peace & music


We made a cover of “Peace and Love” from Steven Universe :)

Thanks to @theteamplayers for another one of their covers. The two-guitar arrangement is a nice spin on the song. 

anonymous asked:

Hi! First: you have really cute hands! Second: have you seen 'peaceful cuisine (no music)' on youtube? I think he's super calming and stimmy

Omg I love peaceful cuisine!! I’ve made a lot of gifs from his videos actually lol! I think it’s so cool how he always makes 2 versions of his videos, one with music and one without! Most youtube cooking channels only do one or the other, haha ^^;

If you haven’t checked them out already, emojoie cuisine does the same type of videos with both a music version and an ASMR version!

(And thanks omg!! ;w; )