who had invented civilization, or who had desired to do otherwise than Attila the Hun had done, and the battle against chaos sometimes did not seem to be worth fighting. He often thought that it might have been better for all his dead soldiers to be alive—even if they had lived under tyranny and madness—rather than be quite dead.
—  T. H. White The Once and Future King (1958)
who the signs fall for
  • Aries: someone who knows exactly what they want, who plays hard to get, who is always energetic, who can help you control your impulsivity, who is always able to show you they love you, who is direct, who is enthusiastic, who jumps right into a challenge, who is passionate, who is as argumentative
  • Taurus: someone who won’t rush you, who only wants harmony, who is committed, who isn’t clingy, who is practical, who is serious, who can give you security, who appreciates your refined tastes, who adores the simple things, who is ambitious, who is stable
  • Gemini: someone who you can have deep conversations with, who can keep up with you mentally, who can read you like a book, who won’t mind the little white lies you tell, who doesn’t care that you’re scatterbrained, who is witty, who has a way with words, who doesn’t mind your noncommittal attitude, who will always give you your space
  • Cancer: someone who keeps promises, who wants you so bad it hurts, who can’t imagine being with anyone else, who you know will never break their heart, who knows you like the back of their hand, who knows what’s wrong without ever having to be told, who needs to be protected, who can’t stay angry at you, who is dependent on you
  • Leo: someone who will show you off to all their friends, who will answer the phone at 3am and soothe all your insecurities, who will kiss away the pain, who will force you to see all the good things about you, who will love you when you don’t love yourself, who isn’t ever afraid to tell you how much they love you, who is high maintenance, who makes you feel special
  • Virgo: someone who remembers the littlest things about you, who knows exactly what you like, who never stops trying to make you happy, who will never pressure you, who listens to you, who doesn’t mind your fussing, who is always trying to help, who shows you that you’re needed, who can take your criticism, who puts in the effort
  • Libra: someone who will give you your space, who will let you try to make them happy, who is charming, who keeps things balanced, who can adapt, who can think rationally, who works toward peace, who is a fellow hopeless romantic, who is charming as hell
  • Scorpio: someone who trusts you, who can be trusted, who you never have to worry about leaving you, who you can open up to, who will keep all your dirty little secrets, who will hide away from the world with you, who will drag you out of bed on the days when you feel you can’t do it yourself, who will make you see that there is good in everything, who is as intense as you, who isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty with you
  • Sagittarius: someone who doesn’t shy away from new experiences, who exaggerates everything, who is spontaneous, who is easygoing, who makes you cry with laughter, who isn’t terribly serious, who can never follow through with a plan, who makes promises bigger than they can keep, who can’t be tied down, who is generous to a fault
  • Capricorn: someone who is grounded, who is respectful, who seeks passion, who has so much to offer, who is persistent, who is more vulnerable than they let on, who can protect you, whose actions speak louder than their words, who is warm, who shows better than they tell
  • Aquarius: someone whose outspokenness is endearing to you, who isn’t afraid to challenge you, who can invoke curiosity in you, who won’t waste your time, who is an old soul, who creates their own path rather than follow the one that’s already there, who sticks to their beliefs, who is flexible, who is more loving than they seem
  • Pisces: someone who needs to be kept out of trouble, who makes you believe in love at first sight, who will always know how you’re feeling, who has so much empathy, who can’t always be direct, who craves something deeper, who can’t be pinned down, who is tender, who is a force to be reckoned with, who won’t allow themselves to be walked all over

HDIPTG readers, fellow bitches, etc.,

When I first started making this blog bored as hell in my graduate class several years ago, I never imagined this many other people would be as entertained by my dumb ideas as I was. See Mom, being a smart ass did get me somewhere…I guess? lol. But anyway, fast forward a few years and now I’ve got my masters degree, I have a job, and (biggest shocker of them all), I’m getting married. But before you judge too hard, my fiancee and I vomited outside a pizza place from drinking on Saturday, so clearly, being engaged isn’t affecting my klassiness. It’s been a crazy ride and I’ve truly enjoyed all the nice, humorous, creepy, very creepy, and amusing messages I’ve received and I love that I was able to make at least a few people laugh and distract more than a few from finals. I’m too busy to be able to post regularly, so I figured I’d stick a fork in it rather than let it die a slow death. My blog will remain intact, but I won’t be posting anymore. So, next time you’re sucking down that adult beverage, pour a little out for me. I would say I’d do the same, but I’m too much of a bitch.

Stay classy, stay tipsy, and funny,

lol did you think I would finally reveal my name? lol jokes. Nah… :)

Me: Loves Supergirl. Loves all characters in Supergirl. Loves the Superfriends. Thinks they all deserve a hug and a backstory. Ships both sanvers and supercorp. Likes to live in peace with fellow Supergirl viewers. *After seeing the fandom’s reactions to the Valentine’s episode* Me:

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Hänschen appreciation post 1/?

i really like what he says at Moritz’ funeral in the play!  It literally makes me cry every time i watch/read it

“Rest in peace, you honest fellow!—-Greet my eternal brides for me, those sacrificed remembrances, and commend me respectfully to the grace of God—-you poor clown—-They will put a scarecrow on top of your grave because of your angelic simplicity. “