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I'm having visions now of Scorpius sneaking up to a sleeping Albus and placing Harry's spare glasses on him. (Oh, and James gave him a dare to paint a lightning scar on Albus's forehead, so he's got some red paint as well. That'll teach Albus to criticise his singing in the shower.)

This is the sort of ask I’m here for. Thanks anon. And may I present to you the following idea in return:

Scorpius visits the Potters’ house to sleep over one night, and he and Albus are camping out in the lounge because there isn’t space in Albus’s room for both of them (it’s not messy, but it’s small and half of it is taken up with an elaborate potions experiment that Scorpius would never even dare to suggest that they try and move—it’s very important to Albus). At some point in the evening Lily invites herself to join the sleepover (she’s bored, they’re entertaining, they have sweets, plus she knows Scorpius will braid her hair, which she quite likes), and she is quickly followed by James, who hates to feel like he’s missing out on anything.

At some point Albus falls asleep. He’s been up since dawn stressing about making sure everything is perfect Scorpius’s arrival, and he’s the sort of person who can sleep anywhere, so he just passes out on the floor.

Scorpius is the first to notice, and he doesn’t say anything because he’s too busy thinking about how beautiful Albus is when he’s sleeping—he just looks so peaceful and calm, like his cares have all melted away. But then Lily notices, and she judges James, who comes up with the brilliant plan to steal Harry’s spare glasses and draw the lightning bolt on him.

Scorpius is reluctant at first, because he knows how much Albus hates looking like his dad, but James convinces him it would be a good scientific experiment. “He never wears glasses, Scorpius. We have no idea how much like he Dad he actually looks. Don’t you want to find out?” And in truth, Scorpius sort of does want to find out, and Albus would never agree to it if he were awake, so this is their only chance.

James steals the glasses, Scorpius draws the scar on, because they decide that if Albus wakes up halfway through he’s the least likely person to get yelled at or kicked. Lily slips the glasses on Albus’s face when Scorpius is done, and then there he is. A tiny version of Harry. Sixteen years old and sleeping. With the scar and glasses and green eyes and messy hair. Looking far less world-weary and worried than sixteen year old Harry looked. And if Scorpius wasn’t in love with Albus already then he falls head over heels right there and then, because the sight is just so beautiful and peaceful. He beams and reaches out to smooth Albus’s sticking up hair and reflects on how lucky he is to have Harry Potter’s son for a best friend.

Then James makes the mistake of taking a photo, and the flash goes off and wakes Albus up, and then they’re all in deep trouble. James runs away screaming, Lily vanishes giggling to her room and pretends to be asleep like the little angel she clearly is, and Scorpius is left to calm down a very irritable Albus. It’s not hard to convince Albus that it was all James’s fault though, and Albus is sleepy enough that he promises to kill James in the morning instead of immediately, and once he’s wiped the scar off he curls up against Scorpius’s side and closes his eyes to drift off again.

“You did suit the glasses though,” Scorpius murmurs.

Albus grumbles and elbows him in the ribs.

“You suit everything,” Scorpius says, hoping Albus will hear but also desperately hoping he won’t.

Albus opens one eye and looks up at him, then he closes it again, and Scorpius doesn’t know if it’s wishful thinking, but he reckons Albus’s cheeks have gone a bit pink and he’s trying to hide a smile.

“You do,” Scorpius says, putting an arm round him and hugging him in close. “I promise. But I think I like you best when you’re just yourself. The scar was a bit weird.”

Albus makes an affirmative little noise and burrows closer to Scorpius, hugging him round the middle.

“If someone offends you, don’t tell anyone about it except your elder, and you will be peaceful. Bow to everyone, paying no attention whether they respond to your bow or not. You must humble yourself before everyone and consider yourself the worst of all. If we have not committed the sins that others have, perhaps this is because we did not have the opportunity – the situation and circumstances were different. In each person there is something good and something bad; we usually see only the vices in people and we see nothing that is good.”

~St. Ambrose of Optina

you’re beautiful

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Love is a paradox to you. You think it is a wonderful thing to feel it in your bones, a thing that you crave most of your lonely nights but the whispers in your ears hinder you to seek for it.

Pain, an inevitable feeling that every human encounters in their lives. It has ruined the word love for you as if you have never felt such thing. You have this in your mind, that you can avoid it by not falling in love.

Now, it is subtle for you to comprehend love.

And now you have found yourself stuck in the labyrinth,

Because you know you are on the verge of destructing yourself since the day you met him.

On the other hand, Chanyeol finds it endearing to love you. Your delicate fingers and your fragile figure, your soft voice and the way your lips move when you speak the things you find lovely and interesting, the color of your hair, your favorite jeans, the way his finger touches your cheeks, everything.

You are captivating in his sight, like a flower he would pick and name as the beautiful one among the others.

He was there when everything crumbled down for you. He wiped your tears with his favorite handkerchief. He let you sleep in his room for the night, and the following days, he welcomed you home in his arms when no one did.

You were thankful. And each and every day, you were falling for him.

Chanyeol couldn’t help himself but to feel the same.

He’d be there for you until the end,

But he never understood what was in your head.

You remember the night when he said the words I love you to you. It was a Sunday night when the both of you were hanging at a playground near his house. Your heart screamed in happiness but your feet made you distance yourself from him.

He held your hand, assuring that everything was okay. Chanyeol wasn’t expecting for you to say something back because your actions say that you feel the same way too but when the night turned into day, he realized he wasn’t so sure of what is between for the both of you since those three words slipped from his mouth.

“You’re beautiful.”

Chanyeol heard these words as you caressed his cheeks when you tried to calm him down. It was the night when he stepped down from his studio, feeling anxious of what he produces. Chanyeol felt reassurance for once which made him drift to sleep with an anticipation that everything will be alright the next day.

“You’re beautiful.”

You sent these words, hoping that Chanyeol will have a splendid time in his tour. It was your affection and your care for him. Because I love you were the words your heart desired to say, but you still couldn’t. But you know as day passes by, you are getting okay.

“You’re beautiful.”

You told him. It was an awards night and the memory of him wearing that black suit was still vivid in your mind.

His group won an award and he celebrated his gratitude with you. He fell asleep by your side, and you were tempted to kiss him that night.

“You’re beautiful.”

You murmured these words as you stared at his peaceful face. His smile beamed like the sun behind the curtains of your bedroom, bright and beautiful. You wish the first person that you will see once you wake up in the morning is Chanyeol. He was beautiful indeed, enchanting and precious.

And that morning, you started to believe that love is nothing but good and happiness.

Because happiness is being with him, and love is these arms wrapped around your waist, protecting you from the harm that this world may have to offer.

You were nervous. You were playing with your fingers. You were ready to say the things you wish you haven’t refused to say before. Love was filling your lungs. The beating of your heart was calling for his name.

You just wished Chanyeol hasn’t given up on you yet.

The spare keys that you have paved a way for you to enter his apartment. It was quiet but you were certain that you heard something. You stood in front of his bedroom door and the echoes of his voice and a girl were clear to you.

You opened the door and the girl was sitting on his lap, playing with his hair. As soon as Chanyeol saw you, panic started to paint his expression.

“(Y/N)”. Chanyeol stood up and the girl slowly ran towards the door, leaving his apartment.

“I’m sorry if I was interrupting something.” Your voice was almost inaudible for him to hear as you try not to let the tears stream down on your face.

“It’s not what you think.”

“Hey, it’s okay.” You let out a small smile and assured Chanyeol that everything was alright.

Because you know you have no place to say something.

Because the words I love you never came from your mouth.

He already gave up on you.

And you understood.

You gathered yourself to walk out the door but Chanyeol pulled you into a tight hug, frightened at the thought of you leaving him.

But this time, the pain that once left came back and you could hear your heart shattering like a broken glass.

Your fingers cupped his chin and pulled him into a kiss where you thought it would be a start of a new beginning instead of a goodbye.

“You’re still beautiful to me.”

Chanyeol then realized that the words I love you that he has been waiting to hear were already there from the start. Those whispers and texts messages that made him feeling content and the happiest were those words you always say to him. He wished he didn’t see it as vague, that those three words were nothing compared to your actions.

He now understood.

And he thought he should have known from the very start.

But the numbness started to crawl back into your heart, leaving you and your unspoken words in despair.

I think it’s strange you never knew.

Ah! Why Because the Dazzling Sun

by Emily Brontë

Ah! why, because the dazzling sun
Restored my earth to joy
Have you departed, every one,
And left a desert sky?

All through the night, your glorious eyes
Were gazing down in mine,
And with a full heart’s thankful sighs
I blessed that watch divine!

I was at peace, and drank your beams
As they were life to me
And revelled in my changeful dreams
Like petrel on the sea.

Thought followed thought—star followed star
Through boundless regions on,
While one sweet influence, near and far,
Thrilled through and proved us one.

Why did the morning rise to break
So great, so pure a spell,
And scorch with fire the tranquil cheek
Where your cool radiance fell?

Blood-red he rose, and arrow-straight,
His fierce beams struck my brow;
The soul of Nature sprang elate,
But mine sank sad and low!

My lids closed down—yet through their veil
I saw him blazing still;
And bathe in gold the misty dale,
And flash upon the hill.

I turned me to the pillow then
To call back Night, and see
Your worlds of solemn light, again
Throb with my heart and me!

It would not do—the pillow glowed
And glowed both roof and floor,
And birds sang loudly in the wood,
And fresh winds shook the door.

The curtains waved, the wakened flies
Were murmuring round my room,
Imprisoned there, till I should rise
And give them leave to roam.

O Stars and Dreams and Gentle Night;
O Night and Stars return!
And hide me from the hostile light
That does not warm, but burn—

That drains the blood of suffering men;
Drinks tears, instead of dew:
Let me sleep through his blinding reign,
And only wake with you!

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Do you take story requests? If so would you write one about Alex falling asleep on Maggie and Maggie refusing to move because she loves it.

Alex Danvers didn’t do sick days.

Sure, there’d been the occasional sick morning with a miraculous recovery made by noon, i.e. morning sex, but when she was sick instead of horny, Alex insisted on going to work. Maggie had learned that a few weeks into their relationship, realizing that no matter how much she tried to convince Alex to take just one day off, she wasn’t going to listen. Wise to it, any time that Alex had been sick thereafter, Maggie made sure to fuss but never suggest taking a sick day.

That morning, a sniffly Alex woke to a cooked breakfast, orange juice, aspirin and tissues all waiting for her at the dining table. She had breakfast, went to work and still met Maggie at Kara’s for their prearranged dinner date. By evening, Alex was even worse - tired and distant and running a slight fever.

She was out of it during the car ride home.

‘Bed?’ Maggie knew her stubborn beau would never accept an order, so she posed it as a question.

Alex countered. ‘Couch?’

That was a fair compromise. ‘Sure, babe.’

They changed into their pyjamas and gathered on the couch, switching on the television. However, Alex had no interest in helping Maggie find something to watch, immediately cuddling into her side and closing her eyes.

Maggie ran fingers through Alex’s hair. ‘You could always go to bed, you know.’

‘I like this better,’ Alex replied, feebly.

‘You sure?’

‘You’re comfy.’

Despite her scepticism, Maggie didn’t say anything else on the matter. Alex was content and about to fall asleep and that was all that mattered. Maggie found some cop show to watch and wasted no time in pointing out its inaccuracies. ‘Lab results within an hour? That’ll be the day.’

‘Why do you watch these shows if they annoy you?’ Alex mumbled.

‘It’s fun,’ Maggie said with a shrug, a shrug that caused Alex to shift and battle to get comfortable again. Maggie put an arm around Alex’s shoulders and guided her head to her lap. ‘Better?’

‘Yeah…just don’t move again.’

‘I’ll try not to.’

And Maggie managed not to, staying perfectly still except from her one hand that gently stroked Alex’s hair and eased her off to sleep in no time at all. Watching her girl sleep proved much more fascinating than the TV. She was so mesmerized that a soft knock at the balcony door made her flinch, causing Alex to stir ever so slightly but wasn’t enough to fully wake her. Maggie raised a thumb to tell Kara it was open.

Sensing the situation, Kara entered slowly and crept over. ‘Is she okay?’

‘She’s not been feeling great all day.’

‘I thought she seemed off during dinner.’

Maggie nodded, leaning forward to kiss the top of Alex’s head. ‘The poor thing is exhausted…please tell me there isn’t some DEO emergency that you need her for.’

‘No, no. She forgot her phone so I thought I’d drop it off.’

‘Thanks, Kara.’

‘Anytime,’ Kara smiled. ‘She looks so peaceful.’

And Maggie beamed back. ‘Cute, right? Although, she’s completely trapped me on this couch.’

‘You need a hand moving her?’

‘No, it’s fine, I don’t want to risk waking her.’ That, and she absolutely loved this. Cuddling with the badass DEO agent was a luxury that very few people got and Maggie was so grateful she was one of those lucky few. She’d stay here for as long as possible and she could already feel the first pangs of sleep start to hit her. ‘Hey, do me a favour. Take a picture of us on my phone.’

Kara nodded and grabbed Maggie’s phone from the coffee table. ‘Oh. Password, could you–.’

‘It’s the year she was born.’ It used to be her PIN number but that, as well as not being the safest of passwords, didn’t hold any meaning to her. Alex, on the other hand, did.

Kara snapped a picture before passing the phone back to Maggie. ‘You need anything else whilst I’m here?’

The picture was adorable and she found herself lost in it before returning to the room, returning to Kara. ‘Blanket?’

‘Anything else?’ Kara asked after finding a blanket and carefully draping over the two of them.

‘I think that’s it. Thank you.’

Kara nodded, smiled and then, with a gentle gust, was gone, leaving Maggie alone with her girl. Alone with Alex, she was always much more sentimental, more passionate, more loving.

She whispered softly. ‘Babe, you’re freaking adorable.’

Alone with Alex, she also allowed herself to cry. And she did, suddenly overwhelmed with how happy she felt at that moment in life.

‘And I love you so, so much.’

Alone with Alex, she never felt more at peace.

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