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’Takeshi has never seen a 12 year old get his ass handed to him as quickly as this one did. And he’s never seen a 10 year old deliver such a controlled one-sided trouncing as well as Hibari did. It’s- it can’t even be called a beating.

It’s one wallop to the stomach, right around the gut area. Enough to wind a person but not really injure them. And then Hibari plants a foot in that same spot to shove the other boy off the stage while he’s still keeled forward.

Hibari stands imperiously at the edge, still as a statue, looking down his nose the way a king looks upon his kingdom.’

- Takeshi, during his 2nd grade (Hibari’s 4th grade) entrance ceremony

Quickest Way to Wake Up the Amis

Enjolras: Cuddle him.  Immediately alert.

Combeferre: A strong cup of coffee, and he needs to smell it.

Courfeyrac: Sing him a wake-up song and he’s ready to face the day with a smile on his face.  Usually Good Morning from Singing in the Rain

Joly: All Joly needs is the sound of his pager, and he’s saving lives. 

Bossuet: If B really needs to wake up on time, a kiss from his beloveds is the best bet; anything conventional never works.

Jehan: As they would say, “Birdsong is the most natural way for a poet to wake up, already connected and at peace with their fellow creatures.”

Bahorel: His latest pump up song!  Don’t be surprised if it’s a showtune!

Feuilly: Alarms are literally all that wake up the PaperMan up in any kind of hurry.  Otherwise, it takes him about five hours to get out of bed.

Grantaire: Pour a goddamn bucket of water on top of this lazy asshole’s head.

Me: Loves Supergirl. Loves all characters in Supergirl. Loves the Superfriends. Thinks they all deserve a hug and a backstory. Ships both sanvers and supercorp. Likes to live in peace with fellow Supergirl viewers. *After seeing the fandom’s reactions to the Valentine’s episode* Me:

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*peeks out from a bush* *holds a sign at you saying ' you can do it kohza! you an kiss the girl! ~ ' while making a thumbs up at the young man before retreating once more under the bush* :3 # rouge will always help lovebirds

◈ — A confused expression crossed his face before the male returned it to its neutral state. Who was this woman? And why was she interested in his love life? Instead of hopelessly wondering these things, Kohza went straight to the bush and peered behind it.   

         ❝It’s illegal to kiss the princess.❞ The lie was told with a straight face. 

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so the last drunk witch I talked to is great. its my opinion that all witches are great, and drunk witches rule the world. what do you think? (I was recently in fact a drunk witch as well)

Drunk witches are THE BEST. In fact, I agree with you that all witches are great, but drunk witches have that extra savoir faire that makes things intersting. however, keep in mind that behind every drunk witch is a strong cup of black coffee the next morning. Peace and blessings, fellow drunk witch!

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◈ — ❝My name is Kohza, I’m a citizen of Alabasta.❞ The male didn’t hesitate to introduce himself. Seeing as he never got the chance to two years ago. ❝I was still recovering from a wound when you guys left, so I never did give my gratitude to you and the other strawhats.❞ With a step back, Kohza gave the other a full bow.  

         ❝Thank you for saving my country.

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No you're right. I bet you are ugly and possess little to no applicable life skills. That's why you idolize two dudes who were similar and couldn't handle society. I feel for people in pain like yourself. Hope you find peace, fellow human

We all agree that I am ugly, but I have to disagree with no life skills. I can set traps, pick locks, fish, hit a headshot 10/10 times with a Glock 42 .380 auto, and I am almost at SEAL level physical fitness. Not to be cocky (lmao this totally is) but don’t fucking say I have no life skills.

Hänschen appreciation post 1/?

i really like what he says at Moritz’ funeral in the play!  It literally makes me cry every time i watch/read it

“Rest in peace, you honest fellow!—-Greet my eternal brides for me, those sacrificed remembrances, and commend me respectfully to the grace of God—-you poor clown—-They will put a scarecrow on top of your grave because of your angelic simplicity. “
My prayers and support to the Kenyan students who experienced the Al-Shabaab attack on 4/2/15.

I am terrified and disgusted by this morning’s attack. Kenya has been peaceful for a few years now and this attack has placed fear on our people. According to CNN and a witness, the attackers cam in at dawn as many christian students were praying and began their rampage of killing only Christian students for hours. Rahmat Allah Alayk


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Recently I saw an MCU post on your blog, and just out of curiosity, how do you think the members of the HTTYD gang would interact with the avengers?

See also this post on Hiccup and Tony Stark interacting.

Oh my goodness, YES, I love this! Since there are so many dragon riders and Avengers (even if we limit it just to the MCU thus far), I cannot talk about how everyone would get along in the web of interactions. Still, I can chat a little how I imagine it might work out!

Fishlegs and Bruce Banner would get along very well. Bruce is a fairly reserved and quiet individual, a bit more introverted than a number of the other Avengers. He has an admirable amount of self-control, and when he is not the Hulk, he is a peaceful sort of fellow in social interactions. Additionally, Banner is a scientist and very well-studied. All these traits combined mean he would make a great pal for Fishlegs, who is also a bit of an introverted, quiet soul with a love of knowledge.

Peter Parker would get along well with Hiccup but drive Snotlout crazy. Hiccup and Peter would find a lot of areas to relate to. They have both struggled with missing parents and early deaths of family members (Uncle Ben and Stoick). They have both been teased and treated as outcasts during their early teenaged years. They are both incredibly intelligent, inventive young men with a great idealistic desire to help others and make the world a better place. Hiccup and Peter would get along very well. The more I think about it, the more I love the relationship.

However, Peter, with his quips, would quickly drive Snotlout crazy. When Snotlout would protest back, it would likely start a battle of sass and sarcasm… one Snotlout would lose every time. Only making him more grouchy around Spider-man. Furthermore, Peter’s accomplishments might make Snotlout feel a little uncomfortable and jealous around him, such as we see Snotlout get a bit jealous of Hiccup in Riders of Berk times.

Ruffnut and Tuffnut would prank Vision, Thor, and Steve way too much. The twins would notice the potential of pranking all three of these individuals. Though Vision is incredibly wise and thoughtful, he also has lacked many basic human experiences, meaning the twins could quickly trick him to doing something unusual. Thor, having lived in an entirely different Realm, would be pretty oblivious, too, and be a good target for the Thorstons. Last, Steve, especially when he is still trying to get up-to-date on the modern world, would be particularly vulnerable to pranks.

I feel like all three of the Avengers would suffer through the pranks decently well. I think Thor would be the most chill about it and Steve probably the first one to tell them to stop.

Steve would have to intervene before the twins annoy Bruce Banner too much. Because the twins would have fun, because they like destruction and chaos. But that wouldn’t be a good idea to incite Bruce, because destruction and chaos.

All the Viking dragon riders would feel a little awkward around Thor. Because, well, he is literally their god that they have worshiped and talked about their entire lives. Snotlout looks especially sheepish when he finds himself swearing in Thor’s name around said god’s appearance.

Tony Stark would not be able to stand Tuffnut. Iron Man would have no patience for Tuffnut’s constant yammerings, especially since most of what Tuffnut says sounds like nonsense. Tony, as someone who likes results and intelligent conversation, would constantly want Tuffnut shut up.

Snotlout would try to flirt with Black Widow. And he would get rejected in the blink of an eye.

Astrid and Natasha would have respect for one another. Both of these women use quick, effective, sometimes acrobatic fighting moves. They do, however, have their differences, meaning that I imagine Astrid would ask Natasha if they can spar together and have the Black Widow teach her a few things. Natasha would be pretty chill with it and show a few basic tricks, and be impressed with how quickly Astrid catches on.

Astrid and Scarlet Witch would also get along very well. Unlike Astrid and Natasha, I imagine that Astrid-Wanda times are largely casual hangouts and conversations. They would enjoy having some chill downtime together.

The twins have a double-twin hangout. Ruffnut and Tuffnut have hoards of fun being unfettered in their obnoxiousness. Pietro and Wanda regret the idea about five minutes into the event.

Sam Wilson would be chillest around Astrid and Rhodey would be chillest around Hiccup. While Hawkeye, dear, dear Hawkeye, would be completely equally cool with every one of the dragon riders.

Our fellow men are black magicians. And whoever is with them
is a black magician on the spot. Think for a moment, can you
deviate from the path that your fellow men have lined up for you?
And if you remain with them, your thoughts and your actions are
fixed forever in their terms. That is slavery. The warrior, on the
other hand, is free from all that. Freedom is expensive, but the
price is not impossible to pay. So, fear your captors, your
masters. Don’t waste your time and your power fearing freedom.
—  Don Juan

I’m broken. Jason broke me.I  broke.

My followers know I wasn’t a Clexa fan. BUT that doesn’t mean I’m a hater and think she’s useless. ON the CONTRARY. She has done so much for the show. And I respect her as a major character. Fellow Bellarke fans, please be nice to Clexa/Lexa fans. We’re all fucking human beings goddammit! We all hurt.Let them grieve in peace.

Fellow Clexa fans, I am sorry.I have no words. I did not, in million years expect that Lexa was going to be killed.She’s an amazing character.

I’m sorry.

I didn’t know Adriane as well as i hoped but she has liked and reblog a majority of my crappy fanart and mini ouat comics and she adds cute, motivational comments in the tags. So here’s one last lighthearted drawing for @sheriffswan, Rest in peace my friend and fellow passionate oncer. And my condolences to her family and friends, she was truly amazing person.

Remember in honour of Adri, add #watchforadri while watching Once tonight/tomorrow.