peace concluded


This person reblogged a post in which I said that cow’s milk is for baby cows, not adult humans, saying “I love cheese and cereal”. I reblogged it saying I do too, and offering my favourite dairy alternatives and recipes. Then this happened. They concluded with “Peace out veggie” and blocked me before I could respond. I’m too tired to anyway. Anyone else want to take it? @acti-veg? @vegedgelord? @i-hate-vegans? Or do we just save our metaphorical breath with trolls this angry and willfully ignorant?


“In U.C. 0080, with the fall of A Baoa Qu and the destruction of the Zabi family, the Principality of Zeon became a republic and concluded a peace agreement with the Earth Federation government.

"For the Earth Sphere, the six years between the end of the war and U.C. 0086 were a time of even greater confusion than during the war. Although the Zeon forces had been defeated, they still possessed greater military strength than the Federation Forces”

- from the ‘MS Encyclopedia’

25 of January, 1503 - Richmond Palace

Watching Margaret, a girl of thirteen, get helped into her dress for the ceremony of her proxy marriage, Alice wondered about the strangeness of being royalty. Noble blood constituted a life of luxury, never having to fret over food or shelter like so much of the population did. And yet, girls born into royal houses may not even be given the dignity of meeting their husbands during a marriage ceremony.

It was not King James IV of Scotland who would be here with them today, but rather, Patrick Hepburn, 1st Earl of Hepburn and Lord High Admiral of Scotland who would be “marrying” Margaret on James’ behalf. But at least after today, The Perpetual Treaty of Peace that Alice had concluded with James, her older “brother,” this time last year would be concluded.

Perpetual. Alice mulled that word over as she stepped out of the room, making her way to a large open window at the end of the hall. She leaned against it, resting her head in her hand and huffing to blow a stray strand of hair out of her face. Appearing to be perhaps only two years older than Margaret herself, Alice was not so naive as to think that this would be the end of her hostilities with James. There was far too much bitterness and antagonistic acts between them (the harshest of them being on her part), and Alice doubted that they could ever truly be at peace until one of them had full control of this great isle they shared.

Before going ahead of Margaret to the Queen’s great chamber where the ceremony would take place, Alice pressed her hands to her hair, making sure it was all still in place, somehow miraculously coiled, twisted, and breaded on top of her head. She entered the chamber and bowed her head to everybody in attendance, then taking her place next to James.